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 Welcome to our winter 2011 newsletter 


♦Transformation and Consciousness
♦Spiritual Care for the Dying- Grief and Loss
♦Special Seminar The Art of Dying   April 2011, India, at the feet of the Himalayas
♦BARDO- Awakening from the Dream
♦Dzogchen Beara Spiritual Care Centre, Ireland
♦Care for the Dying. Practitioner in Holland
♦Seminar and training schedule
♦Creativity. Peter Makena´s new CD 'Magnificence'.
♦Recommended Reading
♦Essential Links
♦Take it really seriously
♦This very place, a lotus paradise
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  Transformation and Consciousness 

buddha_cambodja_sm Q: You often speak about the ego, the unconscious structures of our conditionings, and our true nature.I find it difficult to really understand the ego and its belief in separation, and why this is important for a conscious understanding of death and dying.  I just don´t want to live any longer in this deep fears of life, of being myself, and of dying.

A: The spiritual search and the question about a conscious death only make sense if we can be open to the fact that there is something in human beings which exists beyond our ordinary limited consciousness, in which we live, suffer, have painful experiences and emotions, and finally have to leave this physical form behind.

We need a great openness, a spiritual intelligence, to ask ourselves: is there something inside this impermanent being which is not going to die?  What is love?  Who or what am I really behind my roles and masks? Am I only this body and this thinking mind, which only lives in problems and desires, but has no innate wisdom which helps me to be free of suffering and live in fulfillment?     continued below

 The Art of Dying and Living 

International Retreat at Nisarga Meditation Center
April 4- 10, 2011, India, Dharamsala, at the feet of the Himalayas  


This intensive shows us ways to meet death and dying with an expanded consciousness and to grow through it in our life now. 

Often we fail to live our lives to the fullest because mind is the illusion of time, of past and future. We imagine that there is an infinite amount of time, and so we continue to postpone living an authentic life. The mind ´s tendency is to postpone, and this makes us live in a dream of desires and hopes for the future. Unconsciously we deny the fact of our mortality and close our awareness to what is real and present in front of us. In this way we dream our life rather than live it, and our fear of death continues to diminish the quality of our lives. Only a fearless consciousness can awaken to its full potential.

The art of dying is the art of letting go and of living the present moment as if it were our last, here, now, immersed in it. When we realize the ever changing quality of life, and that death is the only real certainty, a quantum leap can happen in our consciousness. When we awaken to this truth, we are free to live in a deep clarity about what is really essential in life, and what isn´t. When we make a conscious decision to allow the awareness of our mortality to guide us through our life, it will lead us towards the most essential question: who we really are, and what survives death?  

This intensive is a special opportunity to explore the significance of a conscious death and the liberation from all fears that occurs when we understand the complementaries of life and death and integrate it
through meditation and a conscious surrender to the whole river of existence.     Intensive Details




Video The Art of Dying and Living

  BARDO- Awakening from the Dream   

BARDO, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, is a meditation method to help us incorporate a lifetime of spiritual practice into the moments of transition we call death. It helps us to chart a path through the states of consciousness as they are experienced after death.

This contemporary version reminds the listener to constantly recognize that all phenomena are projections of one´s own mind. In this way it attempts to liberate the listener from clinging to old desires and beliefs of separation, which cause fear and self-protection.
This encourages the meditator to merge into their original nature. 

The Bardo stresses that the great light we may encounter after our so-called dying, or release from the body, is actually the emanation of our own being. If you can be present and remember that you are the clear light of being, if you're able to face the light and be with it and remain in it - then liberation is possible.

A set of 4 CDs in an audiobook of 3 hours, with specially created music, available in english, german, italian, french, korean, japanese, and czech language.

More description and audioclips:
BARDO- Awakening from the Dream

Our Video on BARDO

 Meditation - Science of the Inner

Remember, only that which you can take with you
when you leave the body is important.
That means, except meditation and inquiry
into your true nature, nothing is important.
Only awareness cannot be taken away by death.
Everything else will be taken away,
because everything else comes from outside.

And the shadows of awareness-
compassion and love,
they cannot be taken away.
They are intrinsic parts of awareness.
You will be taking with you only
whatsoever awareness you have attained.
That is your only real wealth.         -Osho-


Meditation- Science of the Inner

Meditation, healing and consciousness,
guided meditations, about silence, transformation, etc.

  Answer to a question on loss and suffering from MS 

I feel your sincere search for answers and liberation from suffering. On the surface this life with all the challenges and injustice and impermanence appears as meaningless. Nobody is an exception from impermanence.  The timespan is secondary.
We can only understand this and live with it when we are willing to look for the divine consciousness that we are part of, in which we live, are born and die.
With all insight that I have gained from this work and my own personal life and search for liberation, I can answer you this: your daughter cannot be located. Her form is gone. Her consciousness, that which she really is and was, has dissolved back into the universal consciousness. It will reincarnate into another form sooner or later. She is totally fine. Our life in this body is just a small episode in our evolution, just a school. Every single soul has this purpose, to realize that in its being which is divine and formless, and love. This is the only real purpose of our being.

