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May Newsletter


What is Auditory Verbal Therapy?

By Amy Powell, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert AVT 

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month so it seemed like a great time to discuss a specific type of therapy for children with hearing loss. 

Auditory-Verbal Therapy is one of several types of approaches for children who are hearing impaired or deaf. It is a specialized type of therapy designed to teach a child to use the hearing provided by a hearing aid or a cochlear implant for understanding speech and learning to talk. The child is taught to develop hearing as an active sense so that listening becomes automatic and the child seeks out sounds in life. Hearing and active listening become an integral part of communication, recreation, socialization, education and work. 

One of the main principles of AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy) is to train the parents. This allows for carryover of skills into everyday situations. Because parents are active participants throughout the therapy process, they become the primary teachers for their children. With support and direction from the Auditory-Verbal Therapist, parents become effective advocates who understand their children’s needs. 

The goal is to teach children that sounds have meaning, to lock hearing into a child’s personality. Children progress through inclusion into mainstream classroom from early childhood onwards. The Auditory- Verbal Therapist may continue as part of the child’s educational team. 

Auditory Verbal Therapists are specially trained Speech Pathologist, Audiologists and Teacher’s of the Deaf. They have received a certification in this method of therapy after completion of many hours of training and a passing score on a certification test. Some therapists may not be certified but do still practice this method of therapy or are in the process of completing their certification hours. You can find out more about AVT’s in your area and about Auditory Verbal Therapy in general on the AG Bell website You can also speak to one of the Auditory Verbal Therapists at The Nemours Auditory Rehabilitation Center by calling 302-651-6555.

Bilingual Buzz about Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

brainDr. Petitto gave an amazing presentation at the national EHDI meeting in Arizona in April. Her groundbreaking scientific research concerns the human brain, how it deals with language, and what that means for deaf and hard of hearing children. If you were not lucky enough to be part of the standing ovation she received at EHDI, or even if you were, you can find the video "Bilingualism and the Brain" along with an article about her work at Gallaudet on their website:

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In This Issue:
  • Upcoming Events
  • Parent Track Ideas for Delaware's Still Listening 2014
  • What is Auditory Verbal Therapy?
  • Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto
  • Great coffee

Our next chapter meeting will be June 18 at 6PM at TLK Academy in Peoples Plaza, Glasgow.  Child care can be provided on request

Clarke School Wednesday Webinar Series, June 5, 12-1pm, Free, "Family Centered Practice for Infants and Toddlers with Hearing Loss"

CHOP Annual Coclear Implant Picnic, June 15, 11-3, Radnor, PA.

Consumer, Family, and Community Advocacy Seminar, June 24-28, Gallaudet University, Washington DC

Marion Downs Hearing Center Frontiers in Hearing Symposium, July 10-13 2013, Vail, Colorado

July 18-22, Orlando Florida, BACES Central Free Conference. 

What Do You Want to Learn?

The Governor’s Advisory Board on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) has asked Hands & Voices to help plan a few seminars and workshops to serve as part of an optional educational track specifically for parents at the Delaware’s Still Listening conference in 2014.  We will begin discussing this at our next meeting (June 18) and would love your input!  If you can’t make it to the meeting, but would like to serve on our committee or just offer suggestions, please reply to this email or use the form on our website to let Angie know.

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