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Volume 1: January 2011

In this Edition:

- New Name for DTP
- 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
- 70% Royalty for Canada Sales
- Your Voice
- Reach New Readers
- Track Your Sales
- Featured KDP Books
- From Our Forums
- Tip of the Month
- Featured Author

Compete in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Think your unpublished or self-published novel deserves recognition? Then enter your manuscript in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. The entry period opens January 24th.

This competition brings talented authors, reviewers, and publishing experts together to find and develop new voices in fiction, while surfacing the next popular novel. The competition includes two Grand Prizes, one for General Fiction and one for Young Adult Fiction. Each Grand Prize winner will receive a publishing contract with Penguin, which includes a $15,000 advance. Up to 5,000 Entries will be accepted within each category between January 24, 2011 and February 6, 2011.

Visit CreateSpace to submit your novel, read more about the Contest, and review the Official Rules

Reach More Readers through KDP with Kindle for Windows 7 Phones

On January 12, 2011, Amazon announced the availability of Kindle for Windows Phone 7.  Now, customers around the world can purchase and read your KDP books on their Windows 7 phone.

Kindle for Windows Phone 7 includes the features customers love about all of the Kindle apps, plus new features built into a Kindle app for the first time, such as personalized book recommendations on your Kindle app home screen and the ability to send a book suggestion to a friend from any book in your library without leaving the app.

Learn more about Kindle for Windows Phone 7

Track Your Bestsellers Rank History

We’ve added new features in Author Central, a free service created to help you better merchandize your books and connect with more readers.  You can now track all your books’ Amazon Bestsellers Rank history – both Kindle and print editions – through the “sales info” page in Author Central.

Tip of the Month

Did you know that if you have worldwide rights to sell your books and you select worldwide rights through KDP, your book will be available to customers in any country where Kindle books are sold?  Adding worldwide rights can help you increase your sales.

If you are the book's author and have not transferred your publishing rights to another party, you may have worldwide publishing rights.

To learn more about how to update your rights settings in KDP, log into KDP and follow the instructions here.

Contact Us

Have questions about using KDP? Read our forums to find answers to common questions, or email us.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Kindle Direct Publishing Newsletter


A common request we’ve heard from KDP authors and publishers is "talk to us!"  Starting this month, we’re doing just that.  You’re reading the first edition of what will be a regular newsletter focused on authors and publishers who use KDP to publish their books to Kindle.  The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with relevant information to make you more successful.

And, as always, we value your feedback.  If you would like to see specific features in this newsletter, write to us at

--Kindle Direct Publishing


DTP is now Kindle Direct Publishing!

We've changed our name!  Digital Text Platform has become Kindle Direct Publishing.  Our new name highlights our mission to provide authors and publishers with direct access to publishing to Kindle. 

New:  70% Royalty Option for Canadian Sales

We're happy to announce that we have extended our 70 percent royalty option to include books sold in Canada. This royalty option applies to each book sold in Canada from the Kindle Store for Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, or one of the Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, PC, Mac and Android-based devices.   

Authors and publishers around the world can receive 70% of the sale of their book in Canada, subject to the standard terms and conditions. A vast majority of our successful authors and publishers have embraced our 70% royalty option for sales in the United States and UK, and we are excited to extend this royalty option to sales in Canada.  For details, please see our terms and conditions.

Your Voice: KDP Author Randolph Lalonde


Randolph Lalonde shares his advice on the importance of staying positive.

“In general terms, most new independent authors are not only presenting and promoting their work, they’re also presenting an online persona.   Over the last few years I’ve learned that, aside from offering the best book you can, staying positive and presenting a trustworthy, personalized front is beyond helpful. It’s critical.

At first blush it sounds easy, but there are some serious obstacles. Even now many authors self- publish their work as though they are admitting defeat by doing so. To them they’re sending the message that they’ve given up on snaring an agent or getting a deal from a big publisher. More and more that’s not the truth of the matter. Many authors like myself aren’t interested in being signed by a large publisher for a variety of reasons.  But this means that we face more challenges in generating publicity or ‘buzz’ about our work. Staying positive can be difficult, but it’s worth it.

