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Welcome back teachers!
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August 11, 2011

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Welcome back teachers to the 2011-12 school year!  KCEE and the six Centers for Economic Education had quite a busy summer with teacher workshops and finding new ways to help with integrating economics and personal finance in Kansas K-12 schools.  We hope many of these opportunities will help you in your classroom this year.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our programs and resources or if we can help with economic & personal finance education in your school. 




Angela Howdeshell

Vice President for Programs & Administration
Kansas Council for Economic Education

Stock Market Game is FREE Again!

SMG Logo stacked -smallAll 4th through 12th grade classrooms in Kansas can use the Stock Market Game again this year at NO COST thanks to the Investor Protection Fund of the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner and assistance from the Kansas Council for Economic Education.  . 


Register your class today and start using the wonderful lessons & educational resources.  The SMG is a proven tool to increase math & personal finance literacy while geting your students excited about investing and the financial world around them.   Lessons correlated to Kansas standards in math, social studies, business, language arts, and more!


New this year is an 15-week trading window option to accommodate full semester personal finance courses and to give flexibility to classroom schedules.  Participate for as long as you can within the 15-week window or choose one of three 10-week window options available.


New to the Stock Market Game?  FREE webinar trainings are available to help you find your way around quickly and get started in no time.  Email your request to to receive a schedule.

Link to SMG website

FREE Online Personal Finance Game 

GeniRev logoGen-i-revolution was developed for grades 6-12 to give students the chance to learn important personal finance skills as they play and compete against fellow classmates. 


The game includes fifteen Missions in which students attempt to help people in financial trouble.  Missions take approximately 30 minutes to complete and are a great complement to the Stock Market Game.

  • Mission 1:  Building Wealther Over the Long Term
  • Mission 2:  Investing in Human Capital:  Job Choice
  • Mission 3:  Investing in Human Capital:  Education
  • Mission 4:  Budgeting
  • Mission 5:  Credit
  • Mission 6:  Risk and Return
  • Mission 7:  Alternative Financial Institutions
  • Mission 8:  Stocks
  • Mission 9:  Bonds
  • Mission 10:  Mutual Funds
  • Mission 11:  Researching Companies
  • Mission 12:  Stock Market Fundamentals
  • Mission 13:  Stock Market Crashes
  • Mission 14:  Forecasting the Future
  • Mission 15:  Financial Planning

Link to GeniRevolution website for an overview of all lessons

New Personal Finance Teacher Website Designed to Help Kansas & Missouri Personal Finance Teachers 

The Kansas Council for Economic Education and the Missouri Council on Economic Education have been working together to give high school personal finance teachers a great resource to customize a semester course.   This website will help replace current lessons or find lessons & activities on a specific topic using the Jump$tart National Personal Finance Standards.  Very soon the website will also host our full semester course pacing guide suggesting some of the best lessons to help integrate economics & personal finance into a pefect match. 


Any high school personal finance course teacher is able to come to a FREE workshop or webinar to receive the FREE resources for the personal finance course pacing guide.  Workshops & webinars will be brief and will provide a copy of the new Virtual Economics 4.0.  See more about this fabulous resource in the section below.  Email your request to attend a workshop/webinar to and we'll send you a list of options.


Link to Personal Finance Teacher website

Virtual Economics 4.0 Now Available

cd-case 4.0 4

Virtual Economics 4.0 is an electronic library of almost all the Council for Economic Education resourcesand contains over 1,400 lessons searchable by grade level, concept, national standards or state standards.  The CD contains a glossary, concept demonstrations & teaching tips at your fingertips.  Add Internet and get even more lessons.


This resources is a must for every K-12 school building.  KCEE is working hard to get copies to all districts starting with personal finance course teachers. 

Link to VE website

What's New at CEE?

The Council for Economic Education is the leader is personal finance and economic resources for K-12 schools.  Many resources are available to help almost any classroom and grade level integrate economics & personal finance.  Please visit the website and see what is avaialble.  All resources are available at a discount through KCEE or available for FREE at our workshops.  The Virtual Economics CD has almost everything produced by the Council for Economic Education and we are doing our best to get a copy to every school. 



Teaching Financial Crisis
Revised Financial Fitness for Life K-12
Understanding Economics in Civics & Government
Understanding Economics in US History
Playful Economics


Link to Catalog at CEE Website

About KCEE: 

The Kansas Council for Economic Education (KCEE) is a non-profit educational organization providing economic and personal finance education support to K-12 teachers in Kansas.  KCEE was organized in 1959 and is housed in the W. Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State University.  KCEE helps support six Centers for Economic Education at ESU, FHSU, KSU, KU, PSU & WSU.

Quick Links: 

FREE for grades 4-12
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FREE for grades 6-12

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FREE for grades 6-12

FREE for grades 6-12

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FREE for grades K-8

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FREE for grades K-6


FREE for grades K-12

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Contact us:

Kansas Council for Economic Education
1845 Fairmount,
026A Clinton Hall
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS 67260-0203

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Kansas Council for Economic Education
1845 Fairmount St. 026A Clinton Hall
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas 67067-0203

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