September 2014 Newsletter
September 2014
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The next  Friday night service will be Friday September 5th at 7:45 PM at Ingleside in King Farm conducted  By Rabbis Saltzman and Kuperman and Cantorial Soloist Caron Dale                         


                     President's Note 

I have thoroughly enjoyed attending our summer Sabbath Services this year.
The services have been spiritually embracing, enjoyable and well attended. We  are truly blessed with great clergy and a wonderful congregation.
Preparations  are now under way for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.  Rabbi Saltzman and Rabbi Kuperman are preparing their sermons and Cantor Dale and Cantor Rubens are working with Rabbi Saltzman to finalize the music selections enabling us to print the new High Holy Day songbooks.  Carol Bahr, as Membership Chair and
Ingleside Liaison is busing working with Sue Tubbs, our synagogue’s Secretary/Book Keeper, answering questions about membership and High Holy Day tickets.
Please check with Sue or Carol if you have not received our Book of Remembrance Yizkor Donation Form, Break-the-Fast Reservation Form and/or your pledge statements.  Your dues must be current before you pick up your High Holy Day tickets which will be available for you to pick up before and during all High Holy Day Services.
John Lass is again publishing our Book of Remembrance. John urgently requests that names for the book or High Holy Day donations be submitted as soon as possible.  Elise Ward is again working with Ingleside to assure that we have a delicious Break-the-Fast.

I hope that every member of our Hevrat Shalom community finds a way to actively participate and share in the 5775 High Holy Days.  Please consider contacting Rabbi Saltzman (202.669.4434),
Carol Bahr (301.355.8321) or me (301.537.7019) and offering to do a High Holy Day English or Hebrew reading, serve as an usher or help at the
ticket table and/or make an additional High Holy Day donation.

Hevrat Shalom Congregation greatly appreciates  and depends on both your participation and continued spiritual and financial support.

L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu


                  Cantor's Message

Senior Cantorial Soloist Caron Dale

I remember being about 10 years old, sitting with the women on Yom Kippur and listening to Cantor Shalom Cohen chant the Aleinu.
I remember him getting on his knees at the part where we usually bow, “va’anachnu korim umishtachavim umodim,” – “we bow and prostrate and give thanks, .... “

I remember the men surrounding him so they could help him up at the end of that phrase.
I remember that while I did not understand the words, his voice brought my 10 year old heart to tears.  There was something in the way he davened that went far beyond that moment of prayer.  There was a depth I could not begin to comprehend while feeling an incredible sense of empathy.  Through the solemnity of his singing, the cry in his voice, and his clear plea through prayer, I was touched.
Cantor Cohen was a kind, warm and loving man; a man who, when he looked into your eyes, saw only you.  He was a devout Jew of Eastern European upbringing.  And Cantor Shalom Cohen and my beloved grandfather Abe Ginsburg were best friends.  They shared a love of and devotion to Judaism.  As Talmudic scholars, they’d debate interpretations of passages.  They ate many meals together and I’m sure talked about things of which back then were not often spoken.
Cantor Cohen was a Holocaust survivor who, like my grandfather, lost many close family members during the Holocaust.  Those who have not experienced such a loss, can not possibly understand the depth of loss and anguish these people suffer.  Yet through the spectrum of emotions in his praying, Cantor Cohen allowed me to take part on his journey of pain, loss, hope, faith and renewal.
As we approach the High Holy Days, I hope we can join together in our own sorrows, apologies, hope, faith and renewal as a congregational family.  With the warmest of wishes for a happy, healthy and peace filled new year,  

Cantor Caron, Steve, Ari, Jonah and Nikki the dog.


Good Neighbor Committee

Hevrat Shalom's Good Neighbor Committee is available to assist sick or  healing congregation members.
Committee volunteers may help with an errand, prepare a meal, check-in with a
phone call or visit members who request congregational  support during a difficult time.

