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The Annie Appleseed Project focuses on finding the evidence on Natural cancer strategies.  This includes reducing risk of cancer, risk of recurrence, risk of toxicites from conventional treatments, and information on integrative therapies (for use with conventional - may enhance therapy).  Further we look into Holistic (so-called 'alternative' areas).  There are many possibilities. 
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  • Our website which has many studies and articles from prior years and now - not that much changes, but more evidence is gathered each year.
The picture above shows the dates for Annie Appleseed Project's 12th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference, March 1-3, 2018 in West Palm Beach, Fl.  The theme:
FOOD FIRST.  We will be featuring information on speakers, exhibitors and InKind donors throughout the year.  Registration will open later this year.  You should be there with us.

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Our site went live in June 1999.  There have been many small studies since.  We feature some here, on our site, and on Facebook and Twitter.
Many of us are very interested in Medical Cannabis.

The following comes from an Editorial from Integrative Medical Journal on Cannabis by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno.

"With several states allowing medicinal use of marijuana and a growing number decriminalizing recreational use, many of our patients are using this herbal drug. Approximately 43% of US adults have tried marijuana, with 13% using it regularly. These users are seeking help from integrative medicine practitioners regarding safety. They are looking for advice based on research and clinical experience, not politics or philosophical bias. The major health problems caused by marijuana appear
to be bronchial irritation, decreased motivation, learning difficulties, and injuries. However, less well appreciated are the toxicity problems caused by contamination with pesticides and solvent residues. We have important guidance to help prevent unnecessary toxicity in our patients who choose to use marijuana. This editorial reviews toxicity and safety. Medicinal use will be addressed in the future."

LINK to article      
LINK to article re Cannabis and Pharmaceutical drug dose reductions
The China Study

"Dr. Campbell says, “From our extensive research, one idea seemed to be clear: lower protein intake dramatically decreased tumor initiation.” He explains that the human body needs a diet of about 10 percent protein to be healthy (a range of about 8-12 percent depending on body weight). As soon as protein intake exceeds the needed amount, enzyme production increases exponentially; so as far as protein intake goes, the more is not the merrier!​"

T Colin Campbell PhD with Ann Fonfa 2011
Link to article found in Cancer Tutor (folks came to the 2017 Annie Appleseed Project conference)
 (photo Dr. Campbell with Ann Fonfa, president Annie Appleseed Project, 2011)
Healthy Chocolate Pie recipe

LINK to Recipe

Healthy chocolate pie
Ever wonder about Grapefruit juice and pharmaceuticals?

grapefruit juice "A variety of online resources are available to evaluate nutrient-drug interactions. These include Integrative Therapeutics’ Healthnotes® Interactions Checker and the Drug Interactions Checker accessed through If there is any question about a potential interaction, check the package insert or prescribing information for details on drug metabolism. If the drug is metabolized by CYP3A4, there is a chance for a grapefruit juice-drug interaction."

Link to full article
(photo found on Wikipedia, article from Natural Medicine Journal)
CDs or DVDs from our 2017 conference?

Whether or not you attended the March 2-4, 2017 11th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference, you may like to purchase a CD set of DVDs of this fascinating event.

Here's how:
Send an email to annieappleseedpr (at) with the Subject: CD (or) DVD, we place your order with the producer, get your street address and tell you how to pay.

Available: CD set of 10 (includes ALL presentations)
$65 plus $6 Shipping and Handling (shipped by recording company). 
DVDs set of 12 $85 plus $6 Shipping & Handling

Here's a link to conference speakers bios, abstracts and articles LINK            cd and dvd 2017       
Annie Appleseed Project is an ALL Volunteer nonprofit.

Please help support our mission to gather and spread information on risk reduction, Integrative, Natural and Holistic cancer protocols. Any amount helps us bring information to another conference, meeting, or event.
We recieve NO funding from the government, NONE from Big Pharma (no surprise there) so we NEED you to help us. Any amount is helpful.
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