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Society for Integrative Oncology            Critical Mass Cleveland 2013
November 2013
Conference reports (summaries)
We've been traveling to cancer meetings and want YOU to hear what we've discovered. 
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  • left - Society for Integrative Oncology, right - Critical Mass AYA
  • Short summaries of both meetings are in this newsletter - full-length found on our website soon.
We're also finalizing preparations for the 8th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference, March 6-8, 2014 in West Palm Beach, FL.  Annie Appleseed Project sponsors this event.  ALL WELCOME.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: our website had a redesign in the beginning of November.  Many links no longer work, but we have volunteers working on redoing those pages. If YOU seek specific information that you cannot locate, please email us.
Society for Integrative Oncology, 10th meeting, Oct 2013

At the first meeting, held in New York City, Advocates basically had to push our way in.  But at this 10th meeting, as many as 12 Advocates were awarded travel scholarships to attend!

Advocates 2

Ann Fonfa, president, Annie Appleseed Project had submitted an abstract (in 2 prior years a poster was presented).  This year she was awarded an oral presentation.  The title was Disturbing Evidence.  Ann hopes this will become her second solo published-in-a-journal paper.   The talk dealt with the quality of evidence.  Here's one paragraph:  

"It is difficult these days to be comfortable with oncology drugs that have almost no long term effect yet cost thousands or hundreds of thousands per patient per year.  Some folks with cancer say they are happy to take anything that may help them last long enough to achieve a ‘cure’.  But what a waste – years of research (is something or someone holding back the more important, even ‘curative’ drugs?) It always seems amazing that drugs approved by FDA offer an almost uniform 2-3 month DF advantage."
And here is another section from Ann Fonfa's report:

"I sat in on the Pre-Clinical session on Sunday morning. The first talk was about in vitro sensitivity testing which I first heard about in the 1990’s.  I facilitated a study group on ‘Whole Health’ and Dr. William Fair (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, former head of Urology) came to speak.  He told the audience that his tumor material was tested for chemo sensitivity.  At the time this was being ignored by mainstream doctors so we all thought this a bit odd.
 I was thinking about a talk I heard last year on how little use mice really are as a comparison to humans.  So I was interested to hear that dogs were used more often (two talks in this set).  However in general I feel we have to move away from animal research into new models.
I was not very familiar with the Banerji Protocol, that talk was fascinating and I will be exploring more on that soon." (Link takes you to their home page).

Ann F 3rd from left at SIO

Link to 2014 Conference
March 6-8, 2014 West Palm Beach, FL.  Many speakers, ORGANIC lunches, giveaways, Exhibits, great networking, FL winter weather (around 75°)
Registration is OPEN for the first 200-230 people.  Make a hotel reservation before January 16, 2014 for BEST rate.
Critical Mass -   conference for Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer (AYA) ages 15-39

suggestions by NCI participants 2 There actually have been some small improvements in overall survival among those with cancer (some cancers) but NONE in the AYA community.  As you can see by this slide, there is such a long way to go.  Many of the folks at the meeting reported that their doctors did NOT advise them on fertility.  Are these younger patients treated as Pediatric or Adult? 

Link to article on AYAs - experience of AYA
LINK to article on AYAs - survivorship care gap
The meeting summary will appear on our website soon.
Why we NEED your Donations of any amount, NOW is a GOOD time.
1) We want to attend more conferences to gather information to share with you and other folks using Social Media, and our website.
2) We want to bring our message of healthy behaviors to REDUCE cancer risks to groups/meetings.
3) We want to handout our materials to show folks undergoing conventional treatments, that they can REDUCE toxicities and possibly ENHANCE outcomes by incorporating complementary therapies.  This IS Integrative Oncology
4) We always want to make folks aware that there are alternative treatments if they are needed. Don't give up if your doctor says s/he has done all they can.  There are so many other possibilities.  Stay strong, explore them.  Contact us so we can help you locate good ideas.
5) We need to continue to read journal articles searching out the important bits to share.
6) We want to stay an all-volunteer network to keep costs low.


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Cilantro Purifies Drinking Water
LINK to full article

We've known and spoken of it here, that Cilantro, Parsley or Dandelion leaves can detox the body of heavy metals.  Juicing, on salads, etc. can be done often, with good results.

Now: "...cilantro grows wild in vast amounts in countries that have problems with heavy-metal water pollution. It is readily available, inexpensive and shows promise in removing certain metals, such as lead, copper and mercury, that can be harmful to human health.”

Presented at the 246th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society.   Thanks to Stonehearth newsletter.
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