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Fresh, locally grown, organic produce...for people who love to cook!
Mariquita Farm

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Box by Doranne Hardt
A big box of fresh organic produce from our farm! Photo by Doranne Hardt.


cheddar cauliflower
Purple, Cheddar or Romanesco!

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes
Also known as Sunchokes

Pippin Apples

Pippin Apples

Mariquita Farm

Mystery Boxes, Cauliflower, Apples & more!
Ladybug Bulk Delivery at
in San Francisco
Tues, Nov. 22nd, 5 to 7 pm

We'll be at Cotogna in San Francisco next Tuesday, November 22nd from 5 PM to 7 PM with mystery boxes, cauliflower, apples and more. All by pre-order. Get your order in for your Thanksgiving veggies and apples!  Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet: Andy gave me this list that he's planning and hoping for next week's boxes, it may change a bit:  
Yukon Gold New Potatoes
Couve Tronchudo (Portuguese cabbage, like collards)
Chantenay carrots x 2 bunches; 1 yellow, 1 orange 
Italian Parsley x 1 bunch 
apples of some sort  
Purple cauliflower 
Butternut squash 

Click on the above Link to the order form text to place your order for a pick up  next Tuesday, November 22nd from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Please forward this email to friends that might need Thanksgiving Week veggies. 

Why so much cauliflower at once? You can share it, pickle it, roast it: it's picked so fresh it's sweet, it's a different animal that the cauliflower that's been on ice from the supermarket. 

How the Mariquita Farm Ladybug Bulk Delivery Program works: First, you submit your form via the link above, then nothing happens until we send you an email confirmation with directions to the pick up location. We plan to do those a day or two before the delivery day, by Monday. at the latest  Then, just show up at the pick up site at the time appointed (5 to 7 PM).

Red Pepper Flakes How to Photo Essay

Full text of link to form for the Cotogna delivery here:

If you have any questions or comments at all just reply to this email. Questions are allowed and encouraged.

The List: As we sell out any item, we will remove it from the order form. So, get your order in early because we do sell out of items.

~ Mystery Boxes $25/box -- Big bounty box of stuff we truly harvest just for you from our farm. Fresh and healthy and adventurous! Everything is organic.

~ Purple, Romanesco OR Cheddar Cauliflower $12/10 pound  box -- Fresh cauliflower has a sweetness to it. This cauliflower is fresh! Boxes are single type so be sure to order the type you want on the order form. There's no difference in flavor -- both are yummy!) Delicious roasted with olive oil and salt and mixed into a salad or pasta.

~ Red Padron Peppers $10 for 5 pound bag -- These are left on the plant and become fiery hot. They are perfect to dry then whirl in the food processor for RED PEPPER CHILE FLAKES. These make a great holiday gift! Photo essay on how to do this.

~ Jerusalem Artichokes $15/5 pound bag -- Also called Sunchokes, Jerusalem artichokes are popular with restaurants in the winter because they make rich soups and gratins. Some people enjoy them sliced thin and served raw. The texture of raw Jerusalem artichoke is similar to the water chestnut.

~ Gala Apples $22/20 pound box -- Crisp, sweet, smaller-sized apples, great for snacking. About 20# per box.

~ Pippin Apples $22/20 pound flat -- Crisp, tart, medium-sized apple, great for pies and other baked goods, as well as just eating! About 20 pounds per box.

~ Belle Farms 'Current Release' Extra Virgin Olive Oil $14/250mL -- the perfect size for a host/hostess gift for the holidays! Belle Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the Tuscan tradition from a harvest blend of five olive varieties. The result is a distinct and well-balanced oil with a delicate, peppery finish. Enjoy drizzled over grilled or steamed vegetables, meats and fish or for dipping with your favorite, rustic bread. Makes a great salad dressing too!

Please do sign up for our weekly ladybug postcard email letter to get event updates and plenty of recipes, weekly from Chef Jonathan Miller and from Julia too, when she's in town...

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Mariquita Farm
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