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Highlands Voice                         Volume 12, Number 29


August 2, 2015
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Immanuel Church, Highlands


In the Franciscan reading of the Gospel, there is no reason to be religious or to love God except "to love much the one who has loved us much," as Francis said. Religion is not about heroic will power or winning or being right. This has been a counterfeit for holiness in much of Christian history. True growth in holiness is a growth in willingness to love and be loved and a surrendering of our willfulness, even holy willfulness (which is still "all about me"). Richard Rohr

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This year Immanuel’s outreach ministry will be combining our efforts to help at-risk students fight hunger and meet school supply needs. We will be collecting donations in the foyer until Aug 16. Immanuel will provide the backpacks which you make take to fill with items and return by our deadline. Please read more about these programs to see how you can become a devoted, caring sponsor.

Adopt-A-Student under Adopt-A-Family serves identified families in crisis and is coordinated by the Division of State Service Centers in all three counties. Last winter left many families struggling to pay for heat bills. They are still on payment plans and may have exhausted assistance programs leaving little room in the budget for school supplies or uniforms. The goal of the program is to encourage a positive attitude toward school by helping each student start the school year with the necessary supplies to achieve success. Gift cards to stores such as Forman Mills, Rainbow and Walmart that provide school uniforms are also welcome. $25-$50 will provide up to two uniforms for one child. Below is a list of requested items not normally donated in large quantity.

Individual packs of

hand wipes 

scientific calculators


Paperback dictionary/thesaurus

Combination locks        

Mini staplers                

Post-it notes

Graph paper

Compass Protractor

3-hole punch that clips into a binder

Misc. items welcome

Food Bank of Delaware Backpack program seeks to provide children at-risk of hunger with nutritious, easy-to-prepare food for preparation and consumption at home. They provide food for children (k-12) in need for weekends and holidays when school is not in session and when federal school meal programs are not available. More than 5,000 children participate each year. The program helps reduce health problems associated with under nutrition, reduces the barrier of hunger that contributes to poor school performance and empowers school personnel to take direct action to benefit hungry children. It also increases awareness of positive nutrition to student’s families and provides parents and guardians resources available to low-income families.

Backpacks or bags are filled with food by volunteers and delivered to secure sites on Fridays. They are distributed to children in a discreet manner in nondescript bags or backpacks. Depending on availability schools supplies are also added. Please read list of requested items this year.

Individual packages of pretzels, raisins, fruit snacks, granola bars, oatmeal bars, crackers. Tuna (easy to open), Mac-n-Cheese. Juice boxes. 4-6 cup packages of applesauce or pudding. PB& Jelly.

Thank you for your continued support. Wishing you God’s peace and Blessings.

Gretchen Broadwater and Connie Shultz,

Program Coordinators

Friendship House Volunteer Picnic

Clothing Bank of Delaware

August 9th


We are hosting a volunteer picnic to thank all of our wonderful supporters this past year! We couldn't have accomplished serving so many people without your help. Come and meet other volunteers, board members, staff and directors and let us say Thank You!


Meet us at the Brandywine Springs Lawson Pavilion located at the Brandywine Springs State Park: 3300 Faulkland Road Wilmington, DE 19808


Sunday, August 9th from 12:00 pm till 3:00 pm. Feel free to come anytime that is convenient for you!


If you are able to come, please RSVP and let us know so that we can get a head count for food!

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Phillip Stephens, Parish Administrator and Highlands Voice Editor

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Phone: 302.658.7326 ext. 10




Link to Lectionary Page


Exodus 16:2-4,9-15

Psalm 78:23-29

Ephesians 4:1-16

John 6:24-35



Renk - (Sudan):

Joseph Garang Atem, Bishop

St. David’s Church, Wilmington:

Bradley Hinton, Rector; James Von Dreele,

Priest Associate;

Tom Deschame, Deacon

FAITH Center

Those in need of our prayers for strength, guidance or healing:

Tom, Maria, Christopher, Jeremy, Joan, Janie, Lois, Gerry, Marian, Mike, Richard, Arie, George, Cathy, Marie, Leslee, Victoriano, Tom, York, Beverley, Eve, Keith, Don, Austin, Kim, George, Barb, Phyllis, Lat, Valerie, Al, Kenn, Fred, Kay, Ed, Timothy, Rebecca, Mary, Aileen, Tom, Timothy, Tish, Sande, Mark, Robert, Donna, Norman, Cecilia, Judy, Grace, The Children of Guatemala, George, Lana, Steve, Alan, Maryann, John, Dan, Paul, Ashley,

Michael, Joanne, Morgan, Carolyn, Devin,

Those that are on assignment in the Middle East and throughout the world in the service of their country:

Those who have died, and for the comfort of their families:


Immanuel Church, Highlands

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Immanuel Church, Highlands
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