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Inside Out

GFWC-NH Inside Out

This message is sent on behalf of Phyllis Appler, GFWC-NH President.


New Hampshire Inside Out for June

June 6, 2017

Hello, GFWC-NH Clubwomen,


Annual Meeting at Sargent Camp in Hancock is now a sunny, friendship-filled memory, and I am glad that so many of you were able to see a part of the state that most of us never explore.  We have not had many opportunities to deepen our friendships the way that you can by canoeing or toasting marshmallows or modeling bandanas, so hope that all who went enjoyed that.  GFWC First Vice-President Marian St. Clair’s talk hit just the right notes, and I enjoyed getting to know her better, too. Very glad that hers was not the canoe that tipped . . .  This weekend would not have been possible without the hard work of Jeanne O’Sullivan, President’s Project Chair, who helped with planning and assembled our bandana goodies and activities, Denise Raisenen, Carol Waters, and Anne Engelhardt, who picked Marian up from the airport, Carol Brauza and Anne again who scouted out our site, and our wonderful meals and registration duo, Alison Dillman and Debbie Dunn.  Honor Roll was very special, too, and we all appreciate the work that went into that, thanks to Sheila Casey and Sue Phillips from the JAL Club, our membership team.  That amazing Honor Roll cake with the life sized lilacs on top was created by Suzanne Roark, one of our speakers at midwinter meeting. is her email if you need to order an amazing cake! Laura Edmands organized our fundraising so well that we hardly noticed that we raised quite a bit of money during our weekend! We even completed a little bit of business with the passage of a document retention policy. Thanks to the Exeter Area GFWC who passed along this template to us.  We also had an exciting announcement about our Fall Field Arts Tour.  Thanks to Sheila Casey for setting up this exciting meeting alternative.


Jeanne O’Sullivan has offered to chair our Conservation Community Service Project area, and thinks that it will fit in well with her Inside/Out Chairmanship.  Thank you so much, Jeanne!  We need some more members on the Fundraising Committee.  One person cannot be a committee!! Perhaps you could help with fundraising for just one idea.  We could get sponsorships for placemats or programs at our meetings.  It has also been suggested that we sell gift cards from stores such as Hannaford and other places through our website and at meetings.  Percentage profits vary, and we would need someone to keep track of the cards and transactions. Or you could explore options for selling our cookbooks in local bookstores or online.   Think about it, please! We are also currently without a chairman for the Woman’s History and Resource Center and for Leadership/LEADS.  Let me know if you can take one of these one-year positions!


Here’s an Inside/Out Meeting idea:  Curt Laffin, a volunteer with the American Chestnut Foundation, will be happy to come to your club meeting to talk about the restoration of the American Chestnut.  He is also interested in working with clubs to set up American Chestnut information areas, complete with growing chestnut trees!  You can email Curt at . 


On Wednesday, June 6, the Lisbon Friends in Council are organizing a trip to the Old Man of the Mountain Historic Site.  Meet at the parking lot at 10:15 a.m., take a tour, then take a tram ride up Cannon Mountain.  Price is $18 but Seniors may get a much better deal!  You can bring your own lunch or eat in the café at the top.  Sorry for the late notice!


We almost have our GFWC-NH calendar set for next year.  So far, these are the dates and locations that we know:

August 17, 2017  Summer Board Meeting at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth from 5 to 8:30 p.m.

August 29, 2017  Orientation for Club Officers at Chamberlin House in Concord from 6 to 8 p.m.

September 30, 2017  Fall Field Meeting/Arts Tour.  If you have not received the flyer, please go to the GFWC-NH website and print it out and send it in if you want to go. should take you there. It could fill fast!!

October 19-22  New England Region Conference in Connecticut  Go to  to book a room for this conference.

January 20, 2018 Midwinter Meeting at the Derryfield Country Club in Manchester

June 23-26  GFWC Annual Convention in St. Louis, Missouri

We still have to decide on Federation Day and Annual Meeting, so will post those as soon as we have definite dates.


Did not mean to turn this into a newsletter.   Looking forward to seeing you at your club meeting or other event. Feel free to let me know what would be a good time.   Next on the list is packing for GFWC Convention in Palm Desert, where it will probably be 100 degrees.  Hard to plan for that when it is 47 degrees and drizzling!


Enjoy the beginning of summer.


Phyllis Appler

GFWC-NH President


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