Life in this form is impermanent. Love that depends on form is not yet a conscious love. Love sees that in the other which is essential. Her death and your pain want to teach you to devote  very single moment of your life to finding the godliness, the divine, inside you and around you. Resistance to this pain just prolongs the suffering. Understanding pain will liberate you from your bondage in the mental ego.

It is human to suffer after the loss and in the face of MS. But the divine requires your surrender now, also to the suffering, and the deepest inquiry into who  and what you really are. Even this inevitable universal pain comes from god. Accept it as a teaching, a "fierce grace". This will transform your view of human life and the values that you live for. 

Learn to die as this old personality that suffers because it lives in ignorance. then you will find that which never dies. There you will also know that your daughter´s essence  lives eternally. In this realization you will recognize that your love for your daughter can still flow in your heart. That she is free from suffering and has given you a gift: the message to find out about that which never dies. Everyone must die. To accept that is to live in freedom and surrender to the divine.

Then all pain subsides,and  you live in peace. your ego has died, your attachment to form has died, but you have discovered your eternal life. It is possible for every single being on this planet. This is what it means  to step out of the collective denial of impermanence. This is the choice you have- to remain in suffering because of unwillingness to face pain, or to give yourself totally to inquire into the living truth. The grief will subside. Look deeply for that which never dies, your consciousness.

Meditation on impermanence and compassion will support your understanding and create courage to allow grief and to deepen understanding.

 Seminar Schedule  

Training | Spiritual Support and Care for the Dying


Meetings at the Edge of Life and Death
The Grace in Dying

Switzerland  February 1 - 6,  2011       

Germany       March 22 - 27, 2011 

Austria          August 16 -21. 2011    

Training More Infos

Meditation, Conscious Dying, Spiritual Transformation

All our titles are now available for mp3 download
English Audio- Program
     German Audio-Program  
      Dzogchen Beara Spiritual Care Centre     
When we discover that we have a short time to live, our lives can change dramatically. Dzogchen Beara Spiritual Care Centre is a place of respite in an environment of peace and outstanding natural beauty where people of all beliefs can come to rest, reflect and find meaning in life and hope in death.

Dzogchen Beara Spiritual Care Centre is perched spectacularly among the cliffs of the Beara Peninsula in the southwest of Ireland. The new centre serves people from all walks of life and religious orientations. It is a home from home -a refuge where those who are sick or facing death can come, with family or friends, for periods of rest in an welcoming and healing atmosphere. The centre has 7 rooms for those who are living with illness, their family and friends and resident carers.

 Photogalleries and Videos of our work, seminars and travels   

Galleries |  India, Himalayas, Tibet, Seminar Impressions




  Spiritual Care for the Dying 

Our friend Yasho Van Melkebeke
is a practitioner in Holland

Being with those at the edge of death.
I like to support the dying person and their family by creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in which lies an invitation to a letting-go by simply witnessing what is.  In being together with the dying person and his or her family I experience a very beneficial energy, a warmth and fulfillment.
I love to meet people, also on the crossroad of lifelines.
I have been trained by Veetman (Institute for Living and Dying), Sungrab Woeser (Sakya Techen monastry) and completed the Spiritual Care Training at the Rigpa ( Soygal Rinpoche) in Amsterdam.     
Tel. +31 (0)6539 67552

 Creativity and Consciousness   

Peter Makena´s new CD: Magnificence

Peter Makenas latest CD "Magnificence" celebrates the joy of a deeply experienced spirituality and surrender to the divine!
The titlesong "Magnificence" creates deep states of joy and gratitude which arise from silence.

Peter´s voice guides us into the center of our being. He produced this enchanting album in cooperation with his friend, Maneesh de Moor.
Our personal recommendation!

Audioclips and mp3- downloads
 Our recommended Reading 

Consciousness beyond Life- Pim van Lommel

The Science of the Near-Death Experience

Pim van Lommel, a renowned cardiologist, was so inspired by the stories his patients told him of their near-death experiences that he became the first medical practitioner to risk his reputation witha full, systematic clinical trial into the phenomenon. The startling results of this study have created a worldwide sensation and serve as the basis for this book. Highly recommended!
An answer to the question if there is consciousness beyond life in the body-mind.
 Essential Links
Blog, books and media on Nostradamus, global warming, prophecy, politics,
and the science of
meditation and evolution

continued....  Transformation and Consciousness   

My beloved teacher and spiritual master Osho says it in a precise way: "It is not possible to understand the mystery of death directly. You will have to look deeply into the existence of the ego".

Our fear of death is the fear to lose our identity, our personality. Our whole personality is based on the deep belief that we are separate from the whole of existence, from our source. And it has become identified with the body, which is impermanent. Our true nature is sometimes revealed when a person dies consciously, and the unconditional love and freedom from all bondages shines through the being. This consciousness exists in every human being, and the body only exists as long as this consciousness remains inside the body. Our true nature has been superimposed by the ego, a false personality that we had to develop to survive and adjust to life in this world as a person.

