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Made in America vs Globalization 


What exactly is going on with the welfare of American manufacturing? Are the horror stories of all our jobs going to robots and China unfounded? Here are two good pieces of news, and one factor we should consider, in regards to this industry in the USA:

1) Manufacturing jobs that were already in America continue to grow. With organizations such as Workshops for Warriors training a new workforce, and movements like MFG Day encouraging a younger generation to show interest in our industry, the seeds of growth are being planted. Bloomberg News also declares that manufacturing is the strongest it has been since August 2009, with notable improvements this past December.  

2) Manufacturing jobs are reported to be moved to America from overseas. There is talk of Apple moving production of iPhones to America, while a Chinese garment company that makes clothing for brands such as Armani, is definitely moving to America. There is also the infamous story of Ford canceling a factory in Mexico and instead, investing Millions into a Michigan facility. With these moves, more manufacturing jobs will be created to keep the Made in America movement growing. 

3) Whatever is broken in this industry won't be fixed overnight, is the hard truth. This article from The Economist is a fascinating read, as they point out that not all of America's manufacturing problems are caused strictly by globalization. The President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing said it best - "America felt left behind as manufacturing jobs disappeared, and no single election cycle can erase that," said Scott Paul. "As President-Elect Trump prepares to take office, the question becomes how best to restore the American dream for our working people - and that path, for many, lies in the heart of a resurgent manufacturing sector." 

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