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TDR’s Fall 2010 issue is here!

August 26th, 2010
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Pretending to Say by Sandra Ceballos Obaya

Broadening the Broad Spectrum
by Richard Schechner

Stanislavsky and Cognitive Science
a letter from John Wesley Hill,
Rhonda Blair responds

Kate Elswit’s TDR article “Berlin...Your Dance Partner is Death” wins the Society for Dance Scholars Award

Blind Mouth Singing by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas introduction by Coco Fusco

“Speaking a Mutual Language”: The Negro People’s Theatre in Chicago by Melissa Barton

Brown Punk: Kalup Linzy’s Musical Anticipations by Tavia Nyong’o

Wooster Baroque by Branislav Jakovljevic

Steve Paxton’s “Interior Techniques”: Contact Improvisation and Political Power
by Robert Turner

Of Tent Shows and Liturgies: One breath left: Dies Iræ by Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento

Driving Deeper into That Thing: The Humanity of Heiner Goebbels’s Stifters Dinge by Gelsey Bell

King/Cate: Stardom, Aura, and the Stage Figure in the Sydney Theatre Company’s Production of Richard II by Glen McGillivray

Meeting to Find a Way to Let Me Down Easy
by Candace M. Joice

V.E. Meyerhold. Nasledie. 1. Avtobiograficheskie materialy. Dokumenty 1896–1903 [V.E. Meyerhold—Research, Vol. 1 Autobiographical Materials: Documents 1896–1903] edited by O.M. Feldman. V.E. Meyerhold. Lektsii: 1918–1919 [V.E. Meyerhold—Lectures: 1918–1920] edited by O.M. Feldman. V.E. Meyerhold. Nasledie. 2. Tovarischestvo novoi dramy. Sozdanie Studii na Povarskoi. Leto 1903–vesna 1905 [Research, Vol. 2: The Fellowship of the New Drama and the Founding of the Studio on Povarskaia Street, Summer 1903–Spring 1905] by V.E. Meyerhold, edited by O.M. Feldman.
by Kathryn Mederos Syssoyeva

Out of Now: The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh by Adrian Heathfield and Tehching Hsieh
by Lara Shalson

Tehching Hsieh: One Year Performance: Art Documents 1978–1999 by Tehching Hsieh, with accompanying text by Steven Shaviro
by T. Nikki Cesare

Performance Histories by Bonnie Marranca
by Paul Rae


TDR’s performance review section, Critical Acts, issues an open call for submissions about bright young artists, subversive new performances, and politically minded productions. Write about work that excites or unnerves you, or about your own exciting and unnerving work. Submissions should be in English, 1,500-2,000 words, and with images. Send them to or contact Critical Acts editor T. Nikki Cesare at with any questions.

For further information on subscriptions, submission guidelines, and other inquiries, please contact TDR at or go to:

Chocolates and other nondigital tokens of your esteem can be mailed to:
TDR 665 Broadway, 6th floor
New York, NY 10012


Beginning with this issue, TDR welcomes to its masthead the TDR Consortium Editors: Rebecca Schneider of Brown, Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf of Princeton, and William (Huizhu) Sun of the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

One issue out of four—that is, one issue each volume/year—will be edited by one of the Consortium Editors, beginning with Princeton Consortium Editors Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf.

The Consortium means an even wider vision for TDR; the input of people with a dedication to performance studies and approaches that supplement Editor Richard Schechner's point of view. The “home office” of TDR, under the management of Mariellen Sandford, will remain as it is now. All four issues per year will be copyedited and prepared for publication by the NYU office.

Welcome to our new TDR collaborators. Bring on the future.

Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf, two of TDR’s new Consortium Editors out of Princeton University, are at work on their first edited issue, which will focus on Jews and performance. The issue promises a wide range of materials collected from the interstices of Jewish Studies, Theatre Studies, and Performance Studies that cross historical moments and theoretical methods.

Critical Acts Editor T. Nikki Cesare directed the May 2010 premiere of composers Du Yun and Ken Ueno’s chamber opera Gold Ocean at NYC’s The Flea, and is collaborating with the composers on a new experimental music-theatre project entitled The Borges Project. In June 2010, she was appointed Assistant Professor at the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto, where she will be teaching courses both at the Graduate Centre and the University College Drama Program. She will continue her role at TDR...though, sadly, she may have to relinquish surfing.

Richard Schechner will be attending a conference on Performance Studies in Shanghai at the Shanghai Theatre Academy in October, convened by TDR Consortium Editor William Huizhu Sun, a PS PhD and Vice President of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. The conference will include participants from a number of key Chinese universities now interested in performance studies: Nanjing, Fudan, (Shanghai), and Zhejiang (Hangzhou). Editor Schechner will also give a lecture at Nanjing University. And, of course, Schechner will visit the Expo in Shanghai.


Puppetry and Post-Dramatic Performance
An International Conference on Performing Objects in the 21st Century
1–3 April 2011
University of Connecticut, Storrs

This conference seeks to explore new approaches to critical thinking and theorizing about puppetry and performing objects of all kinds and to bring new multidisciplinary views to bear on the subject of puppetry—conceived in the broadest terms—in order to enrich, expand, and enliven the field of discourse. Areas for exploration might include: Phenomenological analysis and puppetry; Performing objects in visual art practices; Visual thinking and the animated image; Puppetry within new media; Anthropological approaches to objects; Visual culture and performing objects; Linguistic analysis in puppetry; Deconstruction of cinematic form in puppetry; Puppetry and Gender studies; Puppetry, masking, and race; Post-traditional puppetry; Puppetry and political theatre; Intercultural and transcultural puppetry; Puppetry and consumer culture; New technologies, new objects; Migration and puppetry

We welcome proposals for papers, panels, round tables, and workshops. Please send a title, a 250-word abstract, and a short bio to
Deadline for Proposals: October 1, 2010

This conference is organized in conjunction with the University of Connecticut, California Institute of the Arts, and the Research Commission of UNIMA (Union International de la Marionette). For more information see:
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