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Volume 8: November 2011

In This Edition

- Amanda Hocking Joins Kindle Million Club

- Tip of the Month

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- Tax information for non-US publishers

- Kindle Cloud Reader Now Available on Mozilla Firefox
- Your Voice
- Featured KDP Books

- Resources for KDP Authors



Expand Your Book's Reach

Make your books available in print through CreateSpace.

CreateSpace, a member of the Amazon group of companies, offers tools and services to help you complete your book for print and make it available to millions of customers through and other distribution channels. Click here to try Interior Reviewer, a free online tool to help you get your book interior properly formatted and published faster.

Kindle Cloud Reader Now Available on Mozilla Firefox:

On 11/8 Amazon announced that Kindle Cloud Reader, the HTML5-based web app that lets customers read their Kindle books in their web browser, is now available for Mozilla Firefox so the hundreds of millions of Firefox users can start reading their Kindle books instantly, simply by opening their web browser. To start reading, go to using Chrome, Safari on iPad, Safari on desktop and now Mozilla Firefox.

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Contact Us

Have questions about using KDP? Visit our help pages and read our forums to find answers to common questions. You can always reach us by clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of any page.

Resources for KDP Authors

See our video tutorial on how to publish on KDP.

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Manage your online profile and view detailed sales reports for your print books for free - Author Central

Kindle Direct Publishing Newsletter:

November 2011 Edition


Amanda Hocking Joins the Kindle Million Club

David Baldacci, Amanda Hocking and Stephenie Meyer are the latest authors to join the Kindle Million Club, selling over 1 million paid copies of their books in the Kindle Store. They join 11 other authors in the Kindle Million Club: Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Charlaine Harris, Lee Child, Suzanne Collins, Michael Connelly, John Locke, Kathryn Stockett, Janet Evanovich and George R.R. Martin.

As with John Locke before her, Amanda Hocking sold the majority of her 1 million Kindle books independently using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Since its launch in 2007, KDP has provided a fast, free and easy way for authors and publishers around the world to make their books available in the Kindle Store. In addition to the more than 2 million books sold by John Locke and Amanda Hocking, 12 KDP authors have sold more than 200,000 books and 30 KDP authors have sold more than 100,000 books.

"Our customers love reading all kinds of books on their Kindle, and it's thanks to them that the Kindle Million Club keeps growing so quickly," said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content. "It's exciting to see both long-time Amazon best-selling authors from the traditional publishing world and independently published authors join the club."

"I'm so grateful to everyone who has bought one of my books, and to Amazon, for giving me a place to share my books," said Amanda Hocking. "None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you!" Amanda Hocking got her start independently publishing her books and is now the best-selling author of 10 books, including the My Blood Approves series and the Trylle Trilogy, which has been optioned for films. Hocking has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post and Forbes.

For the full press release, click here


Tip of the Month: Prepare your Book(s) for the Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means millions of Kindles will be delivered over the next several weeks. There are some simple steps you can take to be sure your book(s) are ready for all these new readers that will be looking for books to read. First, publish your book! Be sure that it is well edited, proofread, and properly formatted. Upload a compelling cover and write a great book description. Once your book is published, join Author Central and set up your profile to introduce yourself to your readers, then start promoting your book online through social networks, a website for your book, message boards, and other communities. Remember that your books can be read in color on Kindle Fire, Kindle Cloud Reader, and on Kindle apps. For additional KDP help resources, click here

Tax Information for Non-US Publishers:

U.S. tax law requires us to report royalty payments made to entities and persons resident outside of the United States and to withhold and remit taxes on such royalty payments to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Although you may also be required to report and pay taxes to your own government, we are not involved in this process.

The standard tax-withholding rate applied to royalty payments made to residents outside of the United States is 30%. If you are a non-U.S. publisher and your country of residence has an existing income tax treaty with the U.S., provided you furnish us with a valid IRS Form W8-BEN (and/or other required documentation), you may be eligible for a reduced rate of U.S. tax withholding on the royalty payments you receive.

For more tax information for Non-US publishers, click here

Your Voice: KDP Author Blake Crouch:

Blake Crouch, Author of "Hunting Season: A Love Story" shares his experiences with Kindle Direct Publishing.

Blake_Crouch 2

I first started writing seriously during freshman year of college. I was very much drawn to the mystery & thrillers genre, and wrote “Desert Places” for my first book. I sold it to St Martin’s Press and continued writing to this day. I come up with more characters and stories than I have time to write, so it is an ongoing process to figure out which one is right, the smart book to pursue, etc. I also do a lot of work with JA Konrath. We try to tie our series together – my characters appear in his books, his in mine. It’s basically a shared universe, kind of like in comics.

My decision to pursue self-publishing was related to Joe as well. Though I’d been publishing with St. Martin’s, a lot of decisions were out of my hands. Meanwhile, Joe was starting to have real success with KDP and encouraged me to put a book up through KDP. I published some short stories, sold a couple hundred copies in the first couple months, and decided to publish other works. Finally, last October, things really started taking off for me with two, three, four thousand copies a month. The sales through KDP were far better than I expected - I even got into the top 50! Of course, there are some challenges with independent publishing, but having control over each part of the publishing process makes up for the extra work. I control the cover art, product description, and the price. I feel this has contributed to my success as an author.

--Blake Crouch

Featured KDP Books

The Abbey by Chris Culver
Ash Rashid is a former homicide detective who can't stand the thought of handling another death investigation. In another year, he'll be out of the department completely. That's the plan, at least, until his niece's body is found in the guest home of one of his city's most wealthy citizens. The coroner calls it an overdose, but the case doesn't add up. Against orders, Ash launches an investigation to find his niece's murderer, but the longer he searches, the more entangled he becomes in a case that hits increasingly close to home. If he doesn't solve it fast, his niece won't be the only family member he has to bury.

Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

Something is seriously off in the Watkins home. And Julie Seagle, college freshman, small-town Ohio transplant, and FlatOutLovethe newest resident of this Boston house, is determined to get to the bottom of it. When Julie's off-campus housing falls through, her mother's old college roommate, Erin Watkins, invites her to move in. The parents, Erin and Roger, are welcoming, but emotionally distant and academically driven to eccentric extremes. The middle child, Matt, is an MIT tech geek with a sweet side ... and the social skills of a spool of USB cable. The youngest, Celeste, is a frighteningly bright but freakishly fastidious 13-year-old who hauls around a life-sized cardboard cutout of her oldest brother almost everywhere she goes.

Vegan Bite by Bite by Merilyn Peterson


"This is a great book for doctors and patients to have as a guide to disease prevention and health promotion." - Neal Barnard, M.D. Change your life…Bite by Bite Transitioning to a vegan diet begins with a decision to be open to change; it then becomes a commitment to your new lifestyle and culminates in a decisive plan of action. Along the way there is work and play, fun and struggle, setbacks and progress. Vegan Bite by Bite serves as your essential road map to help you navigate the kitchen, the market and the lifestyle changes that you will confront along the way.

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