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July 2017
Revisiting Natural Substances - mushrooms, diarrhea
Coming off a post on Facebook about the value of Mushrooms in dealing with cancer, hence the photos above, featuring Shitake Mushroom Immunity Soup, a mixed mushroom dish served in Nanjing, China and a Mushroom drink that is also focused on Immunity.  The company Myoteca Mushroom cold tea, donated these to the 2016 Annie Appleseed Project organic lunch buffet.
  • We heard an expert on Mushrooms explain that you can take a capsule or extract of a particular type of mushroom, and every 3 months or so, switch to a combination of mushrooms.
  • They all offer benefits.  Do some research - see below for some articles on Mushrooms from our website (the Archive area).
  • Tell us via email or on our Facebook page, how you use Mushrooms.
Our work is focused on providing the Evidence-base around Natural Cancer strategies, Lifestyle changes, and Holistic therapies.  And there is SO much to see in this area. Many Paths to Wellness.

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Mushrooms -use in Asian medicine for at least a THOUSAND years.

Check this TedMed video of Paul Stamets, a mushroom expert, telling a personal tale of success against cancer. Video

Most of the studies done on Natural substances are small with few participants because it costs so much $ to run a clinical trial. And the funders for these aspects are few and far between. Very often researchers just do cell culture because that costs less.  There are also countless trials in mice.  BUT even so, we believe after a while there becomes a preponderance of evidence that allows conclusions.  It takes some courage to step into the Natural world, but many of us do it and do well.

This study was in cell culture but the page below is filled with some other studies on this particular mushroom (also known as Reishi.

Study from the Library of Medicine 2014 stated: "Although an oral administration of GLE only slightly suppressed the growth of large tumors, the same treatment significantly inhibited the number of breast-to-lung cancer metastases."


Phellinus linteus, a Medicinal Mushroom

Link to study

"Our study also suggests that PL has therapeutic potential to augment the magnitude of apoptosis induced by antiprostate cancer drugs."

British Journal of Cancer (2006) 95, 282-288. doi:10.1038/sj.bjc.6603277 Published online 25 July 2006  (More links on the page for research articles).

Link from Mushroom Nutrition

March 1-3, 2018 12th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference in West Palm Beach, FL.

Many of the speakers are already chosen.  The over-arching theme of our conferences is always Many Paths to Wellness.  The 2018 specific theme is Food First.

Here is a bio of Terrie Hoops who will speak as part of the Patient Panel (one of our most popular features): "Terrie Hoops, RYT 200 & ACE Certified Personal Trainer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Three years later she completed an Ironman triathlon, and since then has competed in numerous marathons and other endurance sports events. A critical part of her journey from cancer to endurance sports was the practice of yoga, which enabled Terrie to balance her mind and body and optimize her performance in all areas of life, not just athletics. She knows that yoga has the potential to help people at all stages of life, and carries special benefits for the elderly and those who have mobility limitations. As someone who has overcome adversity, Terrie wishes to share yoga with those dealing with challenges in their own lives, showing that by connecting the mind, body and breath the spirit will endure."
Terrie Hoops

These people speak the TRUTH about their own treatments.  In the upside down world of Big Pharma and the Cancer Industry, our personal stories are considered the LOWEST level of evidence.  Do you agree?
Treating Adverse effects (Harms mistakenly called'side'-effects) Naturally

Tea service 2 Clove Tea for Diarrhea

Recipe from our website

"Benefits of Clove Tea:

Historic uses of clove tea include the treatment of abdominal pain. Its analgesic qualities help with gas pain or other stomach pain upset.

Clove tea is used today to calm the digestive tract and minimize diarrhea. It will also help replace the fluids lost due to diarrhea.

The use of clove tea can stimulate blood flow, saliva production and gastric secretions to aid in digestion. It has an anti-nausea effect and can be used to kill intestinal parasites, bacteria, and fungus infections, such as oral thrush.

Clove tea contains the fragrant active ingredient eugenol. Topically clove tea is used in everything from hand wash to sanitize hands, to bowel preparation.

As a facial wash, it is used in the treatment of acne. Due to its analgesic effects, clove tea compresses can relieve muscle, joint, or ligament pain.

It should only be applied to unbroken skin. With swelling present, ice cold tea should be used, warm tea works better with arthritic pain. Clove tea compresses can also be used for skin fungal infections like ringworm or athlete's foot.

The National Institute of Health, or NIH, suggests clove is as effective as benzocaine cream for relieving dental pain. It is capable of numbing skin, reducing inflammation, stopping pain and destroying infectious bacteria.

Clove tea is also an effect douche for the treatment of vaginal yeast infection. An enema preparation can be used in the case of fungal bowel infection." SOURCE: Home Remedy Central

Another idea for Diarrhea is Activated Charcoal.
LINK to article

Here is the bio of another speaker, Carla DeRosa, from the March 1-3, 2018 conference:

"Carla DeRosa is a Wellness RAWx Star! She is a Certified Food Medicine Educator and and Raw Foods Instructor based in Atlanta.  Carla has unmatched skills in providing comprehensive training in alternative healing modalities to facilitate natural healing and wellness. Carla began her career in food medicine in response to her own health crisis in 2010. She was trained and was the lead instructor for years at the award winning Living Food Institute in Atlanta, GA. Carla, also is known for helping households secure lifestyle supportive supplies easily and affordably.
The knowledge and support Carla gained combined with her love for engaging and teaching ignited her passion for supporting people to heal. Now her raw food and plant medicine events and products introduces the use of food, herbs, oils, teas and fitness to health seekers and their families from all over the world.  Carla leads virtual and in-person communities of health and whole food enthusiasts. Carla is committed to helping people expand their awareness of nutrition and health by sharing the benefits of raw and healing foods. Connect with Carla through her website or email her at"
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