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August 2011
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August 2011
Hi Derrin,
I looked after my young niece and nephew for a few days at the end of last week and the weekend and it proved to be a great reminder of what life is like with young gifted children - their need for stimulation and also the richness of their imagination. It was wonderful to watch what evolved when a 4 and 6 year old were given a bucket each and pointed towards a tree with a carpet of gum nuts below it. And I had thought they would just collect a bucket full! It was also great to see my nephew getting into Harry Potter and being able to read the stories again with him. My oldest daughter wasn't much older when she started reading them! I was also reminded that life with young gifted kids is a tiring business, or perhaps I am just out of practice!

Book Sale starts Wednesday 24th
I have spent quite a bit of time over the last month getting all the background for the Book Sale sorted out. Everything is in place with just a final check to be done and the Book Sale will start on Wednesday morning August 24th. There is a large selection of books covering a wide range of topics including advocacy and general gifted topics, early childhood, intensity and emotional aspects, improving performance, maths and some stories on tapes (just in case anyone still has a cassette player). There is another page with resources for teachers including teaching resources - some of these may be of interest to parents, particularly if you are home schooling at present.

There are more resources to follow and I will let you know as soon as they are up on the website.

The fine print.........All books are sold as second hand although some are unused. Most books previously had a sticker indicating the book belonged to Thinking Ahead on the cover, these have been removed. The condition of the book is indicated, images shown are scanned copies of the cover of the book or item for sale. Unless otherwise indicated there is a single copy of each item available. I also have a number of journals and magazines plus some CDs containing conference papers and I will include one freebie for each item you order as a bonus when shipping your order, until the supply runs out. 

You will find the details of the book sale here

Resource Book
I now have plenty of stock available and you can now order and pay for your copy of the resource book Gifted Children in WA: Resources for Parents and Teachers via the online shopping cart with Paypal.

What else have I been doing?
I am still working away on The Beginners Guide to Life on the Bright Side. Progress is slow because there don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

There have also been a few new blog posts this month so if you have a minute, click over and check them out. 
The Dangers of Speed

How Challenge can reduce stress

Boredom turns the brain off

In the Midwest
Congratulations to the group of parents in Geraldton who have banded together and formed a support group and opportunities for gifted children in the Midwest. I will be in Geraldton next Thursday for the official launch of Expanding Minds Midwest. If you are in Geraldton and would like to attend get in touch with Kate Tonkin. The flier for the launch can be downloaded from the Thinking Ahead website.

Family Activity Nights
Helen Susan and Marie have another couple of family activity nights planned on Sept 2nd and Oct 7th. A flier with details of where to find the room at Murdoch Uni and the theme for each night can be downloaded from the Thinking Ahead website.

Can you help?
A parent is looking for copies of any Horrible History or Horrible Science books and has exhausted the supply at the local library. If you have any you would like to on-sell or even loan, let me know and I will put you in touch with the family.

That is about it for this month. I hope you enjoy the collection of articles and websites below. If you come across something which may be of interest to others, let me know or add it to the Facebook page for others to check out too.


  Derrin Cramer

Gifted Children: Resources for Parents and Teachers in WA

WA RES BK fr0001

This 150 page A5 size book is packed full of information. It includes current information on programs and competitions plus a vast new collection of websites, useful readings and links to other services and resources. Entries are coded to make it easy to find what you are looking for. 


International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence
26-29 November
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Asia-Pacific Federation Biennial Conference Gifted 2012
14-18 July 2012
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

13th International European Council for High Ability Congress
Giftedness Across the Lifespan
12-15 September 2012
University of Munster, Germany

20th Biennial Conference of the World Council for Gifted Education
5-9 August 2013
Auckland, New Zealand

Find us on Facebook
Thinking Ahead now has a Facebook page. Please come by and if there is something you have found which you think others might also be interested in, leave a link or a message.

 Visit the Thinking Ahead Facebook page

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Links to Information you might find usefulTA Globe only 

Articles, blogs and Webinars

What is intelligence anyway?  An article by Isaac Asimov exploring the idea of intelligence and the difference between intelligent and smart. He suggests 'intelligence is a function of the society I live in"

Is it 'If kids do well in school they will be happy' or 'If kids are happy they will do well in school' - find out what what neuroscience and psychology are discovering

Finding Creativity on IQ Tests - One of the main arguments made against the use of IQ tests is that they don't measure creativity. But is this true? Surely creativity involves thoughtful reasoning, divergent production, pattern detection, learning, and other skills tapped into by IQ tests.

