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27 July 2012
 July Newsletter 

The Beginner's Guide to Life on the Bright Side


Practical information about identification, testing, myths, freindships and more for parents and teachers.

 Available in paperback, PDF and Ebook formats

Gifted and Thriving at School:
How proactive parents can get the education that fits their child


This book is packed with tips and strategies which will build your knowledge and confidence so you can effectively advocate for your gifted child.

 Available in paperback, PDF and Ebook formats

Gifted Children: Resources for Parents and Teachers in WA


 This valuable 150 page resource printed in A5 size is a ready reference for parents or teachers looking for resources or opportunities for gifted children. It includes a huge number of websites as well as an expanded section of suggested reading about various aspects of giftedness.
Find out more and buy a copy
Upside Down Brilliance
by Linda Silverman
Copies currently available at $40 ea. This is an invaluable resource to assist you understand a Visual Spatial Learner approaches the world and offers ideas on how to maximise their potential.



 Success consists in being successful, not in having the potential for success. Any wide piece of ground is the potential site of a palace, but there’s no palace until it’s built. Fernando Pessoa in
The Book of Disquiet.

The test of appropriately  differentiated opportunities for gifted students


“SHOULD all kids do it? COULD all kids do it? WOULD all kids want to?
If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then it isn’t differentiated.” Harry Passow

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What's News?


Hi Derrin,

It is hard to believe it is Term 3 already. I hope you all enjoyed the change of routine over the holidays and the transition back to school this week has gone smoothly.


A few weeks ago I attended the Australian National Gifted Conference with the theme Excellence and Equity for All   in Adelaide. Although it was a small conference, WA was well represented by a good number of teachers and academics(many also wearing their parent hat). During the conference, the John Geake Outstanding Thesis Award was presented to Dr Lesley Williams from UWA for her PhD thesis on Academic Excellence, highlighting some of the great work happening locally. I posted snippets each day during the conference on Facebook and will elaborate on them in some blog posts coming up shortly.


Changes to the newsletter 

Last month I mentioned that there were some changes coming to the monthly newsletter. I am changing over to a new newsletter service and I am not able to import the current mailing list. The new system requires you to confirm that you still want to receive the newsletter. While this will take  a moment of your time (it is very quick and easy), there are some perks. My collection of links this month is far too long to include in one newsletter. I have included some links below as usual but 7 days after you sign up to the new email newsletter list you receive an email which includes more links. And a week after that I will send you a further set of links. In addition, everyone who signs up to the newsletter list receives a link to download a copy Outside the Box - The Thinking Ahead Journey.


The  best way to make sure you stay up to date is to sign up right away. There will be one more reminder after this newsletter but no further newsletters will be sent to this mailing list.



My book The Beginner's Guide to Life on the Bright Side was released in June and copies have been sent all over Australia. A few have even gone overseas. The ebook and PDF versions of the book are now also available. You will find links to purchase the paperback or one of the electronic formats on the Thinking Ahead website and also on the website for the book at


I will be speaking about some of the myths and challenges that come with Life on the Bright Side at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore Cafe in Mt Hawthorn on 17th August at 10.00. Please come by and say hello if you are in the area. There is no charge to attend but please do sign up to let them know how many people to expect


If you are interested in hosting a talk about The Beginner's Guide to Life on the Bright Side at your school, playgroup or with a group of friends, please email me to find out more.

On the Blog
Last month I participated in the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour, joining other bloggers from around the world. This month I participated in the SENG National Parenting Gifted Children week blog tour. My post was TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More . If you are interested to read other posts from the blog tour you will find the list of topics and blogs here.


Activities organised by others
The Mermaids and Mermen group will be meeting again this weekend, on Sunday afternoon at McDouugall Park, Como. The members of this Facebook group are doing a great job of supporting each other, and parents are finding a place where they fit, as well as connection for their children. If you would like to find out more you can email Kate


The next Family Games night organised by Tracey Jordan will be held on 130th August. See the website for the link to a flier. Email Tracey for information on location for the next gathering.


