Conference Highlights & Other News
Ann on stage 2013           Herzog aims of cancer treatment
March 2013
Conference Highlights & Other News       
We proudly present some highlights of our 7th national Evidence-based  Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference.  You need never feel you are alone in your or a loved one's struggle with cancer.  Annie Appleseed Project's website, contacts and events are designed to provide lots of information, help with choices and lifestyle and other changes.

Photo on the left above: Ann Fonfa, president, Annie Appleseed Project opening the event.  You can see the fruit snacks offered to attendees.  We do NOT serve soda or junk food of any kind.  Photo on the right: Dr. Alexander Herzog of Germany speaking on the use of Hyperthermia for Advanced or Metastatic Cancer.

  • 200+ particpants each year - first conference 2008
  • Cutting edge information year after year
  • Protocols that matter discussed by doctors and patients
We have some of the most valuable and exciting talks ever recorded.  You can hear them too.

Order CDs/DVDS
You can listen in to the GREAT speakers of past conferences. Use this code to get a 10% discount:  MARCH2013
Annie Appleseed Project is on You Tube.  You can view some great short intro videos AND some full length talks (in 2-4 parts).
Here's one introducing  IV vitamin C

"Preview of presentation by Dr. Jeanne Drisko, entitled "Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous Ascorbate in Cancer". 

And here is an article about IV vit C from the library of the website - READ THIS

Ralph Moss, PhD, suggests:

Do not take high dose vitamin C as a single agent while taking either methotrexate or DTIC.

Do not take high-dose vitamin C supplements if you have a hereditary tendency to accumulate iron (hemochromatosis).

Source: Antioxidants against cancer, book by Ralph Moss

From Annie Appleseed Project website section on Vit C: "J Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, November 2008:

"Thus, oral vitamin C has potential for use as a non-toxic, sustainable, therapeutic agent".

Clinical trials - there has recently been ANOTHER article suggesting that running a clinical trial is NOT as expensive as we have all been led to believe.

Here's the strong statement:

"An article in the current edition of the journal BioSocieties, a publication of the London School of Economics, argues that the real cost of R&D is, in fact, a fraction of the commonly cited estimate and we are having the wool pulled over our eyes". (Our emphasis).

READ the article

What it means: One barrier to research on natural substances is the cost. Perhaps it will make more studies that impact treatment possible.
CDs DVDsJust a thought.  The other barriers are still strong - resistance from mainstream medicine, puishback from BIG PHARMA, etc.
(photo of our DVDs/CDs)
We have to share this video

sayer Ji  Howard 'Drum' showed up at our conference while Sayer Ji (final conference presenter) was speaking.  Turns out Sayer is a drummer.  Suzanne Gauvreau jumped in to help out, plus a woman whose name we missed.  It got the audience up and dancing around.

DRUMMING video shows those who remained really enjoying themselves.

Carrots - Here's a delightful study that appeared in J Medicinal Food in November 2011
Eat Your Veggies

until doctors are willing to tell us about NUTRITION as a way to deal with cancer?

"Treatment of leukemia cell lines with carrot juice extract induced apoptosis and inhibited progression through the cell cycle. Lymphoid cell lines were affected to a greater extent than were myeloid cell lines, and normal hematopoietic stem cells were less sensitive than most cell lines. This study has shown that extracts from carrots can induce apoptosis and cause cell cycle arrest in leukemia cell lines. The findings suggest that carrots may be an excellent source of bioactive chemicals for the treatment of leukemia". 
Annie Appleseed Project explains:
Apoptosis is cell death and inhibited progression means stopping development of cancer cells.  GOOD NEWS! 
We also want to remind everyone that a Full Color Plate is a great plan.  It is NOT just carrots, but all vegetables AND fruits.  Recent studies show benefits anytime vegetables OR fruits are examined.  In fact a recent study showed that diabetics do NOT have to avoid fruits, in fact they benefit. 

And don't forget we accept donations of any amount.  We value your support - it's the only type we can count on.  DONATE   Thank you.

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