Smart Pets - March E-News 2015
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1- National Pig Day
2- Dr. Suess Day
3- Alexander G. Bell Day
8- Check Your Batteries Day
13- Daylight Savings Starts
14- National Pi (3.14) Day
14- Albert Einstein's Birthday
17- St. Patrick's Day
22- World Water Day

2nd week: National Bubble Week
 Water Aquifer

Make a model of an actual aquifer in this at home experiment and find out how they really work! Also you will discover the importance of keeping pollutants out of your aquifer!

Download the experiment below and share with your friends!
Wacky Water Workshop

Discover how cool water really is. Make water and alcohol have a tug of war. Stab a pencil through a bag without spilling a drop of water!

  March 2015 Edition: Smart Pets Celebrate World Water Day!

During the month of March, High Touch High Tech is celebrating National Pig Day (March 1st) as well as World Water Day (March 22)! Let's celebrate by taking a closer look at one of the smartest pets on the planet and why they love to play in the water so much!

Pigs are the fourth most intelligent creature on earth next to dolphins, chimpanzees and humans. They can be curious, mischievous and even sometimes manipulative. Pigs are sensitive creatures that can be playful, and almost humorous. They have a love for playing in the water as well as in the mud!


Contrary to a popular belief pigs are clean animals. They prefer bathing in fresh water rather than mud. However, they do wallow in mud because it helps to keep them cool longer than taking a dip in water. The water will evaporate off their skin faster than mud will! Mud also helps to block their skin from being burnt by the sun. Pigs don't "sweat like pigs"; they are actually unable to sweat, and they like to bathe in water or mud to keep cool. Another reason why pigs wallow in the mud, is to keep pesky parasites and other insects from biting their sensitive skin.

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Party Themes Include: 

Super Science Party
Hair Raising Party
Panning for Gems 
Crazy Chemistry 
Fossil Fun Party
Alien Space Blast 
Doctor Scientist Party
Superhero Science 
Princess Prism Party


From the High Touch High Tech Archives:
March 2014: Celebrate the Season of Science!
A Spring-tacular Season Awaits:
Discover the Equinox & the Science of Spring!
Goodbye winter, with your bitter winds, subarctic temperatures and mounds of snow, and hello Spring!

This month we are gearing up for the official start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Though no guarantee of gorgeous weather and milder temperatures, the Earth's position relative to the sun says it's officially time for the birds to start chirping.

The Vernal Equinox signals the beginning of nature's renewal and the start of longer days. Spring is also the time when worms begin to emerge from the Earth, the flowers begin to bloom, and the weather provides just the right amount of sun & water to make it all happen. It's easy to see why Springtime is the perfect time to get outside & discover the science all around you. We guarantee it's science that will Equinox your socks off! 

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March 2012: Shamrocks, Science, & Shenanigans!
Celebrating Irish Scientists & Inventors!

st-patrick-shamrockAsk most people what they think are Ireland’s greatest contributions to the world and they would probably come up with suggestions such as great music, great writers and great food. It’s unlikely that scientists would be high on the list, but Ireland has given us many great inventors, innovators & scientists. Their work covers a broad spectrum from developing medical treatments to pioneering new technologies and revolutionizing the way we work, rest and play. This month, we want to celebrate the Irish natives that have achieved greatness in the scientific field and highlight those achievements which have made such an impact on our modern world.
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