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Pastured Poultry Week,  Pollution Permit Opposed, Clearing the Air
June 2012


Georgia Chefs Celebrate Pastured Poultry Week

It’s a delicious way to choose a cleaner environment-- join Join us in celebrating glorious, pastured poultry.Georgia chefs as they celebrate Pastured Poultry week, June 11 -17.

As part of this annual event, Atlanta and Athens restaurants will help spread the word about the many virtues of pastured poultry – its superior taste, the natural life of the chickens, and the positive impact on both human health and the health of the environment – by serving it on their menus every day during this designated week. 

Additionally, chef demonstrations at local farmers markets throughout the spring and summer will educate consumers on ways to prepare pastured poultry in order to continue raising awareness. Georgia has become the leading broiler producer in the nation, but only at great costs to our health and the environment. 

We believe Georgia can become a leader in promoting a fair, humane and sustainable alternative. Georgians for Pastured Poultry promoting the use of high-welfare, pasture raised poultry in Georgia, created Pastured Poultry Week.  GreenLaw co-authored a white paper showing the damage chicken factories are having on the state.

Learn more about the benefits of pastured poultry and find a participating market or restaurant near you by visiting

Be sure to tweet your tastes by including #PasturedPoultryWeek in your posts about delicious meals with Georgia grown, pastured poultry.

Ogeechee River Pollution Permit Hearing on Heels of Another Fish Kill

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and several Help GreenLaw protect our waters. Photo by Tim Goodson, courtesy Ogeechee Riverkeeper.counties closed the Ogeechee River to fishing and swimming due to evidence of another fish kill. This closure went into effect for areas downstream of King America Finishing just before Memorial Day weekend and comes nearly one year after the largest fish kill in Georgia history occurred on this south Georgia river. DNR reports that no dead fish were found upstream of the pollution discharge from King America Finishing. 

The Georgia EPD will be holding a public hearing at 7 PM on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 on King America Finishing’s discharge permit to the Ogeechee River. 

The hearing will be held at the Effingham County High School located at 1589 Highway 119 South, Springfield, Georgia. 

GreenLaw is representing Ogeechee Riverkeeper in an effort to clean up pollution from King America Finishing. We provide our attorneys' time and expertise free of charge to protect Georgia's air and water and the people who depend on them.

Clearing the Air

In order to protect the air that we breathe, GreenLaw routinely comments on air pollution permits that govern coal-fired powerplants and other proposed air pollution sources. We do this to ensure that the pollution limits from these plants are in compliance with laws and regulations. 

GreenLaw submitted comments on behalf of Citizens for a Healthy and Safe Environment (CHASE) on a proposed air pollution permit for a biomass facility in Lithonia. The facility proposes to burn wood waste, including leftover materials from construction and demolition projects. 

The facility will emit a large amount of air pollutants and toxics, including fine particulate matter, which can cause asthma and other health issues. The facility has underestimated the amount of pollution that will be emitted. 

Additionally, the proposed facility is in an area already overly burdened by pollution sources, including three landfills, seven air pollution sites, a Superfund site and two toxic release sites within 3 miles of the proposed location. Further, Lithonia’s population is over 85% African American. GreenLaw recently
Clearing the air for our families.  Photo courtesy eyeslit Flickr photo stream
 released a report, Patterns of Pollution: A Report on Demographics and Pollution in Metro Atlanta, which found that areas with large minority populations have more than double the number of pollution sources than areas where minorities make up less than 10 percent of the population. 

GreenLaw also submitted comments to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) on behalf of Fall-Line Alliance for Clean Environment, Ogeechee Riverkeeper, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and Sierra Club, opposing the issuance of a Title V Air Permit for Plant Wansley. Concerns cited include the failure to define ownership of the units and the failure to include all sources of air pollution on the site. For example, air pollution permit for Plant Wansley fails to correctly restrict fine particulate matter or PM 2.5, which can cause asthma and other health issues. 

GreenLaw supports a clean energy future for Georgia. From changing the way we heat and cool buildings to adopting new manufacturing processes and consumer products, energy efficiency is critical to our ability to meet Georgia’s future energy needs.

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Stop Water Pollution Today!

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Save the Date!

Georgia Interfaith Power and Light will host a non-partisan debate for Public Service Commission seats.  GreenLaw is a co-sponsor of the debate.  
Please save the date and plan to join us:

July 12, 2012
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Glenn Memorial UMC Auditorium/Sanctuary

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