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Soul Matters @ OUUC

December 2016                                                                                             


December's Theme: Possibility

dwell in possibility

Sara's Reflections

Sara Lewis

The 20th century Unitarian religious educator, Sophia Lyon Fahs, reframed the story of the baby Jesus as a parable of new possibility that in fact happens each and every time a baby is born. “Every night that a child is born is a holy night”; each new beginning is a miracle, full of untold possibility.

This year, as our country moves forward in a new political reality, I need the reminder that each day brings a new possibility. Each day brings with it choices and opportunities, and although we cannot solve all the problems of the world at once, we can be true and steadfast in facing the possibilities of this day. And then get up the next day and do it again.

What is the possibility before you today? You can choose to show compassion to a homeless neighbor or an unhappy child. You can choose to stand up to prejudice and bigotry when you see it. You can choose kindness. Does one act of kindness tip the balance? I believe that we never know which moment will make a difference, just as we never know what possibilities lie within each newborn babe. Any choice, any act, may hold within it the possibility for future change.

I was reminded of the long ripple effect of possibility recently when I was talking with one of our high school youth after we had just taken part in serving a meal together at the Community Kitchen. As we discussed the people in need who had come to the kitchen for a hot meal, the conversation turned to homelessness and addiction and what actions we can take that are helpful rather than harmful. She shared that she likes to buy an extra muffin or other baked good to give to the homeless man who sits on the corner near her school, and then that this action relates to how we’ve always made gift bags for children to give to homeless neighbors around the holiday season here at OUUC.

What possibilities lie in this simple story? Does it solve anything? Or is it just one step, in a journey that will take many, many such steps?

What will sustain us for this journey? What will sustain us for the necessary work of justice, compassion, and love that we must now take up and carry forward?

I believe that each new day brings a new possibility, each child that is born is a miracle, and every night is a holy night. That is what sustains me as I continue forward, facing new possibilities.

What possibilities lie before you?

What sustains you?

Spiritual Exercise

Look at the World through Bly’s Eyes…for 2 weeks


This exercise starts off simple, but then…


STEP ONE: Print and cut out the below poem by Robert Bly.

STEP TWO: Tape it someplace where you will encounter it every day.  Your bathroom mirror for instance.  Or your office desk.  Or the dashboard of your car.

STEP THREE: For two weeks (yes, two weeks!), start the day off by reading it at least once.  Really do this!  By the end of two weeks, you should darn near know it by heart.  The idea is get it stuck in your head.  You may need to go back and read it mid-day just to get it “re-stuck.”  The goal is to feel like Robert is gently nagging you throughout your day.

STEP FOUR: Try to do what it says!


The poem can be found here

Recommended Song:

Recommended Book:

art of possibilityA book of stories and practices that lift up the role that possibility can play in every aspect of life. 

Recommended Book: The Third Reconstruction

the third reconstruction

Chosen as the UU Common Read for 2016-2017, this inspiring story of coalition building and justice seeking can point us all toward new possibilities for a more just and loving society and politics.

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ouuc chalice

My boat struck something deep.

Nothing happened.

Sound, silence, waves.

Nothing happened?

Or perhaps, everything happened

And I’m sitting in the middle of my new life.


-  Juan Ramon Jimenez  -



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