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July/August 2018
Natural Cancer Strategies
The Annie Appleseed Project went online in June 1999 in order to share information in the following areas:
  • Reducing risks of cancer, or recurrence - through nutrition, physical activity, detox, stress reduction, etc.
  • Reducing risk of (conventional) Treatment Toxicities - we have an Evidence-based Handout
  • Offering information (and evidence where possible) for Holistic (aka 'alternative) cancer therapies

Link to our website
We are also very active on Facebook (and Twitter) with almost daily posts of interest

As mentioned in the introduction, we are strong supporters of good nutrition.  For us that means organic whenever possible (if juicing, ALWAYS use organic produce)

One does not have to be a vegan or vegetarian to be healthy, but if eating red meat - do it less, and make sure it comes from true free-range/pasture-fed animals.

AVOID: Deli meats (implicated in several cancers), added sugars (read those labels), artificial colors, flavors, additives and preservatives. Soda (reg or diet), deep-fried foods (includes all kinds of chips)

EAT: many different fruits and vegetable.  Each color offers its own set of nutrients our human bodies need. Also consider nuts, seeds, whole grains, lentils.

Here is a recipe for Vibrant Energy Wraps from Laura Christine Sainz:

LINK to Laura's recipe page

Organic food grandparents And here is a link to a lasagna recipe (this can be made without the pasta noodles), remember to use ORGANIC ingredients whenever possible

Link from American Institute for Cancer Research

DONATE if you can, to support our conference Scholarship FUND.  Any amount welcome. Please note we are ALL volunteers, no one gets paid.  We help all for FREE.  Only the conference costs money. 
Here is some information about our upcoming conference:

Registration will open in September
, 2018

AnnieAppleseedProject Conference2019 2
Link to conference page
 February 28-March 2, 2019 are the dates of our 13th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative (Holistic) Cancer Therapies conference.  The conference always has an over-arching theme of Many Paths to Wellness (indicating there are no magic bullet cures and listening to the speakers means YOU decide what's best for yourself).
As always we offer scholarships to folks with advanced disease or unpaid/volunteer Advocates.  ALL are welcome and we have up to 13 hours of CEs for many health professionals.
For those who did not see the YouTube video of Ann Fonfa, founder/president Annie Appleseed Project, with Chris Wark (who will be a speaker next year):
LINK to YouTube - Ann Fonfa celebrates 25 years
 Ann says: "Every word I said here was TRUTH!"
Here is an article about the use of CBD (please note the conference will feature 3 speakers on Medical Cannabis. We hope to offer training to doctors on how to as well.)

Here is an article on eight dietary supplements for sleep aid.
Here is an article on Epsom Salts Hot Bath DETOX (found on our website which you can SEARCH)  Here is HOW To on Coffee Enemas

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