May 2017   

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Amir Levi, Director of Budgets at the Ministry of Finance
| June 5-7 - Palo Alto, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Amir-LeviAmir Levi, Director of Budgets at Israel's Ministry of Finance, is one of the chief architects of Government Resolution 922: Israel's historic NIS 10-15 billion, five-year economic development plan for the Arab sector. Now in its second year, the plan is already changing state-minority relations in Arab localities throughout Israel, and aims to boost Arab citizens' workforce participation, close gaps between the Arab minority and Jewish majority, and boost growth for the country as a whole. Join us to hear from Amir Levi about how the plan became a reality, it's key commitments, and why Arab economic devlopment is a top domestic priority for the Government of Israel.



Seventh Day: Israel at a Crossroads
| June 11 - New York City

In commemoration and reflection on the 50th anniversary of Israel's Six Day War, JCPA and the Association of Reform Zionists of America (AZRA) are holding a symposium on the war as an historical turning point and its effects on Israeli and Jewish communities today. Mohammad Darawshe, Director of Planning, Equality and Shared Society at Givat Haviva, will speak about the impact on Arab citizens of Israel as part of a panel on Future Possibilities of Peace.


Recent Publications and Resources

Double and Triple-Marginalized, Trailblazing Arab Women Fight for Everyone

AmalFollowing International Women's Day and Equal Pay Day in March, Michal Steinman, Executive Director of the Task Force, reflected on the complex barriers and acheivements of Arab women striving for equal rights for women in their communities and for Arab citizens in greater Israeli society in a column in The Forward.


    Government Resolution 2397: Socio-Economic Development Plan for Negev Bedouin

Task Force Update on GR-2397: The Socio-Economic Develpment Plan for Negev Bedouin

GR2397On February 12th, the Government of Israel approved Resolution 2397, a new Socio-Economic Development Plan for Negev Bedouin aiming to close socio-economic gaps, address infrastructure deficiencies, strengthen local authorities and improve public education in Bedouin localities. This is the second five-year economic development plan for Bedouin Negev and, at NIS 3 billion, the largest ever developed for the Bedouin community. The plan is significant for its size and wide-ranging provisions. It has also raised controversy, however, for its efforts to advance the process of regulation of Bedouin settlements in the Negev. The Task Force update outlines its key commitments, provisions, and related discourse.


Conference Call Series on GR-2397: Yariv Mann, Ministry of Agriculture, and Kher Albaz and Ariel Dloomy, AJEEC-NISPED

On April 5th, Yariv Man, Senior Division Manager of the Directorate for Economic and Community Development of Negev Bedouin at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, spoke with Task Force audiences on the economic development plans goals, commitments and implementation.


On April 19th, Kher Albaz and Ariel Dloomy, Co-Executive Directors of AJEEC-NISPED, the largest Jewish-Arab NGO in the Negev, discussed how GR-2397 is being received in the Bedouin community and how it affects the ongoing dispute about land regulation in the Negev, the most sensitive issue between Bedouin society and the state.


Sessions at Recent Conferences

NCJW National Convention
| Atlanta

NCJW_Convention At this year's National Convention, Ghaida Rinawie-Zoabi, Executive Director of Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance, was a plenary speaker as well as a panelist at its "Spotight on Israel" session. At both she spoke about the changing roles of women in Arab community development, including increased participation in local government and the workforce, along with the added complexity of being an Arab woman in the Jewish state.


JFN International Conference
| Atlanta

JFNThis year's conference included a number of sessions and workshops on Jewish-Arab relations and Arab citizens of Israel including a panel on Government Resolution 922, with Amir Levi of the Ministry of Finance, Ghaida Rinawi Zoabi of Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance, and Shuruk Ismail of Yad Hanadiv, and a breakfast meeting hosted by the Social Venture Fund for Jewish-Arab Equality and Shared Society with Sigal Shelach of JDC-Israel.


JCPA2017 |
Washington, DC

JCPA2017As part of the JCPA annual conference's marking of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, civil society leaders Myriam Darmoni Charbit from the Center for Educational Technology, Mazen Faraj from the Parents Circle, and Father Josh Thomas from Kids4Peace, spoke about efforts to build connections among the city's Jewish and Arab population through the public education system.


