Oct. 8 - Nt'l Children's Day
Oct. 9-15 - Earth Science Wk.
Oct. 10 - Columbus Day
Oct. 31 - Halloween
Get Buggy!
Explore the many ways bugs help our world. Touch the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, design your own bug, make a beehive & more!
Make A Spider Web!
Make your very own Halloween decoration using our Spooky Spider Web template! Spiders use their webs for shelter, laying eggs and for catching dinner. The three types of webs include the common & intricate Orb Web, the Bola Web & the Bell Web. Which kind of whimsical web will you create?

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*Get Buggy!
See the world through the eyes of a bug...literally! Discover all the cool things bugs can do as you explore the world of creepy crawlies.

*Spooky Spiders!
Get caught in the vast web of information about spiders! Investigate what 
seperates a spider from an insect as you step into the shoes of a real entomologist! 

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  October 2011- Squishing the Spider Stereotype
Fall is officially upon us and with fall comes Halloween! This is the time to start carving pumpkins, gathering ghoulish ghost decorations & conjuring up costume ideas. In honor of Halloween, we wanted to share some facts on one of the most popular & spooky symbols of the season...the spider!  Yes, most are unattractive, possess fearsome fangs & can make most people squeal at just the sight of them; but despite their inherited bad reputation, spiders are one of the most incredible animals on earth!  

There are more spiders than any other type of predator on Earth. A single acre of meadow in the summertime can contain as many as 2 million spiders! There are more than 37,500 spider species that have been documented. By comparison, there are only 9,000 species of birds and 4,000 species of mammals.
Spiders belong to the class known as Arachnida and can be dated back to over 350 million years ago. They are characterized by their two main body parts the cephalothorax and the abdomen. All spiders have 8 legs and 2 palps. The palps look like two arms and are used for grooming and feeding. Because their 8 legs have 6 joints apiece, these creepy crawlies have 48 "knees". Maybe this is how jumping spiders can leap for their prey, jumping up to 50 times the length of their bodies. That would be like a human jumping 250 feet! Unlike insects, spiders do not have wings or antennae.  Did you know that The Daddy Long Leg, often misconstrued as a spider, has no cephalothorax, abdomben or palps? Technically, the Daddy Long Leg is not a spider.

Although there is one vegetarian species of spider, the Costa Rican Bagheera, most spiders are carnivores.  Their prey generally consists of insects, but can also include other spiders, birds, frogs, lizards and even the occasional snake. After catching their prey, dinner is wrapped in silk, pierced with fangs, and subdued or paralyzed by the spider’s deadly venom. Spiders use a digestive fluid, like stomach acid, to turn the insides of the insect into a liquid.  As the largest carnivorous order of animals, spiders living in 1 square mile of a forested area can consume 26 tons of prey each year. 
All spiders have the ability to spin silk, but not all spiders make webs. While it's common knowledge that some spiders use their webs to catch prey, spider silk also has many other uses. And believe it or not, not all spider silk is the same. In fact, a single spider can produce up to seven different types of spider silk. There are edible silks, silks that help spiders fly, bungee-cord silks, alarm-system silks, navigational silks and more! But the amazing characteristics of spider silk do not stop in their variety; they actually could have some pretty cool uses for humans as well. Spider silk has become the latest focus of biomimetics - study of engineering techniques evolved in nature. If you've heard that spider silk is stronger than steel, then you heard correctly. In fact, silk that comes from Darwin's Bark Spider is 10 TIMES STRONGER than Kevlar! It is weight for weight far stronger and 5 times less dense than steel. One major study being done is using this amazing substance to yield light-weight bulletproof fabrics.
There are three different types of webs - the common & intricate orb web, the diving bell web and the bola web. Many spiders use silk for far more than just making webs.  Baby spiders make non-sticky silk into a parachute that lets them drift around in the wind called ballooning. Ballooning is a way spiders get around without having wings. They can travel hundreds of miles, even across oceans!
This Halloween, squish the stereotype - not the spider. With attributes more akin to benevolent spider-man than the spider monsters of sci-fi, there’s more to a spider than what meets eight eyes! So, should an itsy bitsy spider cross your path consider that this eight-legged creepy crawly may indeed be making much more than an itsy bitsy impact on our environment.

Learn more about spiders by exploring these cool resources!

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