Multipotentiality: A blessing or a curse?  - when high ability leads to too many options - this article asks if those experiencing multipotentiality might not have found their limits and wonders if a person is equally good at everything it might mean they have not been challenged at a level to show relative passions and aptitudes.

Let the Gifted Fly  One fundamental myth of gifted education is "you can't put all the smart kids together, because the less-smart need the smarties around to challenge the others". Does the presence of smarter kids help the middle of the Bell Curve do better?

Trial and Error and the ‘God’ Complex What’s the best way to educate kids? The search for the answer to this question only leads to more questions. Human beings are complicated. There is no one mass answer to this question. There is only a mass of answers. This blog post also dips into the concept of why we spend so much time focussing on disability and uses the example of dyslexia (suggesting schools typically treat dyslexic kids as if they’re broken). It notes that schools have effectively decided that there is one right way to be, and all kids— no matter how complicated human beings are—must be standardized to fit into that mould.)

The power of expectation on achievement levels 

Watch out for gifted people - blog about chess, resilience and what we learn from challenge

Strange advice for parents of bright kids

Does online learning make the grade? 

Increase Your Intelligence This article looks at ways to maximize your cognitive potential and finds the five primary principles are:
1. Seek Novelty
2. Challenge Yourself
3. Think Creatively
4. Do Things the Hard Way
5. Network

Academic Talent Development and the Equity Issue in Gifted Education - article by Francoys Gagne which appears in the latest  IRATDE journal with 32 responses to his article. This article looks at the source of inequity and representation of minority groups.

If Dr Suess had a gifted child - a humourous poem

Succeeding in school - A change in perspective could be all it takes to succeed in school - Study finds stress boosts performance for confident students, but holds back those with more anxiety

Social emotional learning is education’s missing piece
StarJump webinar series - Co-existing Conditions - A deeper look at typical underlying conditions that affect  Visual Spatial Learners incluyding Autism spectrum, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorders. 31 August 7.30 - 8.30PM Eastern Time $30. Run by Australian Gifted Support

The Man of Numbers: How Fibonacci Changed the World What Medieval mathematics have to do with remix culture, publishing entrepreneurship, and gamification.  

The Price of Privilege by Madeline Levine. Looks at epidemic rates of emotional problems amongst privileged children, more than any other socio economic group

Doing School: How We are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic and Miseducated Students  by Denise Pope  

Attention and Working Memory
Attention disorders and gifted students: What do we really know?

Working memory training- evidence based program for improved attention from Cogmed 
Working memory articles
and summary from Australian Gifted Support

Dyslexie - a font designed by a dyslexic typographer for people with dyslexia (web page displayed using the font) and for those who want to read it in a regular typeface you can see it here

Educational iPad platform offers interactive field trip tasks and feedback, from Singapore 

iPad apps to support Blooms revised taxonomy - lots to choose from.

Maths dictionary for kids app for iPad

Weebly - free website builder 

Stanford's 'Intro to AI' Course for free. Stanford has been offering portions of its robotics coursework online for a few years now, but are kicking things up a notch with CS221: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. For the first time, you can take this course, along with several hundred Stanford undergrads, without having to fill out an application, pay tuition, or live in a dorm. Anyone can sign up for the course online. It starts on October 2nd and lasts 10 weeks. Each 75 minute lecture (there are two per week) gets videotaped and chopped up into 15 minute chunks that you can stream whenever you want, and homework, quizzes, and exams are all digitized and completed over the internet. More details on the website. This course is aimed at adolescents and adults.

Thinking Like a Disciplinarian - Looking to increase the level of student thinking?

About giftedness
6 types of gifted children from Wise Ones Vic

10 social emotional needs of gifted kids  with links to more reading on each

Gifted adults links on Hoagies

Imagine magazine from Johns Hopkins - online magazine directed at talented students in Yr 7 – 12, it identifies opportunities at home, in school, and in the larger community that will satisfy students' intellectual curiosity and need for greater academic challenge. Imagine is also a valuable source of information for parents, teachers, school administrators, counsellors, and librarians.

Gifts for learning - Books and toys for gifted kids

4 ways to reduce behaviour problems with gifted students - looks at the difference between high achievers and gifted students

Ideal Solutions for maths acceleration: Maximise maths potential, from University of Iowa and the Belin Blanc Centre

Online Learning 
Gifted Learning Links from Northwestern University IL
Family programs for K-2
Enrichment programs for Yr 3 -8

Creative studies 
- mainly for Yr 4 -6 with one course for Yr 6-12

Link to the Thinking Ahead website

Link to the Thinking Ahead blog 


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