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The Real McCoy
Join us as we honor several very famous African American scientists. Discover the science of friction, explore pollution, make ice cream & take an astrolabe home with you!
Ice Cream
Frederick Jones was a very famous African-American scientist. He had over 60 patents, but refrigeration was his specialty! There's no better way to honor this cool inventor than by making ice cream!
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February is Black History month. We thought we would take this opportunity to pay tribute to the many African-American inventors & scientists that have helped shape the world we live in today. While researching various African-American inventors, it was quickly apparent that from Rufus Stokes' gift of clean air to Henry Sampson's invention of the Gamma-Electric Cell (cellular phone), these scientists and their inventions affect our lives each day.

While driving to work, traffic would prove to be a dangerous task for us all if not for the invention of the traffic light by Garrett Morgan.  Another dangerous task would be a simple ride on an elevator but, thanks to Alexander Miles, his electric elevator allows us to travel from floor to floor with ease.

Without Frederick M. Jones' invention of the air conditioner, our summer days at work would not be so bearable.  While we now live in the computer age, occasionally we may pick up an actual pen or pencil to jot down a note.  Well, this job is made easier because of W.B. Purvis' invention of the fountain pen, and because of J.L. Love's invention of the pencil sharpener.  We can thank Burridge & Marshman for the invention of the typewriter in April 1885, which many people think was inspiration for the modern day computer.

When you get home at the end of the day, it would be pretty hard to prepare a meal if it weren't for the inventions of T.A. Carrington's stove, John Standard's refrigerator, and Anna M. Mangin's pastry fork (just to name a few). Frederick Jones made another contribution with his truck refrigeration system.  Because of his invention, ice cream can be shipped across the country & made available to you on store shelves.  I don't event want to think of what the world would be like without ice cream!

These inventions are just a fraction of those contributed by African-Americans that affect our everyday lives.  So, as you read this article at your computer with your desk lamp on, think about Lewis Latimer; the inventor of the electric lamp.

To learn about all the contributions made by African-American inventors & scientists visit these websites:

Black Inventors...Extraordinary Inventions

Famous Black Inventors

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