Are you using Integrative Medicine in YOUR Life?
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April 2013
Using Detox for better health
It's about getting and staying healthy.  We keep hearing stories of people who changed their lifestyles PERMANENTLY.  We believe that is the ONLY option for us to get and stay WELL.
  • There is evidence that people who radically change their eating habits truly benefit in stopping cancer
  • Reducing stress can really make a difference in YOUR life
  • Becoming physically active remains very important - 10 minutes a day is your minimum goal
  • You'll probably need some supplements - fish/flaxseed oil, probiotics, curcumin at a minimum
  • Staying the course - this IS your NEW life
Annie Appleseed Project has been collecting information on many aspects of healthy living - you must be HEALTHY to deal with cancer, and reduce risks of recurrence - online since 1999.  Our 'Archive' is rich with material to help you make MORE INFORMED CHOICES. 

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Did you say detox?

The newspapers and online media are full of stories about our unhealthy environment. STOP reading this newsletter right now if you DO NOT believe that our external environment contributes to cancer risks!

Some symptoms of Liver disfunction (from our website):

The liver is the largest organ of the body. It processes all pharmaceuticals and supplements. Symptoms of dysfunction include:

-toxic buildup in the body -low energy levels -digestive problems -depression -headaches -dizziness -joint pain -sleeping disorders -dry skin or eczema -irritability -PMS -cancer

All of the above could be describing other problems but as you grow to be aware of your body, you will better know what various symptoms are related to.

Dr. Leo Galland wrote this article in the 1990's:
Detoxifying Foods
Protection against the effects of environmental pollution, free-radical induced cell damage and cancer is provided by dietary anti-oxidants. Foods that are richest in these anti-oxidants are red, yellow and green vegetables, uncooked nuts and seeds (like almonds and sunflower seeds), and fish.The appetizing colors of fresh fruits and vegetables derive from the presence of special groups of anti-oxidants.


An area that is always of interest to our readers - some ideas on how to handle constipation (it's a process for sure) ConstipationArticles from our website

The most popular area on our site has always been about CastorOil.  Check it out if you wish.

Some approaches to Detox

Ayurvedic herbs
Banned PCBs and Agrochemicals in Blood Reduced 50 Percent By Centuries Old Detoxification Procedure

Study shows toxic occupational and agricultural chemicals that are stored in the body--and known to cause disease--can be significantly reduced by an Ayurvedic detoxification procedure, according to a report released today.

The study, published in the Sept./Oct. 2002 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, found that a centuries-old purification procedure derived from the Ayurvedic medical system of India reduced several fat-soluble toxicants by about 50 percent.


If you have an interest in following up on Ayurveda and cancer issues - see this event - it may be possible for us to get an advocate 'free' entry to represent us here. You would have to be willing to write a summary of your experiences.
                                                                 Ayurvedic in Las Vegas

Lately there have been a variety of articles about coconut oil and its value.  We think it could be added to your green drink, cereal or other foods.  May help reduce Alzheimer's and many other diseases.  Worth a try.  It is a medium chain fat -
Only ORGANIC and virgin.


DONATE any amount.  We'll use it to attend educational/Medical/Scientific meetings, REPRESENTING you.
We answer all phone calls and response to all emails.  We have DVDs and CDs from prior educational conferences that we run.  But we need funding to keep it all going.  We are ALL VOLUNTEERS, no funds go to staff or any admin costs. Those are all paid for by founder Ann Fonfa's family.  Every dollar you send is used for our program of gathering and spreading information. 

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