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June 2017
Updates & Archival Info - Dietary Supplements
Photos represent a slide from a talk by Keith Block, MD at Annie Appleseed Project 2013 conference, and green tea bushes growing in Japan.
  • Dietary Supplements are being used by people with cancer
  • Many Integrative doctors recommend their use
  • There are hundreds of clinical trials demonstrating value - just not Level I - Randomized, multi-center clinical trials costing hundreds of million$
We will show you some studies, some articles that are old and some that are recent.  We'll discuss WHY these simple ideas do NOT get noticed by mainstream/conventional Oncology

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The use of Complementary therapies including dietary supplements is generally now called Integrative Oncology.  Back in 2002 ASCO (Am Soc for Clinical Oncology hosted a meeting on CAM - Complementary & Alternative Medicine).  Here is the summary Ralph Moss, PhD created after this event.  This article is in our Archive section and was posted shortly after it was written.  (photo shows Dr. Ralph Moss meeting Kelly Turner, PhD at an Annie Appleseed Project conference)
Dr Kelly Turner meets Dr Ralph Moss (at Annie Appleseed Project conference

"Michael J. Hawkins, MD (who is chairman of the NIH panel on which I serve) gave a detailed presentation on antioxidants and chemotherapy. He excluded all in vitro and animal experimental data, something that is rarely done when considering new chemotherapeutic approaches. (our emphasis)
Instead, he focused on the clinical data for vitamins A, C, and E; glutathione; CoQ10; and the synthetic antioxidants dexrazoxane (also called ICRF-187) and amifostine.
Dr. Hawkins mainly had positive things to say about the concurrent use of antioxidants and chemotherapy, and there was no doubt from his data that most antioxidants do not interfere with the efficacy of chemotherapy. In fact, most have been shown to decrease toxicity. There is some concern about the potential decrease of effectiveness of the drug Adriamycin with the synthetic antioxidant dexrazoxane."

LINK to full article by Dr. Moss
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Annie Appleseed Project volunteers used to ask for Studies on Dietary Supplements with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Dr Keith Block AAPr2014 conference WPB At various cancer meetings across the country, throughout the 1990's the question was asked.  Usual answer: "We don't have those kind of studies".  Then some studies were done, some meta-analyses were done (grouping of similar studies to figure out what is what).  Dr.Keith Block, editor of Sage Journal on Complementary Therapies, is an author of one such review.  In the article here, he comments on 2013 comments made by Dr. James Watson.  (photo features Dr. Block speaking at one of our conferences).

Link to Dr. Block comments

Nothing much has changed. Few oncologists read any studies not 'sanctioned' by BIG Pharma.  That's just the way it is - a very unfair separation of types of therapies. UNFAIR to people with cancer.

Dietary Supplement information from the Annie Appleseed Project Archives.

But first, do you wonder why news media publishes stories about the failure a particular supplement to 'cure' cancer?  Actually we don't believe in that C word but no single supplement is the answer.  Mainstream research all too often pins its $ and hopes on just one ingredient as they continue to seek the Magic Bullet. 

Do not expect this since nutrients work TOGETHER.  Pharma doesn't encourage or support such studies since they cannot patent natural ingredients.  That said here are some studies on Dietary Supplements from Annie Appleseed Project Archives:

Worried about the effects of some chemotherapies on the heart?  Here's a study on CoQ10 from Medscape Review (2001).  In fact here are a bunch of studies on CoQ10

Here are some studies on Alpha-Lipoic Acid, said to possibly reduce Neuropathy.
Here's an article about Reducing Mouth Sores from The Truth About Cancer. (part of Ann Fonfa's cancer story is told in Segment 9 of the Global Quest)

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