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November 2017
Annual Conference & Integrative Oncology
 We are so excited about next year's conference, March 1-3, 2018.  As you may know our overall theme is always Many Paths to Wellness.  Next year we are going with the specific theme of Food First.
  • 19-20 speakers on a variety of topics, including our Patient Panel
  • Organic meals and snacks, Giveaway items worth about $100
  • Great networking with other attendees
  • Warm Florida weather - West Palm Beach
Advance Registration is REQUIRED

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Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D., Founder
American Institute of Integrative Oncology Research and Education will present next March on:

The ONCOBESITY EPIDEMIC:The Deadly Link Between Cancer, Obesity, Glucose
and Insulin

Description: Obesity and Insulin Resistance are recognized as major risk factors for a worsened
prognosis for cancer incidence, progression, recurrence and cancer mortality.
Nutraceutical and Botanical Supplements, Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications may significantly modify risk factors, epigenetic expression and alter signaling in the tumor microenvironment improving outcomes and reducing rates of obesity and insulin resistance related carcinogenesis.
Dr Chilkov will provide an overview of the mechanisms contributing to increased rates of cancer and cancer mortality associated with obesity and insulin resistance and will review the use of specific nutraceutical, botanical, dietary and lifestyle interventions to reduce cancer incidence and cancer mortality resulting from obesity and insulin resistance by altering the tumor cell microenvironment and epigenetic signaling.
Nalini Chilkov LAc OMD speaking

Learning Objectives

• Provide Overview of the mechanisms of increased rates of cancer and cancer mortality associated
with obesity and insulin resistance.

• Understand the impact of factors associated with obesity and insulin resistance contribute to
increased rates of cancer incidence and cancer mortality

• Understand  how  Hyperglycemia  and  Hyperinsulinemia  promote  carcinogenesis,

proliferation and metastatic progression
• Understand how inflammation and increased oxidative stress associated with obesity and insulin
resistance promote carcinogenesis, proliferation, and metastatic progression

•    Understand how to use specific nutraceutical, botanical, dietary and lifestyle interventions
to reduce cancer incidence and cancer mortality resulting from obesity and insulin resistance by
altering the tumor cell microenvironment
Donate to the Conference Scholarship fund.
"If it was not for the scholarship I would not have been able to attend the conference. The conference was a wonderful, full-of-hope experience for me. First of all it was a very well organized, mindful event.I was able to participate in informative, well prepared lectures given by doctors, naturopaths and other experts. Also there was a patient panel where I could learn from the experience of cancer survivors." J.J.

We are an All-volunteer cancer nonprofit, online since June 1999.  We post on our Facebook page (and Twitter @annieappleseed) almost daily.

Annie Appleseed Project Board member Rick Shapiro will be speaking about the stories from the book he wrote:
Here's a YouTube video of Ann Fonfa, founder/president of Annie Appleseed Project talking about her own cancer journey and some issues in Natural medicine. 
Mitochondria and Bone Health from an article  

stop-mitochondrial-dysfunction-200x200 "The Health Impacts Of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

The aging process has been linked to a reduction in number and function of mitochondria. As we age, mitochondria deteriorate and lose their optimal capacity for biosynthesis, ion transport, and oxidative phosphorylation. When the power generators of the cells in any body tissue slow or cease, its functionality is reduced. This applies to the brain, the cardiovascular system, muscles, and bones. Failing mitochondria also produce excessive and aberrant reactive oxygen species (ROS) that cause further harm inside cells, leading to oxidative damage that affects nucleic acids, proteins and lipids. As mitochondria age, fail and produce more ROS, the damage caused by those ROS to cells throughout the body is a driving force of aging. Indeed, studies have shown an inverse relationship between mitochondrial ROS production and lifespan in mammals. The more functional and plentiful your mitochondria are, the longer and healthier your life will be.2
Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, LAC, will present at our upcoming conference: Nasha Winters
“Empowering the Powerhouses: Biohacking Our Mitochondria”

This article came from the American Society for Clinical Oncology

ASCO 2017: Higher Gut Bacteria Diversity Tied to Slower Metastatic Melanoma Progression

“Greater diversity of bacteria in the gut microbiome is associated with both a higher response rate to treatment and longer progression-free survival,” said study leader Jennifer Wargo, MD, Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
"Researchers have found in recent years that single-celled organisms and viruses harbored in the human body outnumber the body’s own cells. This microbiome plays a role in many regular functions, including the initial priming of the immune system and then its normal operation."

Annie Appleseed Project believes that the use of Probiotics (and Prebiotics) are important to the microbiome.  We expect to hear about this from several of the March 1-3, 2018 conference speakers.

RESTORE your Gut bacteria - eat Fermented Foods.
Link to Article Dr. David Williams

"Traditional fermented foods are rich in beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria. These bacteria are what naturally make milk products go sour and cause vegetables to ferment. In the digestive tract, these bacteria help ferment carbohydrates that we, as human beings, cannot digest. The byproducts from this process help keep the gut acidic, which prevents harmful organisms from being able to grow while good gut bacteria more firmly establish themselves. Pickled vegetables, fermented milk products, kefir, and fermented soy products are some examples of traditional fermented foods.

Consuming naturally fermented foods not only supplies the gut with more of these desirable microorganisms, but the extra acidity they create helps to support the bacteria that are already there. I find the best way to regularly include fermented foods in your diet is to make your own yogurt and ferment vegetables. Also remember, when adding traditional fermented foods to your meals, the key is to eat a small portion of them every day. Once or twice a day with meals is best.

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