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Yo San Clinic has four licensed practitioners on staff available to see patients 6 days a week.  Their specialties include: pain, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, internal medicine and facial rejuvenation.  For biographical information, please follow this link:
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Monday - Friday : 8 am to 9 pm

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Meet our interns:


Yo San Clinic has an exceptional and diverse intern team. With various professional and educational backgrounds, our Traditional Chinese Medicine students bring a variety of experience, knowledge and care.  In our monthly newsletter, we will introduce you to our new interns and tell you a little bit about what makes them exceptional healers.

Bita Yadidi

bita yadidiBorn in Iran, Bita's family moved to Los Angeles when she was 3 years of age.  She grew up in LA and later attended UCLA where she earned her Bachelor Degree with a double major in sociology and education.  While attending college Bita met a man who would soon become her husband and together they had 2 beautiful daughters.  After graduation, Bita was embracing the rewarding life of a full time mom, then one morning fate decided her entire life needed to change.  The catalyst for what would later become a life altering decision: a three year old girl and one stubborn, persistent rash. One day Bita's daughter woke up with a full body rash.  After 8 months of conventional treatment, the rash persisted.  A friend suggested she take her daughter to Dr. Mao at the Tao of Wellness.  Bita, eager to help her child, made an appointment for her daughter immediately.  Her daughter's prescription consisted of herbs and a strict diet.  Bita, not wanting her child to go through this alone, went on the same restricted diet. Within 3 weeks, her daughter's rash was gone and surprisingly so were Bita's allergies.  Bita was so amazed by both her and her daughter's responses, she decided to take her younger daughter who suffered from cold induced asthma.  After 4 treatments, the asthma subsided and her daughter's nebulizers went on to collect dust in the medicine cabinet.  Bita discovered a new passion, and in 2007 she started her training at Yo San University to become a Chinese Medical Practitioner.  By 2009 she completed her certification as a Tai Chi, Qi Gong instructor as well as a Certified Wellness Coach.  Bita's chief focus as a practitioner is wellness: physical, spiritual and emotional.  Bita's style emphasizes treating the whole person using acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and movement-based arts.  While she has a soft spot for pediatrics, Bita enjoys family medicine most.  You can see Bita 3 days a week in the Yo San Clinic, and if you find yourself needing more Bita time, you can catch her Tai Chi classes at The Wellness Living Store in Santa Monica on Wednesday nights. Bita also offers private Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation instruction.

Jonathan Olcott

Jon OlcottJonathan is a California native with a vast array of experiences and successes.  Jonathan's first career was as an auto mechanic, specializing in the repair of Mercedes Benz automobiles.  But his life completely changed in 2006, when he endured a T7 spinal compression in an auto accident (basically, he broke his back).  Years of pain followed, and Jonathan's journey became one of self- healing.  Jonathan, a devoted athlete who enjoyed rock climbing, weake boarding, and even raced semi- professionally as a downhill mountain cyclist, suddenly found himself in yoga and tai chi classes trying to rehab a now aching back.  He discovered a new physical experience, the movement of energy- that altered his life path completely.  Jonathan healing journey brought him to Colorado where he lived in an Ashram.  He was then accepted to Neropa, where he studied Tai Chi for a year.  While attending Neropa he frequented a community acupuncture clinic where he discovered the value and the extraordinary experience that acupuncture offers.  In 2009 Jonathan moved to Los Angeles, and after a session with Yo San's Wing Benn Deng, Jonathan felt something he hadn't felt in a while: a significant reduction in back pain.  He started his studies at Yo San University that same year.  Jonathan has a passion for orthopedics and sports medicine.  He feels that after years of learning how to heal himself, he has gotten quite good at helping other athletes do the same for themselves.  According to Jonathan, "his brain resides in his hands", which he feels allows him to see and think more clearly when caring for his patients.
You can see Jonathan 4 days a week at the Yo San Clinic, including Saturdays and Sundays.

To book an appointment with Bita or Jonathan, call us at (310) 577-3006.

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Yo San Interns have been volunteering their services at Being Alive, a nonprofit organization created by people and for people living with AIDS, for over 10 years.

Learn more about Being Alive

Meet Our Second Doctoral Cohort

Joe KJoe graduated from Yo San with a Master's Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2003. Upon graduation, he decided to take a break from studying by working as a firefighter in the mountains of the Inyo National Forest with the Forest Service. When he returned to Los Angeles he began working professionally as an acupuncturist, at first in a salaried position as a staff acupuncturist for a medical rehabilitation company, and then at his private practice in Venice. A dedicated qi gong practitioner, Joe has studied the cultivation of energy for 13 years, both at Yo San and from other master's, including a Daoist of the martial arts Pole Star sect. Joe started Yo San's Doctoral program in 2011 in order to pursue the specialty of infertility and integrative reproductive medicine. Joe feels it is an honor to be a part of the intimate process of couples' creating new families, and is constantly amazed at how much his patients and professors have to teach. Joe will be the first male to have graduated from Yo San's doctoral program, and the first male in the United States with a doctorate specializing in Oriental reproductive medicine. He would like to take a break and fight some more forest fires when he graduates, but suspects he may have to make do with just a little camping.


Yo San's Doctoral Students are Blazing Paths for Acupuncture Research:

In March of 2012 Yo San will be graduating its first Doctoral Cohort.  Each student submitted a capstone project presenting initial research on a particular women's health issue and the effects of acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  These capstone projects are available on our website but our newsletters will feature abstracts for you to enjoy.


Assessing the Practice Patterns of Acupuncturists who Treat Fertility Patients in Los Angeles: The Clinical Use of the Stener-Victorin and Paulus Study Protocols

By Cynthia Splies, L.Ac.


In the past decade the two Traditional Chinese Medicine protocols, the Stener-Victorin protocol and the Paulus protocol, emerged as widely used procedures for the treatment of infertility.  A good deal of theory and research has been published regarding those two protocols.  The current study gathered data from practitioners regarding a number of variables and factors pertaining to their use of one or both of the designated protocols.  A web based survey instrument was administered to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners who self identify as having some level of infertility specialty in their practices.  The survey revealed that practitioners that had a greater amount of post graduate training in fertility TCM or western reproductive medicine were more likely to use the protocols, as were practitioners that worked with reproductive endocrinologists and those that treated a greater number of fertility patients per week. 

New Research

taichi-parkinsonThe ancient art of Tai Chi uses gentle, flowing movements to reduce stress.  According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, "If you're looking for another way to reduce stress, consider tai chi (TIE-chee). Tai chi is sometimes described as "meditation in motion" because it promotes serenity through gentle movements -  connecting the mind and body. Originally developed in ancient China for self-defense, tai chi evolved into a graceful form of exercise that's now used for stress reduction and to help with a variety of other health conditions."  Now new research suggests Tai Chi may help Parkinson's patients regain their balance.  Click on the link below to read the full article:

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