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Managing the Cancer Terrain
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We are so thrilled to announce that REGISTRATION is open for the March 1-3, 2018 Annie Appleseed Project conference.  If you have ever attended, you know it is an amazing experience - fascinating talks, great people, amazing food, interesting exhibits and more.  Join us by going to the conference page to register.
  • Our overarching theme for all our conferences - Many Paths to Wellness
  • The specific theme for 2018- FOOD FIRST
  • We have room for 200-220 interested participants.  $279 covers 2 1/2 days plus 3 ORGANIC meals, organic snacks, and organic giveaways. 
  • Scholarships will be available - must fill out the form (apparently the form has to be transferred to Adobe Acrobat or a program that allows you to write on it online. If not, download and mail or fax to us.  See bottom for our fax #.
  • For those in professions requiring Continuing Education, $35 at the door for up to 13 Hours.
Here is the link to our conference page where you can see the Speakers, their talk title,make a hotel reservation (Embassy Suites rooms have an entry room with sleep couch (sleeps 2 if needed) and inner room with 2 Queens or 1 King bed, plus all other information

Link to Annie Appleseed Project 2018 conference
What does Exercise mean to us?

In the mid-1990's Ann Fonfa, president Annie Appleseed Project, began attending cancer conferences.  One of the more interesting ones was run by the American Institute for Cancer Research (
At one of those early meetings an Exercise professional told the audience that folks needed 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity daily. 
Scary, isn't it?  It scared Ann and she stood up to suggest that perhaps for people who are eating a healthy diet (fresh, organic whenever possible fruits and vegetables) might be able to do a shorter workout.  The speaker thought NOT. 
However over time it became the rule that 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 5 days a week, would work to keep us healthy.
Now in September 2017, we found this study, thanks to Natural Health 365:

"The study, recently published online in Brain, Behavior and Immunity, found one 20-minute session of moderate exercise can stimulate the immune system, producing an anti-inflammatory cellular response."
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           LINK to Exercise study:

Years ago we wrote about Dr. Toni Yancey's book Instant Recess,  From the blurb: "Rather than encouraging unhealthful habits like cigarette breaks or high fat snacks, Instant Recess proposes regular 10 minute exercise breaks that are easily incorporated into school, work, and community life."

Support our work
Dr Rice speaking Hyperbaric 2017

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We are ALL volunteers - NO paid staff.  But we have expenses.  First and foremost are conference scholarships - priority given to folks with advanced cancer and Advocates.

We also attend many cancer conferences, both to gather material and to spread our views and evidence on Natural cancer strategies. ANY AMOUNT welcome
Reducing Treatment (conventional) Toxicities
Chilkov core botanicals

Most likely many of our cancer centers are hosting educational meetings.  One was just held by the Nutrition Department at Memorial Cancer Institute, Hollywood, FL.
One speaker was Dr. Nalini Chilkov who will be presenting at the 2018 Annie Appleseed Project conference.  The slide above shows the CORE Nutraceuticals and Botanicals she recommends during conventional treatment.  The slide below shows some evidence about protecting the kidneys.
Kidney protection Chilkov

(If you are on Facebook you can go to our Annie Appleseed Project Facebook page to see more postings from the talks).
REGISTRATION is open for the March 1-3, 2018 12th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference, West Palm Beach, FL

3 ORGANIC meals, giveaways, organic snacks, great networking, much more.

Use this LINK to see information
Introducing 2018 conference speaker: CarlaDeRosa316

Carla DeRosa is a Wellness RAWx Star! She is a Certified Food Medicine Educator and and Raw Foods Instructor based in Atlanta.  Carla has unmatched skills in providing comprehensive training in alternative healing modalities to facilitate natural healing and wellness. Carla began her career in food medicine in response to her own health crisis in 2010.

She was trained and was the lead instructor for years at the award winning Living Food Institute in Atlanta, GA. Carla, also is known for helping households secure lifestyle supportive supplies easily and affordably.

The knowledge and support Carla gained combined with her love for engaging and teaching ignited her passion for supporting people to heal. Now her raw food and plant medicine events and products introduces the use of food, herbs, oils, teas and fitness to health seekers and their families from all over the world.  Carla leads virtual and in-person communities of health and whole food enthusiasts. Carla is committed to helping people expand their awareness of nutrition and health by sharing the benefits of raw and healing foods. Connect with Carla through her website or email her at  (photo below shows amazing raw meal Carla prepared for our 2014 Atlanta one-day meeting. Carla and Beth food set up
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