Frogs VS Toads May E-News 2015
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4- Star Wars Day
9- Train Day
12 - Florence Knightengale's Birthday
13 - Frog Jumping Day
14 - Chicken Dance Day
16 - Sea Monkey Day
24 - Scavenger Hunt Day
26- Sally Ride Day

Week of 4-8:  Teacher Appreciation Week
 Frog Food

Frogs and toads have a good sense of smell, sneaky eyesight, and sticky tongues. Try your hand at catching some insects just like our amphibian friends!

Download the experiment below and share with your friends!
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Learn the difference between a bug and a real spider. Examine real bugs and see for yourslef how an insect really sees the world. Make a bug that you can even EAT!
  May 2015 Edition: Frogs VS Toads
FrogsVToads 2

Can you tell the difference between a frog and a toad? Let's put these two species of amphibians into an ultimate battle of comparisons! Frogs and toads may look similar but there are many variations between them! In this article we will discover the many differences and even some similarities between frogs and toads!

Frogs and toads are classified under the same Order within the animal kingdom; Anura. Under that Order frogs are considered "True Frogs" in the Family Ranidea. Toads are in the Family of Bufonidae and are considered "True Toads". But they are both similar in that they first hatched from eggs that are laid in water.

One of the biggest differences that make it easy to distinguish a frog from a toad is what thier skin looks like. A frog tends to have moist and smooth skin while toads have dry, bumpy, and usually warty skin. Don't fret, you cannot get warts from touching a toad!

 From the High Touch High Tech Archives:
May 2014: A Salute To Moms Of All Species!
MomsOfNatureOn Sunday May 10th, all sorts of mothers will be opening Mother's Day cards and presents. Well, not quite all sorts. Animal mothers deserve some recognition on this maternal holiday, too, so here are a few of the top animal moms that go all out for their kids, from putting "dinner" on the table every night to making daily sacrifices.

The first mom on our list is the mother Elephant. She earns her spot for giving birth to the biggest babies on Earth — we're talking an average of 200 pounds! Can you imagine a diaper that large? Female elephants also deserve a prize for enduring a 22-month pregnancy. The calves are initially born blind, forcing them to rely on their trunks for navigation and discovery, but fortunately, they live in a matriarchal society. Once the baby is born, the other "ladies" in the herd all lend a hand, including grandmothers, sisters, aunts and even cousins. These full-time baby-sitters are called "Allomothers", and they help in every aspect of rearing the young calves — so in this case, it really does take a village to raise an elephant!

May 2012: Ahoy! Safe Sailing for Memorial Day!
lifebelt-160144_1280Memorial Day is just around the corner and many families are preparing to spend the holiday with a little fun in the sun. The long weekend is one of the most popular times for getting out on the water! Whether it’s swimming, sailing, or fishing – the warm weather & clear blue skies make this the perfect time of year for splashing up some fun. 

For those that are thinking of setting sail for the holiday weekend, remembering the rules of boating safety can ensure a fun & memorable holiday for everyone. You can keep your holiday excursion filled with excitement by making safety a priority and incorporating it into your regular boating routine. Experts from the National Safe Boating Council suggest practicing these 5 guidelines when out on the water...


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