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Soul Matters @ OUUC

September 2015                                                                                               

In This Issue

  • How Have You Engaged?
  • Covenant is Foundational to Congregational Polity
  • Did you miss the workshop?
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September Worship


Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Reverend Emily Melcher, Interim Minister, preaching


“To Live the Life That I Would Love”

This morning, we launch our 10 month experiment in theme-based ministry, with the first sermon on September’s theme of covenant.  “To Live the Life That I Would Love,” from poet John O’Donohue’s “A Morning Offering” is a fitting starting point for an exploration of the promises we make to ourselves.



Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015

The Reverend Cathleen (Cat) Cox, pulpit guest


“Covenant-Based Conflict Resolution”

There are many methods for managing and resolving conflict. Building on the principles and tools of non-violent communication, the Reverend Cat Cox explores how our UU Principles – our Covenant – can inform and guide us in resolving conflict in our lives and in our congregations.


Rev. Cat is a UU Community Minister who offers a ministry of spiritual guidance serving congregations, communities, colleagues and individuals. Her primary work with congregations is focused on training and facilitation in covenant-based conflict resolution and the collaborative communication skills which support the ability to build mutual understanding and goodwill in order to reach decisions and resolve difficulties in ways (almost!) everyone can support.



Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015

The Reverend Emily Melcher, Interim Minister,

Director of Religious Education Sara Lewis, and Music Director Troy Fisher


Multigenerational Ingathering Service with Water Ceremony

This morning we celebrate coming together again at the traditional beginning of the congregational year. All are welcome to bring a small amount of water from an ocean or sea; a river, lake or stream; or from your home or heart, to mingle together in our water ceremony. We’ll also make promises to the babies and children of our congregation who’ll be dedicated this morning.




Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Reverend Emily Melcher, Interim Minister, preaching


“Of Long-Haulers and Newcomers: Together, We’ll Make This Garden Will Grow!”

Today is the official launch of our annual stewardship campaign, which will fund the vast majority of OUUC’s operating budget for the coming year. With your search for your next settled minister just around the corner, I’ll continue my observations about OUUC (begun on August 23) with some reflections on the changing nature of religion in America, and what I see happening at OUUC.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Reverend Emily Melcher, Interim Minister


“The People-Growing Power of Covenants”


We hope members and friends of OUUC will engage deeply with our monthly themes, and will submit reflections, readings, images, videos, and other resources on the monthly theme to, to be considered for inclusion in a Sunday service or for publication in our Soul Matters blog.  Please submit resources and/or reflections on Covenant for this week’s service by Monday, 9/21.  Emily will reflect on the people-growing power of covenants.

September's Theme: Covenant

How have you engaged with our theme this month?

Have you attended a worship that moved you?  What responses did you have to that?

Did you engage with the questions in our Soul Matters post and work on them in your personal spiritual practice this month?

Have you considered what promises you bring to the community?  Have you added art to our participatory bulletin board in the commons?

Are you part of Circles of the Spirit and did you engage with discussions around covenant and promise this month?

Did you take part in a religious education class about covenant?

Have you made a covenant this month?  With yourself?  With another individual?  With a larger community?  With nature or something else larger than yourself?

If you have a response to the theme that you would like to suggest for the worship service on September 27th, please submit it no latter than Monday September 21st, to

Jim Martin suggests this resource:

At General Assembly (GA) 2013, UUs were asked to think deeply about the promises they make. What are our promises to each other, to our fellow congregants, to any UUs? How do we show up for each other? What Do We Promise One Another?  Read More ...

Did you miss UU Community Minster the Rev. Cat Cox’s sermon on Covenant-Based Conflict Resolution or her “From Conflict to Collaboration” workshop?

Or were you there, and would like to learn more?  Visit to learn about Rev. Cat’s online workshops, work with individuals, couples and organizations, and sign up for her blog.

Get Into Soul Matters:

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Sign-up for an open time in Circles of the Spirit.  Once a time has a minimum of six participants, it will launch.

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Engage in worship, religious education, and conversation in the Commons on any Sunday!


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