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- Welcome to the comfort revolution -


ASSOS Presents the new industry benchmark: _S7
This is the next generation of legendary ASSOS total comfort cycling shorts, incorporating patented features and innovations that until today were unknown.
These are by far the most advanced, most comfortable cycling shorts ASSOS has ever created! For more information check out the lineup below or visit us online.

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ASSOS s7 - Game Changer from ASSOS of Switzerland SA on Vimeo.

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The name says it all. These are the push-it-past-the-limit concept shorts. It uses a completely different technology than what the industry has been using. It is made of different fibers and is produced on different machines. T.CAMPIONISSIMO versus traditional shorts is a bit like a supersonic jet versus a steam powered locomotive.

T.CAMPIONISSIMO advantages: super light, super aerodynamic, super fast, plus clickfit and ergokompressor fabric.

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The T.CENTO represents a new breed. They’re ASSOS' high performance, ultra-longdistance shorts, tailored for the cycling body type.

These shorts ASSOS' newly designed comfortFit: less compression and a less restrictive fit on the waist and abdominal areas, but the leg circumference and length are the same as on the T.équipe. The unique insert is a small masterpiece that has been specifically designed for ultra-long-distance missions.
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T.ÉQUIPE is ASSOS' racingFit proposition. They are perfectly tailored to fit a racing type cycling body. A little more compression, a little snugger fit and a more anatomically shaped insert. These are the preferred shorts of ÉQUIPE EXPLOIT, the ASSOS Werksmannschaft.

They’re the ideal equipment for frequent riders and racing.

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Rapha Women's Prestige Race         Tour de Marin              SV:Travel - Italy 2014
Taking place on May 10th, The Rapha Women’s Prestige is an all-woman event much in the guise of the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race (which is actually a mixed event). It’s also a celebration of group riding and as such encourages esprit de corps among its participants.

For more information click here.

Tour de Marin returns Sunday, May 18. Join the Marin County Bicycle Coalition in its 15th Anniversary year on the Tour de Marin! This beautiful West Marin road ride is a fundraiser for MCBC to continue making Marin the most enjoyable place to ride - we look forward to your participation

For more information click here.

Join SV:Travel to ride some of the famous Giro climbs and routes as well as the hills of the Lange Region on another world class cycling trip in gorgeous Italy. Cycle through wine country, soak in the local lifestyle and enjoy the fantastic food all while on a bike!

For more information click here.

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