July 4 - Independence Day
July 20 - National Moon Day
July 24 - Amelia Earhart Day
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The month of July is known for its hot weather, family cookouts and fireworks!  With a few simple household items, you can create exciting and colorful chemical reactions. This
at-home experiment is sure to make your summer explode with FUN! 


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  July 2011 - Summer Sparkles with Science

Happy Independence Day, America!

The modern fireworks of today have become a symbol of independence for countries across the world. In America, they are launched for Fourth of July celebrations, France uses them to mark the anniversary of the French Revolution and in India, fireworks are used as part of their festival of lights! Fireworks may seem magical, but there is simple science behind all of them - even those that are from Mother Nature!

Traditional fireworks were first made in China about 1000 years ago. To this day,China is still the largest manufacturer of fireworks used for celebrations across the world. The science and technology behind the dynamic displays and exhilarating explosions is known as PYROTECHNICS. Chemicals store lots of energy which can be released with great force when ignited. The stored chemical energy changes very quickly into movement, light and sound, blasting fireworks into the sky.

The colors, which thrill us so much, are from different metals in the firework mixture. Each metal burns with its own particular colored flame and adds the sparkle to nightime fireworks. 

Mother Nature also displays dazzling lights and colors with her own fireworks! These magnificent organic fireworks can be seen all around us, including lightning storms, the Northern Lights, lightning bugs, exploding lava and flowers!

Check out our top 5 sparkling shots of
Mother Nature's fireworks.

  firework10 2

 Fireworks.preview 2

Fireworks3.preview 3

  firework11.preview 2
fireworks5.preview 2

lightening bugs


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* Fireworks: The Science Behind The Spectacle
*Chemistry of Firework Colors

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