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Cooperative Research News 20 November 2012
CRCs are involved in research across many industries in Australia

GE ecomagination Challenge for Low Carbon Solutions

GE's ecomagination Challenge: Low Carbon Solutions is an open call to businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and students in Australia & New Zealand with breakthrough ideas to reduce carbon emissions. The competition is open until 5pm on the 30th November, so with 2 weeks to go there's still time to submit your entry and get a chance to win one of 5 Innovation Awards of $100,000. There are also potential investment opportunities of up to $10 million from GE and its VC partners, including Cleantech Ventures, CVC Limited, Greenhouse Cleantech, MH Carnegie & Co and Southern Cross Venture Partners.

GE have had 45 valid entries submitted so far with great ideas spread across all 5 of the competition categories. The highest number of entries have been for clean energy generation and low carbon services, each of which have had 16 ideas submitted. Geographically, New South Wales is leading the way at the moment with 15 entries, followed by Queensland and Victoria with 11, New Zealand with 4, Western Australia with 2 and 1 from South Australia.

The entries have generated 121 comments and 278 votes of support on the competition website. Behind the scenes, GE have had enquiries from a further 30 or so companies looking to enter the challenge and over 800 new users have registered on the website. The global community of users registered on the ecomagination challenge website now stands at 82,350, so entering your best ideas for reducing carbon emissions creates instant visibility to a wide range of like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and investors around the world.

Take the ecomagination Challenge.



CRCA Annual Conference news

Super Earlybird Registration is now available online – register now and save up to $150 – offer for a limited time only. Tickets to a Wine Tasting event sponsored by FAL Lawyers are available to the first 50 registrants only.

For more information or to register, please visit the Conference website.

CRC develops molecular 'trapdoor' for carbon dioxide

A team of Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) researchers based at the University of Melbourne has developed a new material with exceptional properties for separating carbon dioxide from other gases.

The chabazite zeolite synthesised by Professor Paul Webley and his team, including PhD student Jin Shang and research Fellow Gang Li from the Melbourne School of Engineering, uses a molecular ‘trapdoor’ to separate molecules based on their properties rather than their size.

The material can separate carbon dioxide from gas streams at a wide range of temperatures and pressures and has excellent potential for separating carbon dioxide from power station flue gases and natural gas production.

Read the full press release

Read the journal paper

CRC launches online campaign for respectful use of social media

Up to 80 per cent of Australians aged between 12 and 18 will be exposed to the Young and Well CRC’s interactive online campaign, Keep It Tame, which is backed by the nation’s top 20 youth-focused websites and has been developed by young people, leading marketers and top academics.

Unique to the campaign is the application of an innovative digital tracking methodology which – in conjunction with a cohort study that will survey and interview young people over time – will measure its impact on behaviour change.

The campaign guides teenagers through a series of mock social media posts. As things turn nasty, an animated creature slowly becomes more grotesque, highlighting the hurtful effects of the online exchanges and ultimately encouraging people to act with respect.

Watch a video

Keep It Tame home

Call for action on world soil crisis

A distinguished Australian scientist, the winner of an international soil science prize, has called for Australia to lead a renewed global effort to reverse the alarming degradation and contamination of the world’s food-producing soils.

Professor Ravi Naidu, the Managing Director of Australia’s CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment, is this year’s recipient of the International Soil Science Award, presented annually by the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA).

“Global estimates of the amount of agricultural and pastoral soil lost each year range from 75 to 100 billion tonnes – that’s over 10 tonnes a year for each person on Earth,” Prof. Naidu says. “Furthermore, a satellite study by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) revealed about 1 per cent of the world’s farm land has been lost every year for the past quarter century."

“Such rates of degradation are completely unsustainable and risk exhausting the world’s food-producing soils within two to three generations."

“Australian scientists are already hard at work trying to stabilise soils in various threatened regions – but now can do even more, sooner and more effectively. There is an opportunity not only for Australia to help its neighbours deal with an seriously intractable problem, but also to generate substantial new export income around smart technologies for overcoming soil, water and environmental problems associated with agriculture.”

University start-up wins international sustainability award

SUSOP Pty Ltd, a new sustainability consultancy owned by The University of Queensland, has won an international award recognising its innovative approach to helping resource companies improve their contribution towards achieving sustainable development. The company was awarded the Sustainable Technology Award on November 1 by the Institution of Chemical Engineers in Manchester, UK. The award recognises a project or process that best demonstrates innovation in waste reduction, recycling, reuse or the lengthening of product lifecycles.