Recent Events and Presentations

Amal Elsana Alh'jooj on Bedouin Development and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel
| Boston

Amal Boston University's Hillel hosted Amal Elsana Alh'jooj, Founder of AJEEC-NISPED, for four different events including workshops and presentations with members of the Hillel and an inter-faith group on campus. She spoke about Bedouin society and the current realities of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, as well as sharing her personal story and experiences that have shaped her vision and activism.

Shared Society from Campus to Community
| New York City

Tamar-AriavAt a Task Force breakfast, Professor Tamar Ariav, President of Beit Berl College, spoke about how this college of education has made shared society concepts an essential part of its curriculum and campus life. At Beit Berl, building a shared campus and educating for a shared society is seen as an important part of closing achievement gaps and promoting active citizenship among all Israeli citizens.


Jewish Agency Israel Fellows to Hillel: Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel
| Washington, DC

Mohammad_DarawsheMore than 40 fellows from the cohort of JAFI's Israel Fellows to Hillel heard from Mohammad Darawshe, Director of Planning, Equality and Shared Society at Givat Haviva. He spoke about the complexity of identity for Arab citizens of Israel in the Jewish and democratic state and responded to questions raised by the shlichim about addressing these issues on U.S. college campuses.


Government Resolution 922: Status and Implementation |
New York City

Amir-LeviUJA–Federation of New York and the Task Force hosted Amir Levi, Director of the Budgets Department at the Ministry of Finance, for a presentation about Government Resolution 922, the unprecedented economic development plan for the Arab sector. Amir Levi is a chief architect of the plan and oversees implementaiton. He shared updates on the first year of the plan's implementation and insights into priorities for 2017.


Update and Insights into Israeli Hope in the Academia
| New York City

Ayala Hendin At a breakfast hosted by the Task Force, Ayala Hendin, Director of Israeli Hope in Academia, discussed how the President's initiative aims to address challenges facing Arab students in accessing higher education, enhancing academic excellence and diversifying Israel's leadership.


Online Resources

Visit iataskforce.org for ongoing updates and resources


Missions in Israel

Contact us for support planning your next mission to Israel.

Jewish Agency Global Leadership Institute | May 2017

On May 16th, 35 students participating in JAFI's Global Leadership Institute visited Lod for a day of learning about Jewish-Arab relations in one of Israel's largest mixed cities. The group recieved an orientation from the Task Force, met and had joint activities with Arab high school students and staff, and learned about community building from Dror Rubin, Community Organizer and Faten Alzinaty, the Director of the Chicago Jewish-Arab Community Center.

Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit | May 2017

Detroit-FederationMembers from the Federation's Social Progress Israel mission were hosted by the Task Force at the Umm al-Fahm Gallery. The participants, which included leaders from foundations and art and cultural institutions in Detroit, heard from Founding Director, Said Abu Shakra, about art as a cultural bridge between Arab and Jewish citizens and received a tour of the gallery.

Taglit- Birthright - 3 Days of Learning | March and April 2017

Three groups of Birthright educators and tour operators participated in full-days of learning about Arab society organized by the Task Force in March and April. A group of senior educational staff and a group of guides both spent a day in Wadi Ara to learn about shared society through the lenses of education, identity, crime and urban development, domestic tourism and art. Another group of Birthright guides spent a day touring the Negev, learning about the Bedouin community and Jewish-Arab relations in the south of Israel, including emerging leaders, philanthropists, and prominent initiatives to strengthen Jewish-Arab relations.

Upcoming Visits

CONTACT US to arrange a meeting or event with a visiting colleague.


Yasser Hujeirat, CEO of Al-Fanar, will be in New York to speak about increasing and enhancing access to employment for Arab citizens. Al-Fanar is an organization overseeing 21 employment centers throughout Arab society in Israel, created in partnership between JDC, Yad Hanadiv and the Government of Israel.

Visit Details:
5.21 - 5.26; New York.

Ido Shelem, CEO and Founder of Bridge to the Future, will be traveling in the US to speak about capacity-building in Arab localities and the organization's work in strengthening communities and municipalities in Israel's periphery.

Visit details
: late May; Cleveland and NY.



Dr. Itamar Radai, Director of the Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation at Tel Aviv University, will be in the US to speak about the current realities of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

Visit Details:
6.9 - 6.15; NY and Boston.

Hadas Lahav, Co-Director of Sindyanna of Galilee, will be in New York to speak about its unique business model, which promotes women's empowerment and shared society in the Galilee.

Visit Details: late June; New York. 

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