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Application Note: Fluoroalkynylations of Aryl Halides under Continuous Flow Homogeneous Catalysis conditions
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"Fifth Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications"

September 11-12
Pisa, Italy
Booth #12

"Flow Chemisty Master Class"

Event to be held over 3 sessions 19th and 26th of September and 10th October.
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"2nd SCI/RSC Symposium on Continuous Processing and Flow Chemistry"

September 24-25
Novartis Horsham
United Kingdom
Booth #10

"The Future of European Pharma"

Sept. 31 - Oct. 1
Brussels, Belgium
Dr. C. Wiles gives an invited lecture.

Ecochem"Ecochem, the Sustainable
Chemistry & Engineering

November 19-21
Basel, Switzerland
Dr. C.Wiles (Chemtrix) &
Dr. Lahbib Abahmane (ESK)
give an invited lecture.
Chemtrix and ESK will have a booth at the exhibition.

"Winter Process Chemistry Conference"

December 16-18
Leeds, UK
Dr. C.Wiles gives an invited lecture.

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Norteastern University Boston (US)

Demonstrates Labtrix® S1

Applying continuous flow techniques to the synthesis of fluorinated alkynyl arenes and heteroarenes, Jones et al. ultilise Labtrix® S1 to demonstrate the ability to improve reaction time and substrate specificity when compared to conventional synthetic techniques utilising the Sonogashira coupling methodology. Showing an immediate applicability towards the production of 18F labelled materials for use in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging, the synthesis of an analogue of the Alzheimer's disease imaging agent Fallypride® is reported.

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