Announce your book where independent or self-published authors are welcome. Invite people to your Amazon page instead of begging them to attend or telling them to click on your link. Use your synopsis and cover to promote your book, not an attitude of entitlement or a “you can’t miss this” type of advertising message. The people on the forums and other web pages you’re visiting don’t owe you anything, and they’ll often bolt as soon as they see something that looks like unwanted advertising. It’s also important to be reasonably vocal about being happy to find a place where you’re welcome. Just a few years ago independent authors weren’t welcome on any highly visible websites.

There’s one more thing. By being positive you reduce undesired online drama, your level of regret or worry and distractions. As a writer I assume you don’t have time for those unwanted distractions. If you’re like me, you’d much rather be working on your next book.

--Randolph Lalonde

Featured KDP Books


The Gift of Fury by Richard Jackson

Enter the world of Count Albritton. It is a world where magic and the supernatural are very real. Creatures of legend, sorcerers and other powers walk among us. As a paranormal investigator, Count helps people with supernatural problems the authorities are either unwilling or unable to deal with. It's dangerous work. Luckily he has Kara, a beautiful guardian angel to help him.

nicholsonDisintegration by Scott Nicholson

When a mysterious fire destroys his home and shatters his family, Jacob Wells is pulled into a downward spiral that draws him ever closer to the past he thought was dead and buried.  Now his twin brother Joshua is back in town, seeking to settle old scores and claim his half of the Wells birthright. Jacob’s wife Renee is struggling with her own past and her attempts to salvage Jacob are driven by guilt and ambition.

diprimaThe Clones of Mawcett by Thomas DiPrima

While digging through the ruins of a long dead civilization on the planet Mawcett, a team of Terran and Nordakian archeologists find an underground tunnel leading to a door in such extraordinary condition that it could have been fabricated as recently as that morning. They labor throughout the day, using every modern device available to them, but are unable to gain entry.

Then, in the early hours of the new day, seemingly in response to the screams of a frustrated, over-tired scientist, the door slides noiselessly open. Upon passing through the entranceway, the archeologists are stunned to find an elaborate complex in pristine condition. Summoning the courage to venture further, they enter a large circular chamber lined with strange electronic equipment, and immediately become engrossed in examining strange symbols etched into the floor near the center of the room. Suddenly, they're bathed in a strange light that paralyzes them where they stand. They watch in frozen terror as a clear, circular wall rises up around them. When the enclosed area begins to fill with a dense ocher gas smelling of persimmons, the dig site laborers, who had witnessed the activity from the periphery, run screaming for the entrance.

B.V. Larson: Featured KDP Author


B.V. Larson talks about his experience with Kindle Direct Publishing.

"Kindle Direct Publishing has reawakened my interest in writing fiction. I’d written several novels and many non-fiction pieces, but despite short story sales, awards, textbook publications, agents, contracts, etc., I had trouble nailing down a novel in print form. In part, this was due to my own impatience. One must have fanatical persistence to publish a paper novel; even if everything goes smoothly, the traditional publication process requires literally years of effort.  I suggest you carefully weigh your strengths and use outside services where you are weak. If you aren’t a graphic artist, get one. If you need help with editing, find a freelance editor. If you have technical troubles formatting and uploading your work, get help there, too. In my own case, except for proofreading, I’m performing all these functions solo.

Before releasing your book, I would suggest downloading (and reading) at least the free sample of the top-selling twenty novels in your target category. Make sure your work looks something like theirs. If it does, your odds of selling well are higher. If it doesn’t, consider a rewrite.  To get the word out, I have a website. A blog or other forms of social-networking can help get you off the ground. I would caution people who might go overboard in this area, however. Don’t chat online all day; write good stories instead.

Lastly, don’t expect instant success.  Writing is like any other art form. It’s hard work for most of us. You have to learn to crawl before you walk or run. If you’ve ever listened to an elementary school orchestra playing their first concert, you will know what I mean. But just because a kid with a violin sounds bad in the fifth grade doesn’t mean they’ll never be any good. It means they need practice—years of it. The good news is that now everyone has the chance to climb up on the stage and give it a try.”

--B.V Larson

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