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Hi Leslie,
Do you remember that feeling as a child when the school year was ending? The anticipation of endless play, friends, bare feet, ice cream, and swimming. Well, for the kids, it’s about that time!
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And for parents, as you finish enrolling your children in summer programs and gear up for their first day, there are a few conversations you might have with program directors, instructors, counselors, and your kids about body safety. In this issue of the Parenting Safe Children newsletter, check out some common summer scenarios and ideas about inviting people onto your prevention team!
Here’s to a safe and healthy summer!

Your partner in safety,

Feather Berkower

Summer Fun, Summer Safety

My 7-year-old daughter, Erin, will be taking swimming lessons. How do I talk to the swim instructor about her body safety?

First off, the gGirls Summer Playoal of any screening is to invite caregivers onto your prevention team. It’s not an interrogation, but rather a conversation. A lot of parents ask me how to begin the conversation, so in the response below I offer some specific language. Of course, choose words that feel authentic to you. Read more.

Your child is enrolled in camp, but you have not yet talked with the administrator or counselors about your child's body safety. What can you do now?

It's never too late to screen, so this is a fine time to make sure child abuse prevention is not only on the administrator's radar, but that there are policies and practiceBoy at Pools to back it up. If you ask nothing else, ask these questions: Read more.

Public Restrooms
So you’re off to a baseball game, state fair, or amusement park. Should you let your child go into the bathroom alone?

I get this question in nearly every Parenting Safe Children workshop and the answer is (drum roll, please), “It depends!” Some children are ready to go into a bathroom alone at six, while others aren’t ready until nine, ten, or even later. You know your child best. A more mature child is focused and isn’t likely to dawdle. Here are four prevention tips: Read more.

Want more information about keeping your children safe from sexual abuse? Check out Off Limits: A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe form Sexual Abuse.

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Discussion of the MonthFacebook Image

The Parenting Safe Children community on Facebook is 2,500 strong and we’re having some great conversations. Have you ever wondered how abusers keep children from telling? Check out the post from May 6 on Facebook now! (While you are visiting us on Facebook, you might also like to see the tips we posted every day in April for Child Abuse Prevention month.)

Coming Soon
Screening Videos
Want to be involved?

This summer we are filming mini videos of parents having conversations with caregivers about body safety. These videos will be used in the Parenting Safe Children workshop and on our website to help build confidence around inviting people onto your prevention team. We are looking for a couple of parents, grandparents, coaches, and teachers who would like to be involved.

For more info, email Feather Berkower


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News & Events

I am booking into the fall. To register for a Parenting Safe Children workshop, check out my schedule.

I’d like to give a shout out to the following schools in your community that are hosting staff  workshops for the 2013 school year, and opening the events to other professionals who work with children.

  • Temple Emanuel Early Childhood Center, Denver, CO (August 13, 2013 - Register)
  • Boulder Country Day School, Boulder, CO (August 15, 2013 - Register)
  • Montessori School of Evergreen, Evergreen, CO (August 16, 2013 - Register)
  • Jarrow Montessori, Boulder, CO (August 20, 2013 - Register)
  • Montessori Academy of Colorado, Denver, CO (Private refresher course)

Or perhaps you'd like to be a hero and host a workshop!

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My Unnwavering Mission
Parenting Safe Children empowers parents and professionals to raise kids and build communities that are off limits to child sexual abusers.
  1. As a community service, we provide free information about prevention through our newsletters, PSC Nanny Packet, and PSC Back to School Screening Packet.
  2. We offer the Parenting Safe Children workshop and Parenting Safe Children Professional In-service—among the most valuable three hours you’ll ever spend on your child’s behalf.
  3. Off Limits:  A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse is my must-read parenting book with lots of practical information, advice and activities for keeping kids safe.
  4. I also do Phone Consultations, and help with situations where something makes you uncomfortable and you’re just not sure what to do.
  5. Lastly, with over 1,300 people we are growing a community on Facebook committed to keeping kids safe. Join us!

Tel:  303.931.5783

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