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December 2018
Updates: Complementary/Alternative Cancer
Above are the photos of the 2019 speakers at Annie Appleseed Project's 13th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference. Click the link to see more about each speaker (most have links to their own sites on our conference page).
  • Join us, Advance REGISTRATION is required
  • We serve all organic food and only Friday night dinner is on your own
  • About $100 worth of Giveaway items in the Gift bags
See below for what is new (or renewed) in the world of CAM/Natural Cancer Strategies: 

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Less is MORE

Like so many other concepts and strategies in cancer, this comes from the world of breast cancer research. Most recently a major 'thought leader', Dr. Eric Winer, gave a talk about the idea of using less treatment in any individual.  Some of you may know that there are now several tumor and/or blood-based TESTS that can tell if an individual needs or would benefit from chemotherapy.  This will hopefully continue in the future.

Here is an example from the National Cancer Institute newsletter: Test Identifies Thyroid Nodules that don't require surgery.
Several doctors from India who practice Ayurvedic medicine will be attending the 2019 conference. 

What is Ayurveda?

From a paper in 2002 discussing Complementary therapies worldwide: "
Ayurvedic medicine, India’s traditional system of medicine, is more than 5000 years old. Ayurveda means the “science of life.” Therapies are designed to restore the inner harmony of the individual and emphasize care of the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurvedic treatments include diet, exercise, meditation, herbs, massage, and controlled breathing."

This page talks about the Ayurvedic view of Raisins:

"...the ancient sages and rishis of
India taught the people to weave the use of raisins and other healing foods into their everyday lives. This enabled them to eat healthy food without thinking of it as 'medicinal'."    raisins

Raisins nutrition facts

Raisins are dried grapes/currants. However, unlike fresh grapes, they indeed are rich and concentrated sources of energy, vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals. On a weight per weight comparison basis, 100 g of dried grapes hold 249 calories, several times more fiber, vitamins, minerals and polyphenol antioxidants than the fresh grapes. Raisins, however, contain fewer amounts of vitamin-C, folic acid, carotenes, lutein and xanthins than fresh grapes." SOURCE: Nutrition and You

We are supporters of the use of Coffee enemas for liver detox.  Here is our How To Handout

Spanish Language Handouts (en Espanol)

Medicinas Complentarias y Alternativas

Folleto en Español: Estrategias Naturales para Reducir las Toxicidades

Visit our website for lots of amazing articles and information, collected online since 1999.  Fully SEARCHABLE.
More on Ayurveda:
According to Zwickey, three herbs – echinacea, astragalus and
glycyrrhiza – have been extensively researched for their ability to
stimulate the immune system." 
Photo - Echinacea

Link to the article

Cannabinoid and various articles:

Cannabidiol and anti-tumor effects in Brain Tumors

Cannabinoids and Melanoma

Some history on Cannabis

Cannabis and PAIN

Quote from Donald Abrams

Please note Annie Appleseed Project's 2019 conference will again feature 3 speakers on Medical use of Cannabis.  Join us.

If you cannot join us, consider any size donation to support our Scholarship fund.  Preference is given to those with advanced disease, Advocates and folks who have less to spend.   donation_jar_give
Remember, we are LIVING with Cancer.  After all, it is HOW we live that matters.  Here's what we call a 'nature shot'.  Enjoy.
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