July 4 - Independence Day
July 17- Nat'l Ice Cream Day
July 20- National Moon Day
July 20 - First Moon Landing
July 30- Int'l Day of Friendship
National Ice Cream Month
Light Stick Chemiluminescence
Light produced by a chemical reaction is called chemiluminescence.  Have you ever used a glow or light stick at night? These little colorful toys glow in the dark because of a chemical reaction. Click below to try this experiment in your own home!
Zoom to the Moon
Discover how the moon orbits the Earth and how the Earth and other planets orbit the Sun. In this program you will discover centripetal force and make your very  own Lunar Wheel to take home!

  July 2016 Edition - The Science of Moonbows
MoonbowEnews 2

With National Moon Day approaching on July 20th and the Anniversary of the Apollo 11’s first landing on the Moon, we felt it appropriate to feature the science of moonbows and other light at night phenomena in this month’s newsletter. 

A moonbow is also commonly referred to as a lunar rainbow. A moonbow is a rare natural atmospheric phenomena that occurs when the Moon’s light is reflected and refracted off water droplets in the air.

Moonbows are much fainter than rainbows made by the sun and often appear to be white. This is due to the smaller amount of light reflected from the surface of the moon. The light from the moon is usually too faint to be perceived by the receptors in the human eye, it is difficult for the human eye to discern colors in a moonbow. However, the colors in a moonbow do appear in long exposure photographs.

To read more about these rare phenomena please click the button below!

From the High Touch High Tech Archives:
July 2011: Summer Sparkles with Science! 
Mother Nature displays dazzling lights and colors with her own fireworks each July!

magnificent organic fireworks can be seen all around us, including lightning storms, the Northern Lights, lightning bugs, exploding lava and even flowers. 

Check out our top 5 countdown of Mother Nature's Sensational Fireworks Display! 


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