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Fundraising 2018

Jai Shri Krushn!

Muni Seva Charitable Foundation is hosting several Meet-and-Greet events on behalf of Muni Seva Ashram (MSA, located at Goraj village near Vadodara) in several cities across U.S. and Canada. Dr. Vikram Patel will be talking about the activities and projects taken up by the Ashram. Please honour the event with your esteemed presence and help us reach out to as many people as possible by bringing friends and relatives with you and informing them to visit the event in a city near them. The schedule is:

Schedule 4

You can find more information about Muni Seva Ashram by clicking here.  


Anuben began her work in a small hut. Today, MSA has grown into a 300-acre campus, providing needs of rural India in the areas of healthcare, education, social welfare, skill development for rural youth, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. MSA is a pioneer in eco-friendly technologies and has a state-of-the-art cancer care hospital, providing the latest advancements in surgery, radiation therapy & chemotherapy. What is truly amazing is that even though it is a charitable institution and everyone is provided help, quality is never compromised.  


I believe in the work done by Muni Seva Ashram and have been working diligently to ensure MSA's future growth by leaps & bounds. This is the only institution that has a holistic approach to provide for rural India‚Äôs preliminary needs. 


I hope you go to one of the events. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Bina Patel, (713) 516-4515

Vice President

Muni Seva Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization

Youth Programs 2018

Youth Program

To bring youth from across the world together to provide a sense of global community, camaraderie, responsibility and spirit of volunteerism, Muni Seva Ashram has initiated the youth programs which include:

1. Volunteer camps (Three 15-day camps a year, for youth aged 16 years or older):

a. Program: Covers Ashram's multi-faceted work in health, education, social aspects, alternative energy, organic farming and more. Approximately half of the time is spent on health care. The balance time is spent on education, social-care and sustainability.

b. Fee: The fee for the camp covering the cost of lodging, boarding, local transportation and all activities is US$800.

c. Dates: 1st July to 15th July, 5th August to 19th August, and 22nd December to 5th January

2. Medical observership (For undergraduate/postgraduate pre-medical or medical student):

a. Program: Covers observation of clinical care provided to patients by attending Outpatient Clinics, watching procedures and surgeries, attend patient rounds, lectures and related events. Understanding of how a not-for-profit hospital provides the best medical care at affordable rates to a vast number of people. Exploring different medical specializations, mainly from Oncosurgery, Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy) and Radiotherapy, to help choose a career path. Evenings are spent understanding the various other activities of the Ashram - social care, education, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

b. Fee: The fees range from US$450/week to US$350/week and US$50 for registration. The fees cover the cost of lodging, boarding, local transportation, activities and interaction with medical staff.

c. Dates: The observership dates are also adjusted as per the convenience of the participant.

3. Internships (Program of 6 weeks or more, for youth aged 20 years or older):

a. Program: Multi-faceted experience in health, education, social aspects, alternative energy and more is provided. Keeping in mind that the unique needs, desires and goals of every intern, a customized internship program is prepared for each intern. The intern is expected to make a report of the activities done at the end of the program.

b. Fee: The fees are US$500 for 6 weeks. The fees cover the cost of lodging, boarding, local transportation and all activities.

c. Dates: The internship dates are also adjusted as per the convenience of the participant.

Established in a rural setting, participants experience closeness to nature, peace and serenity. With the simplicity of rural India, the participants are provided with facilities like air-conditioned rooms, hot water baths, Wi-Fi, organic vegetarian food and milk products and laundry facilities. A certificate is also provided to the participants at the end of the program.

These programs help youth get a glimpse of the rural/tribal community and their lifestyle and also expose them to an integrated approach taken towards the development of the rural society.

For more details and testimonials, please visit the link for youth programs on the website and to express interest please fill in this form.

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