If you would like assistance from the Committee, please contact the Committee Chairperson, Elise Ward, at 301-294-2493. You may also contact Rabbi Saltzman at 202-244-6871  and a Committee member will contact you to see how we may be of assistance If you would like to become a Committee member, please contact Elise Ward  - all are welcome to strengthen and support Hevrat Shalom
Elise Ward

                   Rabbi's   Message

Principal Rabbi Arnold Saltzman

Dear Congregants,
The Jewish New Year is rapidly approaching and there is much preparation and reflection to occupy our minds at this time.
The Jewish New Year, 5775, will begin on the evening of September 24th with Hevrat Shalom’s Rosh Hashanah evening service taking place in the Theater at Ingleside in King Farm and Rosh Hashanah Day service on September 25th. This beautiful Theater room and location allows us a to have a community gathering with members of our congregation coming from many areas of Maryland and the District of Columbia.  We are proud that we are serving the needs of Ingleside residents, as well as members from the surrounding communities. We are grateful to Ingleside for its support which enables us to use this space.
We are a diverse group including those who are charter members of Hevrat Shalom that for a number of years met at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Gaithersburg, and subsequently moved to Ingleside in King Farm allowing us greater flexibility in our arrangement of services as well as attracting a growing population in the King Farm area.
We are growing with a positive outlook for the future.  We are reaching out to the surrounding community and exploring what the needs of the community will be in the future: such as a a religious school, a family service, adult education, pastoral support, a young couples group, an Israel connection, and providing spiritually satisfying services which incorporate beautiful music, stimulating sermons and Torah insights.
Our social events have been a great highlight of the year with our picnic and yard sale, as well as membership outreach which is ongoing.  In previous years we had an outstanding Film series which benefited the entire community, concerts with Caron Dale,  Distinguished Speaker Series, break the fast, and our outstanding second niight Seder.  A number of members attended events at the Washington Hebrew Congregation for the Rescue in Denmark program sponsored by the Embassy of Denmark, featuring my symphony.  Members participate in social action as well as committee work making our congregation more effective.
We are excited about the future and the coming year.  Our membership includes an active Board of Directors, others who are involved in social action, effective record keeping, funeral practices committee,  improving our website, getting the congregation news out in a timely way, setting up our pulpit for services,  reorganizing our Yahrzeit lists so that they are more effective and accurate, setting up our Kiddush and sponsoring the kiddush, and communications through our e-newsletter to our membership. The Yahrzeit Book of Remembrance is an important component of our holiday memorial service on Yom Kippur.  We are grateful to the many people who assist us in these important good works of the congregation.
We have seen in the past year beautiful programs of music, a guest speakers program which featured an Israel-Ethiopian who is a representative of Israel at Federation, and Caron Dale speak about Chords of Courage, and we will be be continuing our guest speaker series this year which will include Carol Nissenson speaking about her work as an actor/director.  This past year many of us attended the remarkable premiere of ‘Lost Childhood’, an opera about the Holocaust which premiered at Strathmore and composed by Jan Hamer.  In adult education we have been offering a Jewish Bible Class on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 2:00 PM, and we are going to expand this so that there is an evening Bible class in a members home once a month, and Hebrew language classes are being offered at more than one level. We are grateful to Irwin Ansher and Aurora Reyes who hosted classes in June.
Hevrat Shalom was invited to participate in an Interfaith Service held at Ingleside this year which was memorable for its content and participation, and we participated in dedication of the new chapel.
What will the new year bring?  We have a wonderful religious leadership including Rabbi David Kuperman, Associate Rabbi, and cantorial soloists, Caron Dale and Beth Rubens, as I continue as Principal Rabbi. The congregation through its Jewish neshoma (soul), has expressed its wishes that I continue to lead as I am able to direct, and bring the experience of a lifetime to assist Hevrat Shalom as it seeks to grow and expand its membership and its services. For this I am grateful!
For the New Year we want to let everyone know that we are a welcoming and evolving congregation. We welcome those who are interfaith couples or families, and we have have services which are uplifting for everyone. We continue to examine, explore and teach about the Holocaust, and we are honored to  have as our congregant Mina Parsont who was rescued as a child in France. We note how disturbing it is as we witness the terrible resurgence of anti-semitism in many areas of the world.
We are all grateful to Dr. Stephen Permison, for the tremendous commitment and effort he has made and continues to make in order for Hevrat Shalom to be a vibrant congregation. We remember with gratitude the late, Rabbi Reuben Levine and Shirley Levine, the founding rabbi and his wife, who were a religious guiding light to us all.
As we begin the preparation for worship on the Rosh Hashanah, we remind ourselves that Teshuvah, Tefillah, and Tzedakah – Repentance, Prayer, and Acts of Charity and Righteousness – can help us to move forward into the New Year with the sense that we can begin anew, that we can regenerate our ideals which make life worthwhile. Together as a community we can help one another to be stronger.
We’re grateful for the promise of the New Year. Join us in making it a year of life, renewed commitment, and Shalom in the world. From my family to yours,
L’Shana Tova U’Metukah – A Happy and Sweet New Year!
Rabbi Arnold Saltzman
Rabbi, Hevrat Shalom Congregation, Maryland
and Carol Nissesnon

