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May 2017
From the Archives - Natural Cancer Strategies
The Annie Appleseed Project website went live on June 17, 1999.  With about 75 pages in the first week and 25,000 visitors in year 1.  The concept was to provide a lot of information in just one location - all we could gather about Nutition, Dietary Supplements, Mind/Body/Spirit, Detox and Exercise with evidence-based citations.
  • It grew into an 8,000 page database
  • We were hacked in 2012 and lost the use of our Archive files
  • 2017 we JUST got them functional again  (combination of the cost and the time to do it)
So this month we want to show you some of the interesting therapies we reported on in the late 1990's and early 2000's.  NO old page can be updates though so if there is any error, we cannot make changes to the page.
Direct link to the Archive area
Enjoy.  We wil preview a few articles and areas below.
Here is an article about CELLECT and Fred (and Lorna) Eichhorn from Long Island, NY (from the Archives)

Ann Fonfa, president of Annie Appleseed Project met these folks in person at a Long Island event in 2008.

Interestingly in 2011 while on LI again, Ann was talking about cancer to someone in a print shop. A woman overheard and rushed over to say that her father-in-law, suffering from pancreatic cancer, had used a product called CELLECT.  She gave a completely unsolicited testimonial to its value.

LINK to the article on Cellect
Here, from the Alternative Medicine Archive - an article on Vitae Elixxir (remember the phone numbers, etc. are NO LONGER active).

"According to information we have received from several sources, the herbal extract can be added to any kind of juice, water or even food. It can be placed in gelatin capsules. You must drink a full glass of liquid with it."

The product has been used by very young children and by the elderly. Apparently you cannot overdose and no toxicity level has been found.

Although: "It is stated that users may experience a "healing crisis" where they feel worse before getting well. Blood markers and conventional bone scans, X-rays, MRI or CT scans are said to be inaccurate for the first 3-4 months under this treatment. Some people report shooting pains surrounding the cancer or tumor area.

The herbal mix is also said to eliminate internal parasites and improve colitis and other digestive impairments. Patients may experience diarrhea, intestinal gas or pain for a few days or weeks."

Present time information:
We recently emailed a suggested speaker who is knowledgeable about this therapy, so he may be a speaker at the March 1-3, 2018 12 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference.  We will keep you posted.

Link to complete article on Vitae Elixxir
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Here's an article by Deanna Minich, PhD about Plastics.  AVOID Avoid avoid

mound of styrofoam, Tokyo Japan Numerous studies have found a connection between plastic exposure and numerous health problems. Plastic is made up of several different chemicals, many of which potentially cause problems through leaching into food or becoming part of dust particles.

Link to article on Plastics
And uh oh, here's a truly scary update on Plastic
Did you know there's an organization for Naturopaths who specialize in Oncology?  Here's a report by Annie Appleseed Project board member Rick Shapiro on their 2013 conference.  Link to report on conference

Here are two Meeting Summaries from the Archives - one by Kathleen Livingston who dealt with metastatic breast cancer, and died after 13 years.  She attended several of our conferences and was a terrific Advocate for those with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Link to Kathleen's summary of ASCO's "The Effect of Lifestyle Factors on Breast Cancer Prognosis"

The second is Ann Fonfa (president Annie Appleseed Project)'s tale of how the wrong information gets told over and over.

Link re Hydrazine Sulfate study

This blurb appeared on our pages, now Archived

January 2011

The use of complementary and alternative medicine by cancer patients is widespread and growing. Recent studies have estimated that between 30%-70% of cancer patients use one or more therapies that fall under the CAM umbrella, and this number will likely continue to increase. To date, the studies estimating CAM use among cancer patients in the United States have come from individual institutions, or have aggregated many such smaller reports. Currently, no national cancer registry collects detailed data on CAM for use by the research community.

This data gap may soon be addressed. Recently, OCCAM and NCI’s Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER)( program have begun a discussion on the feasibility of expanding SEER’s data collection on CAM use. The 17 current SEER-participating cancer registries cover approximately 28% of the U.S. population, providing a rich data resource for researchers studying all aspects of cancer incidence and treatment.  Here's a LINK on what they say now.

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