October 2018
Updates Integrative & Holistic Therapies
Ann Fonfa, founder/president Annie Appleseed Project attended a Survivors Reunion & Scientific Forum, sponsored by CHIPSA, a Gerson+ Cancer clinic:
  • Ann spent 2 weeks there (Tijuana-based) in July 1995 and again in 1997
  • 21 Long-time survivors were able to attend
  • Some of their stories were posted to Facebook via this video
  • Sorry, we don't know how to show it to non-Facebook users
We will cover some cancer therapies, talk about our upcoming 13th conference and some special offers.

Special OFFER from Dr. Mark Rosenberg
Join his Adaptive Cancer Care Essentials Program at NO COST
What if you knew as much or more than your doctor about dealing with cancer?
The game would change dramatically in your favor...

Here is Heidi Bright's presentation from the 2018 Annie Appleseed Project conference:  Link to YouTube talk

(You can visit our YouTube channel - Annie Appleseed Project for more videos and from prior events.)
DVDs and CDs from many prior conferences are available for sale.  Let us know via email to   Use DVD/CD in Subject line.
DVD CD 2018
Registration is OPEN for the February 28-March 2, 2019 conference - 13th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative (Holistic) Therapies.  West Palm Beach, FL

With 19 Speakers, 3 full Organic Meals, Organic snacks all day, giveaway bag with items worth about $100, great Networking with like-minded folks.  Join us.  Cost for 2 1/2 days including all above and more -  $279.
Did we mention the temperature will be around 75 degrees?  Come on down.  MUST PRE-Register to attend.  Reserve your hotel room from our website link above.

Doctor talks about Patient sensitivities and Black Box Warnings.  YOUR feelings and intuition MATTER.
Annie Appleseed Project website is now SEARCHABLE.  (top right hand corner) and there are over 8,000 pages of information on many natural/holistic therapies and possibilities for your or loved ones' health.   Visit the site.

Example: Riding on the railroad the other day, a commuter asked Ann Fonfa (founder/president) if she knew about Soursop?  Well we have information on our site and have had for years.  We post almost daily to the Facebook page and some to Twitter.  We read hundreds of journals each week and speak to thousands of people with cancer, to bring useful information to you.
We accept DONATIONS of any amount to help us gather and spread information on Natural Cancer Strategies, Lifestyle Issues and Holistic Therapies.
Whole World Botanicals

camu camu If you seek Botanicals:

Whole World Botanicals special offer in October:
Presented for Breast Cancer issues, but check their products as they may be helpful to all.  Any sale during October will benefit Annie Appleseed Project (an all-volunteer nonprofit offering FREE information about cancer complementary medicine, lifestyle changes and holistic treatments)  (Photo features Camu Camu (excellent source of vit C)
Here is the video of Ann Fonfa's talk at the CHIPSA Survivors Reunion & Scientific Forum .  She discusses many of the wrong directions taken by the conventional world when dismissing 'alternative' treatments.
SORRY, once again, it was posted by CHIPSA to Facebook Live, so must be a Facebook member.  (we don't know how to capture it otherwise).

If you are on Facebook, please visit our very active Annie Appleseed Project page where we post almost daily - studies, articles, ideas, etc.
Two recent studies support some of our Core Beliefs - i.e., pain is not conducive to healing, is in fact harmful - this study shows it actually causes an earlier death.  Remember that we don't know if ANY of the invidividuals in the study were using Complementary therapies (doubtful) which might have, in fact, really extended life - we look forward to such studies and have ASKED for them for over 20 years. 
The second study concerns doctors who tell their patients NOT to do something in/from the Natural world.  We have long suggested asking: "What is your Evidence for Saying NO?" 

Here is our Evidence-based Handout on Reducing (conventional) Treatment Toxicities.

Here is How to Do a Coffee Enema.   bucket with soft red catheter 16 inches

Find several more Handouts on our website - go to the photo (on top of page) with yellow postcard and click. Or click this link!
We welcome your feedback and comments.

Be well, stay well.  Eat more plant-based foods, avoid added sugar and artificial ingredients (read Labels).  Remember if the label on the fruit/veggie starts with 9, it is means organically-grown.
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