The J Connect website ( or 1-888-246-1818) lists opportunities for volunteers and recipients of all ages. Included are “Meals on Wheels” which is looking for drivers to deliver meals on a weekly or on a back-up driver basis. The “Interages” program requires only 1-2 hours per week to mentor students in the Montgomery County public school system.  If your preference is to collect and donate items to shelter residents, the Stepping Stone Shelter in Rockville posts a “Needs List” on its website ( or 301-251-0567).

The current “Needs List” includes clothing, school supplies, house cleaning products, and food items.
If congregants are interested in volunteering, please contact these organizations. If you are already volunteering and would like to promote your activities, please share your experience with us as what you do may be just the right volunteer opportunity for another Hevrat Shalom congregant.

Elise Ward

                  Donation Funds

Hevrat Shalom is a small and growing congregation with two outstanding Rabbis and two fantastic Cantorial soloists.  Dues cover many of our basic expenses but not everything.  We are very fortunate to have members and friends who have generously donated to our various funds. 

These donations have allowed us to present many additional services to the congregation and surrounding community such as Chanukah celebrations, Passover Seders, special musical presentations, Bible study, and the Jewish Film Festival.

 If you would like to honor or remember a person or event, please consider donating to one of the funds listed below. If appropriate please give the name and address of the person or family member we should notify of your gift and mail a check to:
                     Hevrat Shalom
                      P.O. Box 3606
              Gaithersburg, MD 20878  

In each newsletter we will mention the most current donations unless otherwise instructed.








        Hevrat Shalom Board of Directors:

Stephen Permison

Vice President:                    
Jack Goldman

Jack Goldman             

Sue Tubbs

Ingleside Liaison:                 
Carol Bahr
                                                                                                                         Volunteer Opportunities
Irwin Schaeffer

Publications Editor:              
Sid Verner

Members at Large:               

Bonnie Dutcher                           
Joseph Hein                                        
John Lass                                                  
Diane Marcus                        
Irwin Schaeffer                       
Sid Verner                              
Elise Ward      




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                      Mitzvah Opportunity

Several members of our congregation need
transportation to and from our Sabbath and
High Holy Day Services.
If you could provide transportation for
members of our congregation for the High Holy Days
or for Friday night services, either for several services
or just one service, please contact our secretary
Sue Tubbs at: 301.299.2592 or by email:

                                     Yahrzeits for September 2014
Jacob Fleitman Father of Elizabeth Perlman, Grandfather of Diane Marcus 9/30
Beatrice Korson Sister of Sandra Wolk  
Bernard Bahr Father of Ted Bahr Sept
Suzanne Perlman Daughter of Elizabeth Perlman, sister of Diane Marcus 9/16
Judith G. Leever Niece of Miriam Rothchild 9/19
Bernard Kulik Husband of Dorothy Kulik 9/29
Jerome Apirian Father of Susan Drubin 9/28
Elaine Levin Bard Sister of Inabelle Levin 9/29
Abraham Barsky Father of Phillip Barsky 9/30
Sol Klansky Father of Anita Barsky 9/5
Benjamin Levin Grandfather of Inabelle Levin 9/10
Gilda Davidson Mother of Gail Fineberg 9/2
Alvin Dahlquist Father of Kay Permison  
Theresa Falchick Mother of Dorothy Gordon  
Jacques Levy Uncle of Dorothy Gordon  
Bernard Witt Husband of Carol Witt  

Joav Steinbech        General Fund
Tillie Tobin                General Fund


                                       Thank you for your Generous Contributions


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