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December 5, 2016
Caffyn welcome to new studio 2016 for webIn this issue:

*Talk Therapy is Not Enough!

*Caffyn's 2017 Calendar

caffyn at her beautiful new studio

Talk Therapy is Not Enough!
I often work with people who have engaged in years of talk therapy, and who have developed great insight into trauma and neglect they have experienced. But we can have all the insight in the world, and still feel paralyzed when it comes to experiencing joyful sex, asking for what we want sexually, and living our particular and ever-shifting sexual identities with confidence and peace. Sexual happiness-front cover 2Embodied practices engage with our autonomic nervous system's unconscious processes, so we can undo the effects of trauma and neglect at the cellular level.
     My new book, Science for Sexual Happiness, describes how our nervous systems get dysregulated by the trauma, neglect and hyperstimulation that comprise the ordinary experience of sex. Over 100 exercises are offered to help you recalibrate your nervous system, so that you can feel more joy in your body and relationships.

     In this journey to sexual wholeness, it is so important to work within our personal learning zone. It is a biological principle (hormesis) that exposure to just-enough stress creates benefits, even though exposure to any more stress is harmful. For learning, we need just-enough stress tnervous systems by Caffyn Jesseo create a manageable challenge, and that just-right stress will be very different for each person. With too much stress, the autonomic nervous system will mobilize as hyperarousal or shut down in a frozen hypoaroused state. Pushing ourselves too hard can be painful and retraumatizing. With too little stress, we will stay stuck in our habits and experience nervous system atrophy. For each of us, it is important to continually assess the limits of our personal ‘learning zone,’ where we may be uncomfortable, but not unsafe. We can aim to work carefully within these limits, while challenging ourselves to continually expand them.
Caffyn's 2017 Offerings
My introductory workshops in 2017 are Science, Sex and Soul and Couples Alive! If you feel a calling to become involved in this important work, I teach somatic sex education as a profession, mentoring practitioners through the Certified Somatic Sex Educators and Certified Sexological Bodyworkers training for the Somatic Sex Educators Association, plus my own Intimacy Educator program. I offer education for ongoing professional development - this year a Trauma Training in Dawlish, England and a SexBod Refresher/Retreat on Salt Spring Island.

Awesome Early-Bird Discount
$500 Early-Bird Discount Apply now for the Somatic Sex Educator/Sexological Bodywork Training in April-August 2017. Participants who are accepted and register before Jan 31 get a huge early-bird discount of $500! Join this exciting new profession. Apply today!

Learn More
See Free videos: How to Touch and Sexual Healing with Somatic Sex Education on Youtube

$19.95 Video Course on Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage front cover_SM 2

Book: Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure: plus Orgasm Coaching, Genital Anatomy, Scar Tissue Healing and more from a pioneering Somatic Sex Educator

Print version available HERE.

Caffyn Jesse a Somatic Sex Educator who supports diverse people on their journeys to sexual wholeness. People from around the world come to learn at her Salt Spring Island studio.

Testimonials from students:

"I felt witnessed, accepted, and seen and that I could contribute and help others. I found giving touch to be surprisingly moving and nourishing to my spirit."

"I feel that the workshop has helped me face all the challenges of my current life as a more whole person, and with more strength and alignment with my truth.”

"We were encouraged to challenge ourselves to move from a place of conformity and safety to a new edge. Get out of our comfort zones and to open up to more of what we want, what we truly desire and are capable of....The more vulnerable one becomes, the greater the reward of intimacy."

EroSpirit on Salt Spring Island
Phone/text: (250)537-1967

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Caffyn Jesse
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