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Sexual Healing video

Caffyn Jesse Somatic Sex Educator 3

July 22-24 in Berlin: Xplore

July 30-Aug 4
Near Bristol: Quintasensual

September 5-11:
Queer Embodiment

September 16:
Pelvic Pain Clinic

September 18-23
Intimacy Educator Training

October 6-9
Couples Alive!

October 23-28
Intimacy Educator Training

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New Book Coming This Fall: Reclaiming Erotic Pleasure:
A Workbook of Science-Based Practices for Reconnecting with Sex in the Wake of Trauma and Neglect

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May 18, 2016

In this Issue:
Love, Sex and Ecstasy

Caffyn's European Tour 2016

Register Now for Fall Programs:
Couples Alive Oct 6-9
Queer Embodiment Sept 5-10
Intimacy Educator Training
        Sept 18-23 and Oct 23-28
Pelvic Pain Clinic Sept 16

Love and Ecstasy:
Ending False Scarcity

There is a sense of wholeness that comes through merging ecstatic body pleasures with loving human connection. With caring erotic exchanges, we can generate an embodied experience of linking soul and universe through our genitals. Many people have transcendent sexual experiences once in a lifetime, or early in an erotic relationship. But I know they need not be so rare. Through the erotic we have a techne of profound joy - an art and craft through which we can directly apprehend, breathe, embody and share a numinous reality where we feel at one, at peace, and fully alive. Learning to practice this techne of joy involves building our inner capacities. We build trust in our ability to feel fully and deeply, in both the realm of contentment and the realm of excitement.
     Learning to practice the techne of joy also involves building a world of relationships that can hold this. People learn, heal, explore and experience ecstasy in the context of relationships. Caring relationship and connected touch generate neurochemicals that help us feel peaceful, excited, euphoric, and fully alive. If we add safe experiments with novelty into the mix, we can access even more of our nervous systems’ ability to experience ecstasy. Loving relationships that welcome challenge and excitement are the context for evolving a personal and social capacity for joy.
     I am not suggesting we all need romantic love for that one special person. I think there is a false scarcity around love just as there is a false scarcity around sexual ecstasy. Part of the personal and cultural reconnection with sex involves imagining new forms of loving sexual relationship and creating new avenues for erotic expression - caring sexual connections that do not require romantic relationships. We can create erotic friendships, commission erotic service providers, dream and build erotic community.


Caffyn's European Tour 2016

July 22-24 in Berlin: Xploreeurope
Caffyn will offer a workshop on Queer Embodiment: Shapeshifting, Pleasure and Wildness!
July 30-Aug 4 Near Bristol: Quintasensual
Queer Sexuality, Sensuality and Tantra

Register Now for Fall Programs

September 5-11: Queer Embodiment
September 16: Pelvic Pain Clinic
September 18-23 Intimacy Educator Training

October 6-9 Couples Alive!
Intimacy Education Intensive
In an intimate 6-day residential intensive, this advanced program trains people to practice erotic massage, with friends or professionally, with a clear knowledge of techniques, benefits, complexities and precautions. It is an introduction to the principles and practices of Somatic Sex Education. It is a journey of reweaving sex and soul.
By Caffyn Jesse with creative arts therapist Mehdi Dervish. September 18-23 and October 23-28, 2016. Register now to avoid disappointment, these programs usually sell out.
Email caffyn at
EroSpirit on Salt Spring Island
Phone/text: (250)537-1967

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