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Fix America! It's the best New Year's resolution you could possibly make in an election year.

DavidDuley 2David Duley is not running for office, but he says he can fix America.  He says you can too!

Dave's new book, "I Can Fix America," available January 1, 2012, offers 52 simple, common sense things that the average Joe can do - today - to turn this country around. But don't be fooled. Just because the steps are simple doesn't mean the task is insignificant. This is our generation's call to duty!

About David Duley and Why Fixing America Matters to Him

Dave grew up in Flint, Michigan, during its golden days - when opportunity was abundant and "having it all" was more than a dream for most of the residents. It has broken Dave's heart to see what his hometown has become: the most violent city in the country, a place where "blight  patrols" are common and more dreams are crushed than realized.

"I want us all to work together to keep our country from going the way of my hometown," says Dave. "Politicians, businesses and unions can't or won't do it, so it's really up to you and me. Stop whining and do something!"

The "I Can Fix America" Wake Up Call

"I Can Fix America" is a simple book that will save America. You can choose to do all 52 of the action items like Dave is going to do throughout 2012 (one each week, every week), or just do a handful. Whatever you do, it will make a difference. Doing nothing will keep our country on the path to becoming just like Flint.

Dave explains, "The words in this book will get you started. The difference will happen when you use these words to Fix America. It’s not about talk, it’s about action. I Can Fix America. Who’s with me?"

The "I Can Fix America" website has a feature for participants to upload videos on how they're changing America. You can see a special sneak preview here 

Interview Opportunity

Let's set up an interview with Dave right now!  Here's a first look at what is sure to become a national wake up call for each of us to take ownership of our country's problems - and fix them:

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