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Year in Review

Change in LOCATION for December: Blue River Room, Silverthorne

The Forest Health Task Force meets this Wednesday, December 16, Noon - 1:30.
Blue River Room, Silverthorne Library (next to Silverthorne Town Hall)

Join us this Wednesday as we talk about our successes and challenges. We have more forest monitoring results to share.

We will also hear from partners and volunteers to learn more about their achievements, challenges and what they have planned for next year.Nov152115Photos 009

Extra holiday food! More time to talk about you and your organization. Come join us.
REMINDER! Future Meetings:
Wed, Jan 20, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, Feb 17, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, Mar 16, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, Apr 20, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, May 18, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco

Forests in 2015

TreePlanting 2

2015 Forest Facts

Acres of Forest Burned in 2015:  9,801,692

Money Spent on Fighting Wildfires in 2015: Over $1.23 Billion

More than 4,600 Structures across the Country Destroyed in 2015

Actual Economic Impact of a Large Wildfire, not including the cost to fight the fire: Over $2 Billion

Water Quality Substantially Diminished after Major Wildfire

Firefighters that Lost Their Lives Last Year: 13

The Wildfire Disaster Funding Act Proposes $1.41 Billion for 2016

Total Acreage Treated by USFS to Prevent Hazardous Fuel Danger: 4.6 Million

Total Acreage Insect-infested Forests Restored by USFS since 2011: 1.2 Million

Total USFS Public Lands Managed: 193 Million Acres

Working with Partners, USFS Programs Restored or Enhanced more than 6.1 Million Acres of Public and Private Forest Lands
Forests & Technology


Nasa'a Early Detection Technology may Decrease Wildfire's Escalation  ( Oct 28, 2015)

...FireSat, uses infrared sensors to identify wildfires when they have grown to be at least 35 to 50 feet wide, according to a NASA press release. That area may sound large, but it pales in comparison to the size of wildfires that can destroy millions of acres. Detection by the system occurs within 15 minutes of the beginning of a fire....."READ MORE


(High Country News Photo)

Congress tries to speed up contentious post-fire logging
(, Oct 15, 2015)

The third-largest wildfire in California history, 2013’s Rim Fire, burned more than 400 square miles including parts of Yosemite National Park and the Stanislaus National Forest. A year later, the Forest Service proposed cutting down the dead and damaged trees across about 50 square miles, but environmental groups sued to stop the salvage logging, saying it would harm wildlife and impede forest regeneration...READ MORE

2016 Forests
What to Expect


NASA examines global impacts of the 2015 El Nino (EurekaAlert, December 15, 2015)

"New results... show that atmospheric rivers, significant sources of rainfall, tend to intensify during El Niño events, and this year's strong El Niño likely will bring more precipitation to California and some relief for the drought.... Due to this El Niño, tropospheric ozone, a pollutant and greenhouse gas, is seen decreasing over mid-latitude locations such as the United States, and the risk of fires across the tropics is showing signs of increasing.....READ MORE

On the Upside


To Date, 2015's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Look Better than Last Year! (Science)

The researchers conclude, “Whether the unexpectedly low growth rates in CO2 emissions observed in 2014 and 2015 are a first sign of an approaching global peak in emissions is unclear. Current [national emissions] pledges suggest that, even if emissions were to peak soon, global emissions would still take years to decline substantively. An acceleration in the transformation of energy use and production is needed to set global emissions on course to complete decarbonization, as required for climate stabilization.”....READ MORE

Events & Info


FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, January 20, Noon
Mount Royal Room, County Commons in Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

Watershed Wildfire Protection Group meeting
Friday, December 18, 9-3
Denver TBD (check our next newsletter or this site)

Summit County Wildfire Mitigation Grants
Check this website in early spring of 2016 for information on the 2016 Wildfire Grant program.

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