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Thursday, October 16 Luncheon
Buffalo Mountain Room
Frisco, CO

Join us to talk about forest monitoring over lunch. We want to hear your ideas about how to improve our forest monitoring program, to make it easier and more meaningful.
Maybe you volunteered last year but didn’t make it out because of unforeseen circumstances. Maybe you worked really hard at monitoring. Maybe you got frustrated working alone in the woods. Let's share what worked and what didn't about our monitoring experiences.
County-wide volunteer forest monitoring is a long term project. We now have plots all over the county, with more coming. Stakes are in the ground, but some plots are not finished. The data keeps coming. What we didn’t finish this year we will do next spring.
Our meetings are open to the public. Everybody is welcome. Come join us next Thursday whether you've volunteered yet or not.

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Fire scientists fight over what Western forests should look like (High Country News, Sept 26, 2014)

Mark Williams and Bill Baker stand amid ponderosa pines in the mountains west of Fort Collins, Colo., holding a copy of a 19th century land survey. They're looking for a small pile of rocks with three notches on the east side, indicating that a General Land Office surveyor stopped here to describe the forest. Surveyors noted many things, says Baker, a professor at the University of Wyoming; they even discovered a gallows where two men had been hung. But generally... (Go to article)

Colorado's Front Range Wildfires Are Not Special (Science20, Sept 25, 2014)
In our hyperactive media climate, where every incident is proof or not proof of something, it has become common to see claims that wildfires have become worse due to global warming even as American CO2 emissions have dropped. Scientists have put a fire retardant on claims that Colorado's Front Range wildfires are becoming increasingly severe.... READ MORE

Other Citizen



Researchers seek 'citizen oceanographers' to monitor high seas (Times Live, Sept 10, 2014)
An Australian-led study said that despite technology such as GPS navigation and advanced research vessels with modern capabilities, much of the world's oceans remains under-explored, with cost a key impediment to knowing more. "Notwithstanding satellite constellations, autonomous vehicles, and more than 300 research vessels worldwide, we lack fundamental data relating to our oceans," said the study published in the journal PLoS Biology....READ MORE

UVic researcher seeks citizen scientists for radioactivity monitoring program
A University of Victoria researcher is assembling a comprehensive coastal radioactivity monitoring program just as the amount of contaminated debris from the 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster is set to peak in B.C. waters.... READ MORE




Top 5 Takeaways From the United Nations Climate Summit

1. Extreme weather is spurring action.
2. We are awesome at opening and closing Climate Summit meetings. The in-between part still needs some work.
3. So, about that Green Climate Fund...
4. Private companies and cities are in the lead now.
5. We might actually keep forests around for a bit longer.READ MORE!




Does today's forest thinning protocol really help???

Historical, Observed, and Modeled Wildfire Severity in Montane Forests of the Colorado Front Range (PLOSONE, Sept 24, 2014)

Large recent fires in the western U.S. have contributed to a perception that fire exclusion has caused an unprecedented occurrence of uncharacteristically severe fires, particularly in lower elevation dry pine forests. In the absence of long-term fire severity records, it is unknown....Read the whole article now!



FHTF Luncheon for County-Wide Volunteer Monitoring Program
October 16, Buffalo Mtn Room, Frisco, 12-1:30

CBBC: October 17, 10am at CMC, Breckenridge

FHTF Volunteer Opportunities


The Forest Health Task Force works on a variety of forest initiatives in the interest of Summit County citizens and stakeholders. Our work is focused on a healthy resilient future forest. We promote education, volunteer forest monitoring, best science forest management practices, and community-wide collaborative forest planning. Our goal is to create a stronger connection between citizens and the forest lands we value. With these interests in mind, we are now offering a membership status for all interested parties who want to have their voices heard as we bring important forest issues to the attention of forest managers and other decision makers. To become a member or to view our membership form, please go to the FHTF website's Membership Form!

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