SUSOP Managing Director, Mr Stevan Green, and SUSOP Development Manager, Dr Glen Corder, who is a Fellow of the Institution, were at the ceremony to receive the award.

Emerging out of a three-year collaboration between industry and research partners through the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Resource Processing, which included The University of Queensland, the SUSOP® approach is rigorous and robust, and integrates with existing risk management systems. Mr Stevan Green was the CEO of the CRC for Sustainable Resource Processing.

Read more

Apps for farmers

Farm Apps, a smart phone app development company, displayed its innovative farm management app F-Track Live at the NFF Canberra Congress last week. The complete farm management app has enabled farm managers and employees to update and access their physical livestock, cropping information, daily tasks and general inventory levels live from their smart phone. With the introduction of the new Android version of F-Track Live due in the next few weeks, Jock Graham (Managing Director) believes that the F-track system is going to become a lot more accessible to farmers who have a mixture of smart phones on their properties. “We want to make the F-track software available across all mobile platforms and continually improve it to suit progressive Australian farmers."

Farm apps

Farm Apps was founded by Jock Graham and supported by a small group of farmers in the Cootamundra area in May 2011 while being developed by a talented young developer in Queensland, William Harrington. The F-track app is the replacement for the farm notebook that every farmer has in their top pocket. The response from the farming community has been positive and since its launch in January it has been downloaded over 3000 times.

More information

Are you Science Media Savvy?

The Australian Science Media Centre has just launched a brand new free online tool to help scientists work with the news media and better inform public debate on the major issues of the day. Developed with support from CSIRO, Science Media provides tips and advice for understanding and dealing with the news media.

The resource features interviews with news journalists and editors, advice from researchers experienced in media and videos highlighting how to improve print and broadcast interview experiences. is not designed to replace hands-on media skills workshops. Instead it is a new tool that will help scientists who are unable to take the time or foot the cost of attending a course or for those who need a quick refresher. The instant online availability of Science Media will help fill a gap in terms of what is currently available to scientists, giving them advice on dealing with the media as they need it, from any internet-enabled computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Watch a video about Science Media

Science Media

Chief Executive Officer for Plant Biosecurity

The Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre is seeking a Chief Executive Officer.To receive the position profile and selection documentation, please email Applications close on Monday, 10 December 2012.

Full job advertisement


collaborate innovate 2013

May 15-17 2013
The CRCA's Annual Conference

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Super Earlybird Registration now available

Sponsorship enquiries can be directed to Justin Holsinger at EventCorp

CRCA Members' Discussions

Members of the CRC Association have been actively discussing a wide variety of topics over the past few weeks.

Topics included:

Reviewing Board effectiveness

Social Media Platforms

Advice on the Personal Properties Securities Act

Effective media monitoring

Archiving online and digital material

Every CRC is a Member of the CRC Association. But Membership is not limited to CRCs. Associate and Affiliate Members enjoy a range of discounts and offers as well as the CRCA's networking and representation services.

CRCA Members access substantially discounted and/or flexible fares with Qantas. To take advantage or organise a briefing, contact Jodi Walton at Campus Travel.

Westpac is the CRCA's preferred bank. They are great supporters of innovation in general and CRCs in particular. To find out what they can do for you, contact Rose Stellino.

CRCA also gets you discounted recruitment services through The Recruitment Alternative.

Get involved

Consortia are developing for CRC bids in the next (2013) round. CRCA is happy to help you connect with other potential bidders. Let us know about your interest and we can pass it on to others in the areas of:

  • Asian markets
  • Diabetes
  • Cybersecurity
  • Industrial Safety
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Online Education
  • Soils
  • Murray–Darling
  • Farm Safety
  • Complex Project and Program Management

as well as potential re-bidding CRCs and a range of early stage bids. Participation in a CRC is not limited to any specific group or region. You must have an Australian small-medium enterprise and an Australian University involved.


7-10 April 2013

National Rural Health Conference

6-10 August 2013

Prostate Cancer World Congress

Associate Members

Essential Energy

Alertness, Safety and Productivity CRC bid

Safeguarding Biodiversity CRC bid

Affiliate Members

The Recruitment Alternative

Capital Hill Consulting

FAL Lawyers

Hynes Lawyers

Queensland University of Technology


University of South Australia

Innovativity Program

Real-world three-day Program to help Australian organisations profit through innovation.

2-hour free workshop
November 27, Melbourne


Online courses

Part-time Graduate Certificate in Research Commericalisation and Master of Research Management & Commercialisation

Closing date:
Semester 1 2013 - 18 January 2013

Cost: (Domestic) $1932

e-Grad School, QUT

Members of the Cooperative Research Centres Association

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