It's the time of the year for University Open Days again. They are a great place to find experts and have a family day out.
ECU Joondalup July 29 July 
Curtin 4 August
UWA Open Day 12 August

ECU Mt Lawley 12 August

Murdoch 19 August

Notre Dame Open Day 19 August


Mensa have some grants available for gifted children. Applications close at the end of September. See the website for more information.


That is about it for this month. Don't forget to take a moment to sign up to the new email newsletter list and check out the Thinking Ahead Facebook page for updates in between newsletters.


All the best


Derrin Cramer

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Links to other interesting information

I have been collecting so many links lately that there is a change coming in the way you will receive them.

Some are included in this newsletter as usual. When you sign up to the new email subscription service another batch of links will be sent to you a week later. And another batch a week after that. In the meantime enjoy browsing the links below and remember you can sign up to the new newsletter service using this link.



Gifted 101


Why You Shouldn’t  Ask Your Kids “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

What do bright kids owe the world?  “Being born with a greater intellectual potential isn't something people choose. Sure, we would all prefer it over other options, no doubt. But it should not become a lifelong debt to repay to society. In the end, the only thing a gifted child owes to themselves and society is the freedom to live the life they choose.” There were some interesting comments on this on Facebook. Feel free to add your thoughts as well.


What would you do if you could change the world? (Includes a trailer from a film based on interviews of 11 year old's answers to that question

The Equality Lie is Stifling our Kids


Marshmallows - a sweet taste of success. What's the link between marshmallows, money and the munchies? Will power and self-control!


Meltownds vs Tantrums. Meltdowns are NOT tantrums. Why should anyone care about the difference? Because although they may look the same to the untrained eye, the cause of and appropriate response to each are vastly different.


Mary St George from Gifted Online in NZ who was recently interviewed on a current affairs program talks about gifted children and some of the challenges.
If your child has CAPD (or you suspect it might be an issue you will find some very interesting comments in the early part of this clip where they are talking about Auditory Processing Disorder. They have discovered that the hearing aids mentioned are therapeutic for kids with CAPD as they can train the neural pathways. It’s a simple and effective intervention that has significant benefits. Just a shame it doesn’t work the same way when you wear glasses.

Gifted Phoenix Twitter Round Up for 8 June - 13 July. A handy way to keep up to date if, like me, you are not on Twitter

Thinking and problem solving
The Jungle: Encouraging a growth mindset


Parenting a gifted child is:..... (by Jane Hesslein) Maybe you can add to the list? (read as far as Grandparenting a gifted child is.....)


Visual Spatial leaners
Visual Spatial Learners and Creativity


Twice Exceptional

Tips on identifying 2E students “Gifted children with learning disabilities are invisible in most school systems because they are not failing….
Not failing school…..
But they are failing to realize their intellectual and creative potential”
~ Layne Kalbfleisch

3 things to unlearn about learning


Online learning
25 apps for global mobile learning


Sensitivity in gifted kids (also mentions Linda Silverman's article and book)

Emotional Intelligence

Self reflection. Self reflection is a skill that children of all ages need to develop. This is a skill that will help kids in adulthood in many ways including developing their self-esteem. Being reflective means being able to think about what you have done, why and if it was effective.


If your kids are like mine - on reading 'too much' (some cute photos too)


Puzzles and Activities
Smarter Puzzles  have some newly arrived  puzzles


A very cool birthday party idea


For Teachers
Webinar - Changing mindsets, motivating students with Carol Dweck Tues 14 August 2pm US Eastern Time - early morning for us in australia. ON demand access allows you and colleagues to download and view multiple time for 6 months US$49

10 Things teachers need to know about gifted students

The list starts with

1. They are special needs students
2. They don’t take care of themselves...............


Until next month...

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