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November Newsletter
Beyond the Office

Tips For November

1. As the heat runs more this time of year the air gets drier.  One way to keep humidity levels normal in the house is by hanging out laundry instead of throwing it in the drier.  This will save on the electricity bill, and save on fossil fuel pollution.

2.  As the air becomes more dry from heat sources during the cold season so does your skin.  By taking shorter showers, or perhaps even less showers, your skin will be able to keep moisturized. This trick will also help save on the water bill, and keep groundwater aquifers at healthy levels. 

3. By getting your furnace checked once a year you can make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible, and replace furnace filter once a month.  

4. Another energy saving tip is to install programmable thermostats.  By programming the temperature lower when you are gone to work, and then to rise right before you come home can help save up to 10% of your heating bills every year.

Petal News...

LED lights 1 2

LED lights 2

We would like to say thank you to the Bell Tower Theater for switching to energy efficient LED light bulbs.  Not only will they be saving on the electricity bill, but they will be saving energy consumption from non renewable energy sources.  The lighting was made possible through the Grants to Green program.


compostleaves 2

It's still that time of year to finish cleaning up the yard.

It is important to take all of your yard waste to the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA).

When yard waste is thrown into the landfill it is not allowed to compost properly leading to bad methane gases being released into the air.  Methane gases are a large contributor to climate change.

For more information on the services DMASWA provides, check out this link: 

Waste in Your Area
There is information on your landfill.  Have you ever questioned how much is collected in your particular area or how much can be redirected elsewhere?  Iowa DNR has a statewide waste characterization study that you can look at for more information.  Click Here for information about waste near you. 


Thank You To Our Sponsors
A sincere "thank you" to Sustainable Dubuque, Dubuque Bank & Trust, and EIMCO for your generous support. Membership dues cover only a small portion of the operating expenses for the Petal Project. We rely on sponsorship and grants for the remaining financial support. 

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