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Peer-reviewed article: Silicon carbide micro reactors remove compatibility issues
 associated with metallic micro reactors.
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Numerous application notes are available on our website. Gain acces to them HERE.


MicroNano Conference
December 11-12, 2013
Ede, The Netherlands.

Our CEO Dr. Charlotte Wiles gives a presentation.

Winter Process Chemistry Conference
December 16-18, 2013
iPRD University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Our CEO Dr. Charlotte Wiles gives a presentation.

Use of SiC micro reactors for a Wolff-Kishner reduction
Jensen and co-workers demonstrate the use of a SiC micro reactor for rapid reductions under Wolff-Kishner conditions. Using EKasic® SiC (also used in our Plantrix® Industrial Flow Reactors), the authors were able to remove the compatibility issues conventionally associated with executing the reaction in metallic reactors. The developed methodology affords the potential to enable selective reductions to be performed at scale.

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Plantrix Factory Small 2
Plantrix® Industrial Flow Reactor with EKasic® Silicon Carbide modules.

New U.S. Application Lab!

In collaboration with our U.S. partner, Proteaf Technologies, the Chemtrix product lines are now available for demonstration and feasibility studies in an application laboratory in Fairfield, NJ. The Labtrix® Start and Labtrix® S1 (for R&D scale reaction scouting and method development) and KiloFlow® (for pilot production), are installed and ready for use.

Customers can visit the lab for a Flow Chemistry demonstration or to see how their own selected reaction could be performed in Flow (upon request).

Please send an email to if you would like to receive additional information.

Flow Chemistry Papers

'Continuous Process Technology:
A Tool for Sustainable Production"

Watts et al. review the open literature to give their perspective on continuous flow process technologies role in sustainable production within the chemical industry. Click here to for more information.

'Reactors for Resistance'

'Reactors for resistance' describes the availability of flow reactors for the manipulation of hazardous and corrosive media at the micro- and meso-scale, giving users access to equipment suitable for the most challenging of chemical cases. Click here for more information on the article or go to our Labtrix® and Plantrix® page, to see our reactors for resistance.
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