At our perception we emerge as pure consciousness from the ground of being, existence, TAO, oneness, Brahma, the has many names in our language. The first 20- 30 years we spend more or less intelligent with developing a personality, an identity-project, a mental idea of who we think we are, a name, a form, a role, etc.,  which we need to exist in this world. But all this happens only in our thinking mind, we had to (unconsciously) repress our essential qualities, our true nature, and we learned to experience life and ourselves through thinking, and in order to make this posible,  we had to divide life into small fragments. We have to repress the unity of life, and our society supports demands this repression and control. We use our consciousness to divide life and cut off from our unity of body, mind, and soul.
But we repress also our conscious being, our total aliveness and our trust in existence, which we had when we were a small child. Our collective belief is that we have to adjust ourselves and our life to the demands and values of this superficial self-centered society in order to be happy. A collective hypnosis which is powerful as long as we don´t enquire into the truth of these beliefs and values.
More and more people recognize that this kind of happiness is not possible, because something is missing: the soul of the human being, because the individuality, the true aliveness and freedom is repressed and ignored. To recognize this is the beginning of the spiritual journey.
You are no more contented with superficial pleasures and values like money, security, morality, social roles, because you recognize that your soul is unique, and it is nourished and expressed by love, sensitivity, intimacy, peace, joy, openess, creativity, trust, etc.

When we regain these qualities through ' Inner Work' and meditation, an authentic fulfillment arises,because they are aspects of our true nature.
This joy of being is the significance of our being here- this deep joy with life in all its expressions, nothing is separate from life, people, nature, expression of your uniqueness. And in this recognition, transformation happens, we become fearless, authentic, giving, open, because consciousness cannot be destroyed.
This transformation requires courage and inner strength, because society will pull you down into being a sheep in the crowd, and your metaphysical sleep has a certain seductive power.
There are certain skillful means to become conscious of our true nature, and the spiritual path is a path of awakening from this dream of personality and separation.
 My work as a spiritual teacher is to support people to understand and learn to apply these skillful means, and to remember their true nature. It is there inside your being, but it has been forgotten and repressed so deeply that it seems almost lost. You are already that which you are seeking, therefore it can be found in the depth of your being, in silence, in enquiry, in truthfulness, in conscious love and meditation.

And death just reminds us that this lifetime is limited, and we have the choice to life our life at the surface, in comfort, security, desires and expectations, or we can learn to be a 'real human being', who understands himself as an expression of life itself and travels his life´s  journey to live the divine on this earth.
If we want to understand why we suffer in this life, why we do not find peace, unity and love, we need an inner "spiritual" intelligence, a great openess, to see through our ego-games; how it functions, and why it is so powerful in directing our behaviours and emotions.
It is an expression of our true intelligence, to find a path to go beyond this ego, which consists of fear and control because it believes itself as cut off from the whole of existence. We inquire into what is our true nature, what is truth, what is love, and if we really can exist separate from life at all.  We are no longer satisfied with a life in struggle, isolation, fear, because our yearning for freedom and love lead us forward on this path. We want to experience that life is beautiful and significant, because it is our soul, and  we cannot live anymore with fears of a painful or lonely death and the suffering of isolation and fear of ourselves and others. 
That´s why we say that death can be the peak of our life, a conscious dissolving into the ground of being, our true nature, which is love and consciousness.


The drop does not have to become the ocean- 
it is already it.
It just needs to recognize it.
To know that which is, as it really is-
no matter what it is-, is truth.
And truth liberates.

And it is for this reason that we need a great openess to understand the ego if we want to live and die beautifully and consciously.

It is called meditation, the great death.
This is the way from ego to essence.
Namasté-  Veetman

 Take it really seriously...    

It is always a good idea to keep your sense of humor 

Kowalski is brought to court for stealing a frozen chicken from the local supermarket. Boris Babblebrain, the young lawyer, puts up an amazing defense for Kowalski and the Polack is found "not guilty."
"You are discharged," says ]udge Rumcake. But Kowalski does not move, he only looks back, blankly.
"The judge says you can go," says Babblebrain, waving his arms at Kowalski and the door. Suddenly, Kowalski's face lights up and he smiles at the judge. "Thank you, your honor," Kowalski says.
"And does that mean I can keep the chicken?"


Hymie Goldberg walks into the place in ]erusalem where the last supper is being held.
He sits down at the table and says to the waiter, "Give me a scotch and soda."
"I´m sorry sir," replies the waiter, "all we are serving here is wine."
"Okay, some wine then," says Hymie, "and give me a mushroom pizza and a large salad."
"Sorry sir," says the waiter, "but all we are serving is bread."
"My God! Only bread and wine?" yells Hymie. "The guy who's giving this party should be crucified!"


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