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January 2017 Newsletter
RKOK Dharma Center Newsletter

Choices for 2017

As we all reflect on the events of 2016 and look forward to possibilities for 2017, I would like to share some of my thoughts with you. If we look at things from the ground level, we realize there is a lot needed to re-balance the world. Anger and fear have penetrated both sides of the extreme polarity we are now seeing and experiencing. These realms of thought are insidious and they rob us from living a joyful and beneficial life in harmony and respect for each other. Fear and anger are very low vibrations that do not have the ability to benefit our current situation, or the future world.

When we study Buddhism, we learn about the layers of thought within us that are both conscious and sub-conscious. We learn that our Buddha-Nature exists underneath all the junk in our store consciousness and that by following the Dharma in our lives, we bring this junk to the surface (into the light) to be acknowledged and transmuted though the practices. It is at this point of purification, that our Buddha-Nature rises up and begins to shine.

I would like to draw a similarity with the world at this point. What if we can see that a powerful light is pushing everything to the surface that needs to be revealed for all to see; to be re-balanced, transmuted, purified? Are we being called to step up our practice and make a broader spectrum of bodhisattva-ing in the world than we have been doing? I think so. To create Buddha-land in the saha world, we must first have the Dharma anchored within us on a deep level. The Teachings provide us with the tools for the task and this is paired with us providing the physical vehicle to manifest the Dharma in the world. To complete the process, it takes energy and effort infused with compassion for ourselves and others. We all have our special skill sets and natural abilities to lend. Stay vigilant, it is easy to slip and get wrapped up in the drama. If that happens, just acknowledge it and get back on track.

There will be times when we will grieve in sadness and at the losses we experience as humans. We will see people hurting each other in ways that we do not understand. Please nurture each other through the difficult times and when there are joyful moments, hold each other close and celebrate. We were born for these times. Let’s finish what we came here to do.

In this moment, I acknowledge our interconnectedness and with profound gratitude to be a part of this journey with you, I breathe life into these words:

May all beings be peaceful

May all beings be happy

May all beings be well

May all beings be safe

May all beings be free from suffering

Rev. Kris Ladusau

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Weekly Calendar, Monthly Events, Special Events, & Volunteer Opportunities: 

Weekly Calendar

Chant Service..............10 - 11am

Dharma Circle/Hoza 11am - 12pm

Beginning at 7pm:

Monday Night Hoza

Wednesday, January 18th Basic Buddhism Class Begins

Thursday Night Meditation

Friday Night Book Study

Monthly Events

Budget Meeting Sunday January 8th

Annual Member's Meeting & Board Meeting Sunday January 15th

Special Events

Sunday, January 1st: New Year's Day Greeting from President Niwano

Ritual Training on Instruments, Wednesday January 4th at 7pm

Winter Chant (8 - 9pm) Monday January 30 - Friday February 3rd.

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Church of the Open Arms
3131 N Pennsylvania - OKC

Every Thursday: 
Noon - 1pm, Use carts to unload food from truck

Every Friday:
2 - 4pm, Help stock the food pantry

4 - 6pm, Help individuals get their food

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