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Issue No. 11, November 2012                                                      Join-us-on-Facebook 3                                        
Mac Showers

 Donald Mac Showers
RADM USN (ret)

Rear Admiral Mac Showers passed away on 19 October 2012. Mac was a one-of-a-kind legend who served as an inspiration to generations of Naval Intelligence Officers. He was the last surviving member of the Intelligence and Cryptanalyst team (under Commander Joe Rochefort) that provided critical intelligence enabling the US Navy victory at the Battle of Midway, the decisive turning point of the Pacific War.

Cryptologists Reunited at NSA's 60th Celebration


Helen Nibouar, 91, and Marion Johnson, 95, recently traveled to the NCM where they were recognized during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the exhibit, "60 Years of Cryptologic Excellence." 

Nibouar and Johnson were cryptologists during World War II and were reunited during NSA's recent anniversary celebration. Beyond being reunited with each other, they were also reunited with the SIGABA cipher device that originally brought them together nearly 60 years ago (see photo above).

Visit our Recent Exhibits page and our Books and Articles page for links to articles about Nibouar and Johnson's visit.

D-Day Carrier Pigeon Recovered

A carrier pigeon dispatched by the invasion force to relay secret messages crucial to D-Day landings back across the Channel never made it home. The bird's skeleton was found 70 years later in a chimney with its secret communique still attached in a red capsule. Read more.... 

CIA Online Gallery

Interested in CIA history and artifacts? You can experience a virtual tour of the agency's museum by visiting their recently enhanced Online Gallery. The new section includes an interactive timeline, new videos, descriptions of an additional 100 artifacts, and expanded access to the Agency’s historical collections.

German Cafe
Remembers Americans who Served at Det K

During the Cold War, small detachments of Army Security Agency and USAF Security Service personnel manned remote collection sites along the Czechoslovak and East German borders. One of these sites was Det K, 16th USASA Field Station (Herzo Base).

A recent German newspaper article reported on the continuing bond between Rimbach, Germany and the Americans, as well as the cafe that served as a home away from home for Det K personnel.

More on our News page, plus a link to a translation of the German article.



Welcome to the November 2012 issue of the NCMF Web Link, an E-newsletter connecting you to news and items of interest on the NCMF Web site

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5 December 2012


This year's program highlights the trials and tribulations of Commander Joseph Rochefort, the OIC of Station HYPO, the U.S. Navy's signals and cryptologic intelligence unit at Pearl Harbor. Our speaker will be Mr. Elliot Carlson, author of Joe Rochefort's War.  

The program will be held at the National Business Park on 5 December from 10-1130 a.m., followed by a book signing with Mr. Carlson and lunch. $20 for members, $40 for guests (includes complimentary membership). Please make checks payable to NCMF and register by 30 Nov.

Visit the Coming Events page for more details.

New NCM Exhibit 
Honors the 60th

NSA 60th Exhibit at NCM

The NSA 60th Anniversary Invitation Only event was held at the National Cryptologic Museum on 07 November.

In honor of the event, the museum unveiled its newest exhibit, "60 Years of Cryptologic Excellence," featuring cryptologic artifacts from 1950-2000.

The event included a special presentation made possible by the Jeremy Bloom Wish of a Lifetime Foundation that recognized and reunited two cryptologists who had worked together during World War II (see article in left column). A panel discussion with three former NSA icons closed out the event.

Read more on our Recent Exhibits page. Learn more about the NSA Timeline HERE. See more anniversary photos on the NCM Facebook page.

Richard L. Bernard

The NCMF recently held a ceremony to honor new patron, Dick Bernard. Bernard had a long career at NSA with a focus on ELINT and has authored two NSA published histories on DEFSMAC.

More about Mr. Bernard, plus details and a photo from the ceremony on our News page.


Aldrich Ames

7 December 2012

This special end-of-year AFIO program will focus on how the CIA Counterintelligence Pros uncovered Aldrich Ames.

The morning program will feature a documentary screening and Q&A on the life and career of former DCI William Colby with Director/Producer Carl Colby. The afternoon program will focus on the internal CIA/IC hunt and unmasking of CIA traitor Aldrich Ames.

For more details and a link to the registration page, visit our Coming Events Page.  


In This Issue
  • Pearl Harbor Program 5 Dec
  • NSA's 60th Anniversary
  • NCM Exhibit Celebrates 60
    Years of Cryptologic Excellence
  • New NCMF Patron Honored
  • AFIO Program 7 Dec
  • Rear Admiral Mac Showers
  • Lost D-Day Pigeon Recovered
  • Det K Remembered
  • CIA Online Gallery


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